Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1516 - Recovery

Chapter 1516: Recovery
Chapter 1515 – Recovery
While the hidden houses weren’t as strong as the ancient houses and sects, the council of noble houses wasn’t just there doing nothing. They may not be the same level as the ancient powers, but if someone really were to send an ancient sect member to attack a hidden house, the council would send a gathering of Sky class masters from the hidden houses and regular sects! They’d stand together against the wrath coming from the ancient house!
Plus, one of the founders of the council had a deep connection with the ancient sects back then, long ago. These people were all gone by this point, and no one knew where they were, but the history was there. The ancient groups couldn’t just mess with the hidden houses and common houses so easily.
With Nitian gone, Qikun took a deep breath- he didn’t have to worry about interacting with Lin Yi anymore, and could start getting on his good side.
Lin Yi sighed but nodded. ” Alright- let me find a quiet place. I’ll count on you guys to defend me!”
“No problem! Leave it to your follower! Don’t worry, Brother Ling, use all your attention on healing, I won’t let anyone interrupt you, not even a mosquito!” Qikun patted his chest again, starting to treat Lin Yi with respect, but not overdoing it. This was where Qikun’s methods shined.
Lin Yi smiled softly but didn’t say anything. He could see that Qikun didn’t have too good a time in House Zhao- he wouldn’t be out here, so rushingly getting allies if he were. Though, this meant that Lin Yi didn’t have to worry bout him being on the same side as Zhao Qibing.
“Cousin Yu Bing, let’s get along, too!” Qikun made a gesture to Yu Bing with a smile.
“We’re just following Brother Ling.” Yu Bing didn’t say much- Lin Yi had accepted this guy; after all, there was no need to be petty and kick him out. Plus, they were still technically relatives.
“Yes, of course!” Qikun nodded. “Just like what you said- we’re followers of Brother Ling. Let’s put all our bygones aside!”
Yu Bing found it a bit amusing- this guy was rushing into his alliance with Yu Shan earlier, but now that the guy was crippled along with Feng Nitian, he came over bowing to Lin Yi after seeing his strength. While he didn’t look up on people like this, as long as you were the dominant one, they’d have their useful parts as lackeys.
“Are you fine? Why didn’t you get up earlier just now; you scared me!” Qiqi hmphed, not willing to admit that she’d been worried.
“Haha…” Lin Yi had been facing down on the ground in the jade space earlier, but he could still sense his surroundings. He saw that face Qiqi was making, and the words she’d said as well- there was no need to be petty with her.
Everyone who had been watching had left long ago- in their eyes; Lin Yi was a legendary figure now. He’d crippled Naipao and crippled Nitian- with his mercilessness and strength, nobody under Earth class would mess with him!
Earlier, in the eys of the Mystics, they saw Naipao and Nitian as the strongest of their class group- only now did they realize that Lin Yi was beyond even them. They were shocked, but also kept their distance!
Who knew if this guy was the same as Naipao and Nitian, who went around collecting everyone’s loot? Even if they didn’t, they might get into the situation where they were onto the same treasure as Lin Yi- this was just unnecessary danger!
Lin YI looked for a quiet and safe place, putting down Xiaoxiao from his back and laying her on the snow. He got into a cross-legged position and waved to the pig. “Come here!”
The pig didn’t know what this was about- he thought that Lin Yi wanted to give him qi or something. Happily, he jumped onto LIn Yi.
“This one’s an ancient spirit beast? Looks fun, is he a pet?” Qikun didn’t know what this pig was for, but it didn’t seem like an attack type at all.
“Yeah…” Yu Bing replied without explaining anything. They couldn’t tell this guy too much yet- they weren’t full allies as of now.
Qiqi, on the other hand, still maintained that cold exterior to people she didn’t know, as if she couldn’t even see Qikun. Qikun didn’t mind, though- who knew what relationship she had with Lin Yi? If the two were had something going on, he’d mess up big time by pissing Lin Yi off. As long as she didn’t hate him, it was all good.
The pig was waiting happily for qi to come, but the next instant, it realized that Lin Yi was doing no such thing- it was speedily sucking qi out of him!
“Oink oink..!” The pig jumped- could it be that Lin Yi had learned that Naipao’s Wasp skill? Why would he be able to suck his qi?
“Quiet, I’ll let you recover later!” Lin Yi comforted.
“Oink, oink!” The pig calmed down after hearing that- being with Lin Yi for so long, he knew what kind of guy he was. He basically managed everything he promised, so it was fine!
Fortunately for Lin Yi, he had the pig as the junior of Weiwu- otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do anything right now after his meridians got busted. He couldn’t always go back to Weiwu, right? What about Xiaoxiao?
The pig’s qi flowed into Lin Yi at a rapid speed, and this let Lin Yi breathe in relief. As long as his meridians were repaired, the rest would be easy- a matter of time.
Qikun and Qijiu didn’t know how Lin Yi would recover, but the two stood one meter away and observed their surroundings, worried that something would disturb Lin Yi!
Yu Bing and Qiqi, while watching the surroundings, were also wary of these newcomers. They seemed to be their allies now, but they should still be careful.
Time went on, and the sun went down. Lin Yi’s meridians were fully recovered, and the next moment, he went into the jade space and started giving qi into the pig! All of this, however, couldn’t be seen from the surface.