Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1504 - Female Soul Mate

Chapter 1504: Female Soul Mate
Chapter 1503 – Female Soul Mate
“Oink, oink!” The pig nodded with certainty, saying that there was no need to doubt its senses.
“Five hundred year gatoderma… If we were to get that, that would be around eight hundred points- five hundred at least!” Yu Bing said with some envy and surprise, “This treasure would be more than enough to pass the test with!”
“Haha, if that’s the case then you can take all the treasures from before- I’ll just hang onto this snow herb,” Lin Yi said with a smile.
“Really? That’s great, thank you!” Yu Bing said, surprised and excited. It really was lucky of him to get into a team with Lin Yi- the treasures were all discovered by Lin Yi’s pig in the first place- even if he didn’t split with him there was nothing he could say.
But Lin Yi just offered all of the previous treasures to him- wouldn’t that mean he would get a lot of points in one go? After all, with all of the treasures they’ had found added together, that was at leasty four or five hundred points- and getting into the top ten with those points, as far as Yu Bing’s estimates went, was no problem!
The treasures that the pig had been finding were practically all fifty points or above- as for those treasures that were worth five to ten points, it acted as if it didn’t even see them- it didn’t even care!
And so, they had been continuing like this throughout the half day that had passed- the pig’s attitude was why they were able to find so many high level treasures in such a short time.
Lin Yi and Yu Bing all encountered a couple other teams during this period, but these people all stayed far away from them- they didn’t intend to fight for their loot at all!
While many people saw how Lin Yi got squashed by Naipao, the fact was that Lin Yi not only recovered all his strength in one night, but even broke through into Mystic late phase. These people saw that personally, and nobody wanted trouble with such a odd fighter!
They understood their stance- they knew they weren’t Zhang Naipao, and they didn’t have the guarantee that they would be safe fighting someone this unusual!
And so, Lin Yi and Yu Bing were spared from quite a lot of trouble on the road! Lin Yi was a person who didn’t do anything to you if you left him alone and so he didn’t care much.
“Oink oink!” The pig suddenly stopped beside a big tree- a look of disappointment and helplessness appeared on his face!
“What’s wrong?” Lin Yi frowned, “Don’t see the snow herb?”
“There’s a giant snake here, seems like it was just killed…” Suddenly, Yu Bing pointed some distance not far away from the tree.
Lin Yi looked over and saw the dead white snake- it had already been halfway covered by snow, and since its body was white in the first place, it wasn’t easy to spot!
As for the pig, he had already ran up to the tree and started clawing at the snow ground. A while later, it had dug out all the snow only to look in disappointment.
“Oink…” The pig pointed at where it had dug up.
Lin Yi looked over to see that there was a root- it had been cut off clean. Someone had taken the snow herb!
“Someone else took it?” Lin Yi asked. It shouldn’t have been too long ago.
“Seems so,” Yu Bing had walked over as well, speaking regrettably.
“Wonder who got that- sure is lucky,” Lin Yi smiled bitterly, “Fine then, we’ve got enough cheating overpowered trump cards, we’ll just let this snow herb go. Let’s look for other treaasures then!”
“You’re right…” Yu Bing nodded.
“Let’s go then, little pig. Onto the next treasure…” Lin Yi said.
“Oink oink…” The pig seemed unwilling- he pointed some distance away, as if saying that the one who had taken the herb had went in that direction!
Lin Yi paused, but understood dierctly- the pig was also able to sense presences and it should be pointing to a person. He could see red blood on the black figure- it seemed like the person was hurt!
“There’s someone there?” Lin Yi was a bit confused.
“Hm? Seems to be a person,” Yu Bing evidently saw it as well, “Let’s take a look?”
“Maybe we shouldn’t butt in?” Lin Yi wasn’t someone who wanted to get involved in other people’s affairs. It didn’t matter much to them whether or not the other participants were hurt.
“Let’s check it out first- might be someone we know,” Yu Bing suggested.
“You’re right. Let’s take a look then,” Lin Yi nodded.
As such, the two made their way to the figure- once they got close, Lin Yi didn’t know if he should be amused or not.
“Isn’t that your female soul mate?” Yu Bing joked.
“Soul mate? More like vengeful enemy!” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. The person lying there was Yang Qiqi, who was sitting in the snow as she wiped away her tears!
It wasn’t because of the pain and wounds, but because of how easily the evil people took away her hard earned loot! Her hopes of passing the test was destroyed now!
Lin Yi may have said all that, but he couldn’t just leave her be. He had saved her twice before, after all, and now that he’d met her again, he had to help!
Earlier, Qiqi annouced herself to be a freelancer, and this gave Lin Yi a sense of comradery. They were both unbacked by sects or houses, and if it was possible to help each other out, Lin Yi didn’t mind doing it.
“What, someone hurt you? Why’re you sitting there crying with snot running down your nose?” Lin Yi asked with a smile as he walked over.
Qiqi had been so immersed in being pissed that she didn’t even sense anyone get near- in truth, if it weren’t for Lin Yi intentionally making her sense him, she wouldn’t have been able to at all!
“You- why are you here..? To laugh at me?” Qiqi said as she saw that it was Lin Yi- her face was pale from all the blood loss, and she looked rather pitiable. Why was it that she would always meet this guy every time she got screwed over?
“I don’t have the mood to do stuff like that in a test like this. You think it’s because you look cool or something?” Lin Yi said, “Looks serious. Did someone get you, or did the snake bite you?”