Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1505 - You’re as Bad as Them

Chapter 1505: You’re as Bad as Them
Chapter 1504 – You’re as Bad as Them
“Both…” Qiqi said with a troubled nod- Lin Yi guessed it with one shot.
“Both? Were you the one who found that snow ganoderma?” Lin Yi blinked.
“I did, but that Zhang Naipao and his bastard team took it!” Qiqi said angrily, “If it weren’t for the snake injuring me, I wouldn’t have let them get away with it!”
“Come on, if you weren’t hurt, you’d probably try and fight Zhang Naipao- you’d die an even worse death,” Lin Yi said with a shrug.
“Hmph!” Qiqi replied with a scoff, but didn’t deny it. Naipao was really strong- she knew that much, of course. She wouldn’t stand a chance.
“Though, while I didn’t want to get involved at first- since it was Zhang Naipao who took it, I don’t mind getting it back from him,” Lin Yi started thinking of the herb again now that it was Naipao who currently possessed it.
“Really?” Qiqi’s eyes lit up.
“Yeah! But I wouldn’t give it back to you though- whoever gets it first wins,” Lin Yi naturally wouldn’t go that far for this girl.
Qiqi’s tears came dripping down once more! She was feeling down enough as it were, and Lin Yi gave her a little bit of hope in that dark, depressing cave- only to take it from her and become the thief!
Taking the snow herb back and still not giving it to her and keeping it for himself? Qiqi remembered Jiu’s sickness- and her heart ached even more. Her exchange right that was so close to her grasp was gone once more.
“You’re as bad as them!” Qiqi glared at Lin Yi as her tears plopped down- she was feeling as destroyed as one could feel, as if Lin Yi had taken what belonged to her, “I wanted the exchange right to cure my best friend’s sickness, but now… now…”
Qiqi never cried even after her injury- but now it had piled up too much.
Lin Yi may have been a cold hearted guy, but he did have a soft spot somewhere. This was someone he knew, too- he couldn’t go as far as to ignore her. Thinking about how she kept quiet even with all those wounds, but cried because she’d lost the treasure… That exchange right must really mean a great deal to her.
“Alright, stop crying- once I take it back I’ll just give it back to you! But the other stuff, we’re taking them,” Lin Yi said helplessly, “Oh right, you’re a physical practitioner, right? We’ll need your help later, actually- if you want the snow herb back, you have to contribute!”
“Really/” Qiqi’s eyes lit up once more- she quickly nodded, “Yes, don’t worry! I’ll contribute for sure!”
“Ha…” Lin Yi smiled, “Alright, let’s get you healed first before we go to Zhang Naipao!”
Lin Yi wasn’t rushing after Naipao- he had the pig after all, and could find out where the herb whenever he wanted. As long as Naipao had it, he could track him!
Naipao was someone that Lin Yi was targeting even if Qiqi hadn’t come into contact with him. He got screwed over by the guy out of nowhere, and while he did break through because of that, Lin Yi wasn’t someone who’d just take it like that. It wasn’t in his style to just leave it be!
“Healing? Now?” Qiqi blinked, “I’ve finished the medicine you gave me already!”
Yu Bing stood at one side, amused. These two sure were weird enemies- Lin Yi said he wasn’t going to help her, and now he was helping her anyway, and was still planning on returning the herb back to this girl! But Yu Bing didn’t have any complaints- after all, even if they get the herb back it would be Lin Yi who’d do it. It was his freedom whether he wanted to give it to Qiqi or not.
“The medicine wouldn’t heal you that fast. If you want to be able to fight now, stop wasting time and stand up!”
“Oh… Then… Do I need to take my clothes off again?” Qiqi remembered that her shoulder and leg were injured- she was a little worried. Was this Lin Yi going to strip her again?
“No need,” Lin Yi didn’t waste any more time and knelt beside Qiqi. He had Xiaoxiao strapped to his back, and couldn’t sit.
Afterwards, he took Qiqi’s hand and placed his hand over her meridians, taking off all the bandages and medicinal herbs before channeling his Art of Dragon Mastery, entering the jade space!
Qiqi was a little taken aback- she didn’t really want to have her hand held by a boy, but seeing that Lin Yi was trying to heal her with no other motives, she let it happen!
The next instant, she felt, to her surprise, a warm surge of energy coming from Lin Yi into her meridians. Her wounds started getting covered in that warm feeling, and it felt really good- she couldn’t help but let out a small moan!
But her face reddened the instant after- that moan was way too reminscent of a certain thing, and doing it in front of Lin Yi was insanely embarrassing.
A playful smile came across Yu Bing’s lips, but one look at Lin Yi’s serious face and he realized he’d misunderstood- Lin Yi wasnt doing anything at all!
Qiqi let out a breath of relief once she saw that Lin Yi hadn’t respond.
“What?” Qiqi realized suddenly that the wound on her shoulder and arm were speedily recovering! Qiqi froze- how was this possible? What was happening before her eyes was way beyond her expectations- she’d never seen healing take place this fast before!
She was confused and shocked, and even Yu Bing started to pay more attention as well! He hadn’t planned on peeking at Lin Yi healing her at first, since he might see something he wasn’t supposed to- but subconsciously he had turned around and saw just how miraculous the healing was. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “This… How is this possible? Even House Sun isn’t this fast, right?”
Yu Bing’s swollen face was healed by Lin Yi as well, and that was surprising enough as it was- however, healing swelling was different from healing wounds. One just needed to use qi to deal with the swelling, but this wound was exposed flesh! How could he heal it so fast?
In just a while, Qiqi’s shoulder and arm were healed completely, with soft, white skin instead of the deep gash!
“I’m fine now,” Qiqi couldn’t believe her eyes, “You healed my arm just like that?”
“Stop talking- there’s still the leg!” Lin Yi said faintly.
“Oh- oh…” Qiqi nodded, still surprised, but kept silent.