Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1503 - Qiqi's Misfortune

Chapter 1503: Qiqi’s Misfortune
Chapter 1502 – Qiqi’s Misfortune
After all, his ability really was too much- if he were to just absorb the strength of anyone he met, how were other people supposed to survive? And so, in order to prevent people teaming up against him, he only used the ability on his enemies, and that was it.
Like this Yang Qiqi right now. She was only running and not fighting, and so Naipao naturally wouldn’t use his ability here. If he spammed a trump card like this too much, people would start getting jealous, and that would just cause trouble!
Although he may be an invincible monster in the Mystic world, it wasn’t the same if he were to meet Earth class fighters. He could risk some injuries if they were an early phase Earth class, but early phase peak was way over his abilities already.
And so, while he was indeed arrogant, he wasn’t careless!
Plus, the speed of his practitioning wasn’t the goal here- he just wanted to break through the first stage of the Chrysanthemum arts, and break into the second stage. This was why he joined the test! He was looking for a chance to break through!
A simple raising of strength level wasn’t important to him since as long as he went into the second stage of the Chrysanthemum arts, his strength would naturally improve!
As for now, he was already at the complete first stage of the arts- only one step away from the second stage!
However, he still couldn’t open the jade box of the second stage of the arts, despite being at the full completion level of the first. There was something there that he just didn’t understand yet!
He remembered opening the box of the first stage back then- it didn’t take much at all! He was even a normal person at the time, yet now he still couldn’t open the second box with all his practitioner’s strength!
“Think you can just run away from the great Zhang Naipao? Who do you think I am?” Naipao looked at Qiqi coldy, “I’m not one who likes getting rough with girls, so give me your loot and I’ll let you leave! Don’t force me!”
“No!” Qiqi bit her lip as she cursed at Naipao in her heart, calling him a thug. Why was this man such a jerk? Go look for your own treasure!
But, while Qiqi would usually be able to run if she couldn’t win the fight, this was different. Her qinggong had been passed down by her family, after all, and it was no joking matter- this was something that had been researched and practiced after generation and generation!
But now, she couldn’t run at all!
“Hmph!” Naipao responded by moving beside Qiqi, extending his hand- and Qiqi’s bag of treasures was in his palm the next instant, “Since you’re a girl, I’ll let you go and not turn you into a cripple!”
“Give it back…” Qiqi felt despair- she wanted to take it back, but there was no way she’d be able to fight Naipao. Naipao, on the other hand, had already left, and was standing at his original position!
“You’re amazing after all, Great Pao! Not only do you have such a powerful defense, your qinggong is at such a high speed as well!” Niaopao praised. He didn’t know that Naipao knew more than just the Wasp Absorption Arts, but it seemed like people from ancient sects really were at a different level!
Anyone who assumed that Naipao was a one-trick pony would be in grave danger!
“Yeah, as long as the Great Pao tried, nothing can stop him!”! Niaoqiang tried his best as well.
“I’m alright, I suppose,” Naipao said faintly before looking into Qiqi’s bag. He took the stuff out, leaving the girl’s personal items alone- he wasn’t interested in that. In fact, he wasn’t interested in any of those things, he was a supernatural being!
“Only two treasures? So poor!” Naipao frowned, not expecting her to only have two treasures. Wasn’t this too little?
Qiqi felt pretty troubled at that comment- then give it back, why don’t you?
“Hmph!” Qiqi responded coldly.
“Hm?” The next instant, after Naipao put the two items back into his bag, he stared in surprise as the score on his card got an extra one thousand points!
He only had around three hundred earlier- and this was after stealing from a bunch of teams!
“One thousand plus? What the hell are these two things?” Naipao didn’t look carefully before, only plopping them in- he took it out and looked at the snow herb! What a surprise! “Five hundred year ganoderma? You’re quite the rich woman, aren’t you? How did you find something this crazy, I really did underestiamte you! Thanks, though- with this thousand points, I’ll be winning first place for sure, it seems!”
“Congratulations, Great Pao, congratulations!” Niaopao and Niaoqiang jumped up in praise. As envious as they were, though, they knew that this was Naipao’s item for sure- they had no chance.
“Haha, you guys don’t have to worry- the other herbs we get will all be yours, I’ve got enough treasures already!” Naipao said with a laugh as he turned to Qiqi, “I really have to thank you though, girl!”
Qiqi was almost spitting blood from how troubled she felt- these guys were so happy!
At that, her tears started dripping down- this was something that she went through an intense fight to get, against that giant snake… And these people just took it! These evil people!
Qiqi felt even more sad and sour as she thought about it- she was just so close to getting first place with that snow herb right in her hand, but now it was starting over again… Plus, with her injuries… How was she supposed to get other treasures now?
Normal ones, maybe, but what about the ones with beasts protecting them? It wasn’t possible anymore…
“You said there’s a five hundred year snow ganoderma? Seriously?” Lin Yi had seen many precious ingredients before, and hearing the pig’s report, he himself was quite shocked.
A five hundred year snow herb like that- it wasn’t going to help Xiaoxiao, but it was still a legendary treasure! This was something Zhang LIju mentioned in his refiner’s notes, after all, saying that this ingredient could create many level four, level five medicines and elixirs! It was extremely valuable!
And so, this thing could basically get them a lot of points- passing the test wouldn’t be hard anymore!