Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1515 - Who Told You That?

Chapter 1515: Who Told You That?
Chapter 1514 – Who Told You That?
But now- it was all over! In an instant, the ancient sects and houses had left Yu Shan’s altar- where once he worshipped them as superior beings, Lin Yi was now the one standing there! In front of him, ancient houses and sects didn’t stand a chance!
“You… Are you fine? You’re completely fine?” Nitian said as he stared at Lin Yi in disbelief- his face falling into utter disbelief and unwillingness. If Lin Yi had died or at least suffered heavy damage, at least he had that much to reassure himself- but the guy was completely fine! How could he ever accept that?!
“Yep, I feel great!” Lin Yi nodded with a smile.
“Impossible! Impossible! I used my Sky Defying Arts and locked you on. How did you move? This isn’t possible. It’s not possible!” Nitian tried to find a reason for his loss as he stared at LIn Yi. “You’re just a Mystic- you… You were controlled by my ability. Why didn’t it work?”
“It did, who said it didn’t? I got locked, didn’t you see?” Lin Yi shook his head.
“What?! How did you hurt me then!?”
“Who told you that I couldn’t do anything while being locked?” Lin Yi smiled coldly.
“Wha?!” Nitian froze. “How could you make a move when locked?”
“I did, though, didn’t I?” Lin Yi said. “Did your Sky Defying Arts tell you that people can’t do anything when locked? Or did your elders tell you that?”
“That’s… But…” Nitian thought to himself that it was true- no one said that to him, but… Still, how did one do anything when locked? It didn’t make sense!
Lin Yi didn’t explain anything- there was no need to. He was a cripple, and there was no point- he turned to Yu Bing. “Take their loot- let’s get going!”
Lin Yi needed a quiet place to heal- he was still trying to hold on and needed to leave as soon as possible.
“Alright!” Yu Bing nodded and walked up to Yu Shan, taking everything, including the one Nitian had put with Yu Shan.
“Yu Bing, you dared hurt your brother! I’ll tell this to grandfather, just you wait! House Yu will get you!” Yu Shan gritted his teeth as he took everything. His roar was grateful and unwilling.
“Hurt? It’s me who crippled you, are you blind or something?” Lin Yi said faintly. “Go back and tell House Yu to look for me- Yu Bing knows who I am! Let’s go!”
With that, he turned and strode away, disappearing.
“That’s…” Yu Shan just realized that it was Ling Yi who crippled him- Yu Bing didn’t do anything. He didn’t even lift a finger! There was no way he could count this on Yu Bing!
At that thought, he spent his remaining efforts to calculate how he should blame this on Ling Yi- and how he could get his grandpa to punish him! If he couldn’t become the head of the house, Yu Bing shouldn’t be able to as well!
At the peak, the sect master was still unfazed- this was all happening according to her predictions. She turned to Qing. “Aunt Qini, escort the cripples back!”
Yu Shan and Nitian were different from Naipao- Naipao only got his meridians destroyed, but he could still walk. There was no need for them to escort him, but Yu Shan and Nitian couldn’t even do that- they had to be sent back to their families!
“Yes!” With that, Qing went to make the arrangements.
Zhao Qikun stared at Nitian and Yu Shan before looking back to Lin Yi- he’d made the choice, but in order not to cross the ancient house Feng, he had to put on a look of pity. “This… Why did you guys get into a fight? Nitian Bro, Brother Ling, You guys… You’ve really put me in a difficult position!”
“This has nothing to do with you!” Nitian may have been broken, but he didn’t want to lose the strength of his hidden house! He toughed it out.
Just as they spoke, two white-clothed disciples of the Ice Palace floated in- they didn’t bother with Lin Yi, and only walked towards the cripples. “Feng Nitian, Yu Shan, you have both been injured and can no longer proceed. We were instructed to bring you home!”
With that, the two carried them off down the mountains without another word or reply!
The speediness of the sect’s reaction was far beyond Lin Yi’s expectations- it seemed he had been correct. They’d been watching from the top of the mountain- otherwise, there was no way they’d be able to know what the situation was this fast.
“Brother Ling, you really are amazing! I said it from the start. I knew you were no normal person. I give you my respect!” Qikun said, changing the way he referred to himself. It was clear what his intentions were.
“I’m alright.” Lin Yi said faintly. “Brother Qikun, I’ve received some internal injuries, I need to recover now. Until we meet again!”
Lin Yi didn’t want to hide his injury completely- if he was completely unscathed, that’d actually be too odd by itself. Everyone would expect some form of injury; after all, it was just that Lin Yi didn’t explain how hurt he was. From the surface, it didn’t seem like he was too hurt, either.
“Ah, I see. I understand- allow me to protect you during that recovery!” Qikun said, patting his chest. He didn’t even consider making any sudden moves to Lin Yi- because as far as he was concerned, a damaged Lin Yi was still way stronger than he was! Even ancient houses and sects’ disciples couldn’t handle him! He was nothing!
Qikun was thinking about how he could make his relationship with Lin Yi better. He would end up getting a super-powerful ally. It would prove vital to the heirship.
As for the fact that Lin Yi had pissed off Naipao and Nitian, this wasn’t what he was considering. They knew who their target was, and it was Lin Yi- it had nothing to do with House Zhao!