Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1518 - Origin

Chapter 1518: Origin
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Chapter 1517 – Origin
If he were to be sent away from the mountain as a cripple, how was he supposed to face Zhong Pingliang? He had sworn to him that he’d come back after becoming strong to take revenge for him! And now, all of that was gone!
Not only would he be unable to take revenge, but he’d still been injured by Lin Yi! This was ridiculous! Why, but what right! By what right that he’d have to suffer this after suffering everything that normal people couldn’t go through after he’d learned the almighty practitioner’s Chrysanthemum Arts?! He’d lost all of it!
He wasn’t willing to just let this go! The Chrysanthemum Arts were one of the two greatest arts of the Wulin world, with the other one- the Art of Dragon Mastery, being the long-forgotten one! The person using this art died suddenly, and had no heir- so this art was gone!
But the Chrysanthemum Arts remained the strongest and tallest of all Wulin arts- and he couldn’t even beat Lin Yi with this? What was this?
“Is it Naipao who’s returned?” A voice came from the yard of the master- following that, a black robed man came floating out.
“Master, it’s me! I’ve let you down, Master!” Naipao said, tears dripping out the instant he saw him. From all the suffering he’d endured during his training, all the images- it all floated in his mind. All that pain, and that payoff when he finally joined the test… And now, he was in this absolute suffering after having lost it all! All of it passed by in a long nightmarish flare!
“You’ve been crippled?” The master looked at Naipao, realizing where the problem was. “Your Wasp Absorption Arts has failed you?”
“Master, it’s over, my meridians… They’re all… I’m a cripple now!” Naipao said, tears continuing to fall. “I’ve met Lin Yi, the enemy, the one who crippled Uncle Hei Bao…”
“Oh? Him? He managed to get through you Wasp Absorption Arts?” The master was slightly surprised.
“Yes, it was him! I want to tear his body apart, but… But now! I can’t fight him anymore…” Naipao said in agony.
“Hahahaha!” The Master started laughing loudly as if he were really happy.
“Master, why… Why are you laughing?” Naipao paused, not understanding.
“Naipao, you really are the savior of our sect!” The Master said with a smile. “It seems like my Brother Hei Bao has brought in a genius!”
“What do you mean?” Naipao didn’t follow.
“Come in, Naipao- today, you and me, master and disciple, must have a good talk! Let me also explain your confusion and tell you about the Chrysanthemum arts!” The Master said as he lifted Naipao up solemnly.
“Yes!” Naipao felt a huge sense of relief- it seemed like the Master wasn’t planning on giving him up at all; it was like there was something important here! He quickly got up and entered the yard with him.
“Sit, Naipao!” The Master said with a wave of his hand, pointing at a stone table and chair.
“Yes!” Naipao sat respectfully while the Master sat in the other chair.
“Naipao, do you understand why I’ve given the Chrysanthemum Arts to an outsider like you to practition?” The Master spoke.
“I don’t…” Naipao shook his head. He really didn’t understand why he’d been given something so amazing, becoming a Mystic in a couple of short months!
“The Chrysanthemum Arts is the treasure of our sect- giving it to you is because you are my disciple and because you’re someone that Hei Bao recommended!” The Master said. “Hei Bao and I have a pretty good relationship- I’m ten years older than him, and I’ve always seen him as a little brother. It was just that he’d broken sect rules, and got kicked out by my master, who is now an elder, down the mountain. It is a regrettable thing, but since I am now the sect master… Even so, I still can’t defy my elders!”
“I see…” Naipao nodded..
“Of course, that’s one part!’ The Master said. “Hei Bao and I are on good terms, but this doesn’t mean that I’ll just accept anyone he recommends? Letting you train the Chrysanthemum Arts was primarily because you have vengeance in your heart! You came to learn with vengeance in mind, this is your great advantage!”
“Oh?” Naipao was taken aback. “Vengeance?”
“Yes- anyone who wants to train in this art must have vengeance for it to work!” The master said. “This is something that has been passed down since ancient times- it was said to have been created by God Chiyou! Back then, he didn’t want to bow down to the emperor, but the legendary emperor trained in the Art of Dragon Mastery! He wasn’t a match for that! And so, after failing a couple of times, he gathered his rage and efforts and created the Chrysanthemum Arts, an art that can fight with the Art of Dragon Mastery! As he practitioned, he carried the hate and thirst for revenge with him- anyone who wanted to follow this path must have hate in his heart!”
“I see! But, does this have anything to do with my castration?” Naipao asked.
“Naturally, yes- after castration, all you have left is hate. You don’t have anything else distracting you, and this is beneficial to your training!” The Master said. “At first, you had hate, and so I discussed with my elder to let you try this art out. Who knew that you had such determination, castrating yourself without a second thought! It gave us a new perspective of who you are!”
“I see!” Naipao said in realization. “Then… Other people… Did they not practice this because they don’t have hate in them?”
“Yes. This art… It’s the most precious of our treasures- we can’t just let outsiders practice it.” ; The Master said. “We’ve tried to raise a couple of our core disciples to train this Chrysanthemum Arts, and naturally they’ve castrated themselves as well, but because of their lack of hate, they went over the edge and died! Rage is required to stabilize your inner heart, and it must be genuine. As such, back then, when our attempts failed, we’ve never let anyone else try…”
“So this was why I kept feeling like I was lucky? I thought it was because Uncle Hei Bao had great status here!”
“He does have that, or you wouldn’t even be a proper disciple if you only had hate, and we wouldn’t easily give you the Chrysanthemum Arts!” The Master said. “Your hate would always be there as you practition, and this is why you never went over the edge!”