Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1513 - Lin Yi, Injured

Chapter 1513: Lin Yi, Injured
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Chapter 1512 – Lin Yi, Injured
She didn’t know if Lin Yi was still alive, but Qiqi really wanted to say sorry, but she wouldn’t have that chance any longer.
Far in the distance, Qing and the sect mater were watching as things took place- even they had a hard time figuring out who had won amidst the snow!
“Aunt Qing, who do you think will win?” She said faintly with a turn.
“I can’t say, but… Feng Nitian has better chances?”
“I didn’t think that the other ancient sects and ancient houses had become such worthless entities- their practitioners are still trash after learning the ancient text.” the sect master said with a frown as disappointment and disdain came on her face.
“Sect Master, you’re saying that… Ling Yi will win?” Qing said, surprised.
“Victory has been settled- Feng Nitian has lost.” The sect master said. “Ling Yi has won- just where did this person come from! Is he really a simple freelancer?”
“Maybe I could investigate..?” Qing asked.
“No need. It doesn’t concern us no matter how strong he is.” She said with a wave of her hand.
In the inner sect of the Ice Palace, they never accepted or recruited any males- it didn’t matter how strong Lin Yi was.
Yu Bing held his fist tightly as he watched the scene, his breathing rapid- he wanted to see what was going on, but he didn’t have any special skills to penetrate the mist. He had no idea what had happened!
Qiqi had made up her mind as well- While Lin Yi and her weren’t exactly friends, but the guy did save her many times! She wasn’t an ungrateful person- if this person died, she’d erase all the conflict between them and take revenge!
She wouldn’t let Nitian and Yu Shan go! She may not be strong enough now, but one day she’d be able to avenge him!
Qikun and Qijiu, on the other hand, didn’t dare go near- they only watched! Qikun was a calculating person and had only one goal in House Zhao. He wanted to become the head of the house!
In his eyes, there was no pride, or face, or honor- anyone who could help him would be his ally, even if it were an enemy! And now, Qikun was not enemies with either party in this fight. No matter which one won, he would still be able to continue being friends with them!
The snow continued flying around and slowly started to dissipate; the results took form!
Unexpectedly, no one was standing! Lin Yi and Nitian were both lying on the ground of pure snow, which was pure no longer- red filled the area, and there was no telling who it belonged to!
“Ling Yi!” Yu Bing yelled.
“Nitian Bro!” Yu Shan was shocked as well- he didn’t think that Nitian would have fallen! How was this possible? Lin Yi wasn’t able to move, that was a fact! How could Nitian Bro have gotten injured as well?
Finally, as the snow cleared, the details became apparent!
“Ah!” Yu Shan couldn’t help but exclaim- he saw that Nitian’s shirt was completely tattered, and his upper body was completely covered in blood! It was a horrible sight as if he’d suffered the most devastating of blows!
Lin Yi, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be injured at all- he had fallen down face first, and the girl behind his back seemed to be perfectly safe! As if he weren’t injured at all!
He didn’t know how Lin Yi managed it, but just from looking at it, but from the surface, it was evident that Nitian suffered heavier casualties!
Qikun himself was shocked! As expected, even people from ancient houses and sects weren’t gods- with Naipao’s example, Nitian being injured wasn’t that shocking anymore!
However, he still became extremely alert when it came to Lin Yi!
He didn’t know what had happened, but if Lin Yi was still fine, he wanted to become his friend, no matter the cost! This would help him reach the seat of the head of the house; it was vital!
Just as everyone was stunned, the two people at the center started moving!
What surprised them, though- was the fact that Lin Yi wasn’t the one who got up first- it was Nitian!
Could it be that Lin Yi had suffered the heavier casualty?
At first, Qiqi and Yu Bing were feeling heavy relief once they saw that Xiaoxiao was fine- but the fact that Nitian was moving first made them tense up! Xiaoxiao may seem fine, but who knew about Lin Yi’s condition? It could be that he’d suffered heavier damage, or even…
The people were right- Lin Yi did suffer heavier damage!
But, that was irrelevant to what happened afterward! Nitian may be the one moving, but that only meant that he still had enough qi to support himself!
Lin Yi bore the heavier damage because he’d lost every ounce of qi within him! His meridians had all been broken, and he was using the seconds he had in the jade space to heal!
This was the same as last time when he tanked the fight with Ma Zhu- inside Lin Yi’s body, there wasn’t a trace of qi left inside his broken meridians, and there was no way for him to gain his strength for now. He could only repair the physical damage!
He had to use outer forces to deal with these broken meridians!
This had happened because Lin Yi had used the energy bomb once more- the first time was a slightly compressed one- a small half- that had entered Naipao. Lin Yi didn’t have time to go into his jade space to start the recovery process! In that situation, Lin Yi couldn’t have entered the jade space to compress his energy again; it wasn’t practical.
As such, the energy he used against Nitian just now had been conserved- this wasn’t Ma Zhu; after all, he didn’t have his special protection ability, and Lin Yi didn’t need compressed energy to damage him!