Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1520 - Genuine Identity

Chapter 1520: Genuine Identity
Chapter 1519 – Genuine Identity
“But I’m only telling the truth!” Qikun said innocently. “Can I not even speak the truth nowadays?”
“Ha…” Lin Yi smiled. “Alright, let’s keep moving- Are you following us or going on your own, Zhao Qikun?”
“Naturally, I’ll be following you, Brother Ling! With the ultimate guardian god like you, I wouldn’t have to worry about people taking our loot!” Qikun said. “Don’t worry, Brother Ling! We won’t ask for your treasures! We’re just here to make friends!”
Qikun had changed his mind yesterday- he decided to let Qijiu stay in the Ice Palace as an outer disciple while he returned to the hidden House Zhao! He believed that he had a strong chance of getting their heirship if he had Lin Yi as an ally! Before, he was alone- that was why he made this big gamble of practitioning five years in the Ice Palace before returning.
That move, however, is too big of a risk- who knew what would happen at that time? What if Qibing got to that position first?
As for Zhao Guangyin’s son Zhao Qiji, he wasn’t too worried. That guy was just a tyrannical spoiled brat, using his name as the eldest Zhao to slap his way around the house. People like this had no future!
But when Qibing came back, he received the favor of Elder Bi and grandpa instantly- it was quite a bit of pressure.
But now, with Lin Yi on his side, along with Qijiu being in the Ice Palace, he believed that he would have a certain position in House Zhao! At the very least, if he were able to compete with Qibing from the same level, it would delay the spot from being taken too early!
“Our treasures are pretty much there at this point- if we find more, we’ll give it to you.” Lin Yi and Yu Bing had gotten a lot themselves earlier, and with the stuff they got from Naipao and Nitian, they were richer in points. Not including Qiqi’s snow herb, they had much more to spare- there wasn’t a problem to pass the test now.
“Thank you so much then, Brother Ling!” Qikun said emotionally. “You really are the greatest- I have only gratitude for you! Brother Ling, if you don’t mind, allow me to call you boss! Please, alright? I’m begging you!”
Qikun’s shamelessness took Yu Bing by surprise- Qiqi herself was inches away from vomiting as she cringed her face. “I’ve never seen someone so shameless!”
“I’m just expressing my emotions, what does it have to do with that?” Qikun acted as if he didn’t get it.
“I don’t have the patience for someone like you! Disgusting!” Qiqi said.
“As for that- we’ll talk about it another time.” Lin Yi still didn’t have the intention to take him as a follower yet- this guy didn’t seem to be on Qibing’s side, but he was still from House Zhao. Who knew what he’d do after he learned of his real identity?
“Let’s not do it later- how about that, let me be your intern follower, for now, if I make a good impression we can promote me to a proper follower, how about that?” Qikun was never one to care about his face- naturally, he would want to give up after Lin Yi’s rejection.
“That works- we’ll do that first then.” Lin Yi had no other choice- this guy’s shamelessness was way too strong, and so he promised him first. He could just cut him off if something went wrong.
“Boss, from today on, I’ll call you boss!” Qikun said happily. “Boss, let’s go on our way, shall we?”
“Alright, since you want me to be your boss so badly, I need to tell you about some stuff first. You decide after that!” Lin Yi said with a sigh, deciding that he should make this clear first.
Of course, whether or not Qikun followed him after that was his own business- at least he wouldn’t make a move on him now since he could kill him anytime he wanted! He didn’t worry in that regard.
“Oh? What is it?” Qikun paused. “What could it be that prevents me from calling you boss?”
“I’m actually not Ling Yi- I’m Lin Yi.” Lin Yi said.
“Lin Yi? Where have I heard that before?” Qikun felt like it was a familiar name.
“I’m an enemy of your hidden House Zhao, the one who broke Zhao Qibing’s legs. I also injured Uncle Zhu and Yao Wang!” Lin Yi said. “Can you still call me boss?”
“Wha-!” Qikun almost jumped up from the information. “I wondered why it was so familiar, so you’re the legendary Lin Yi!”
“Yeah, the one you’ve heard of.” He nodded.
“Of course I’d call you boss, why wouldn’t I? Wakakaka, I have to at this point!” Qikun was overjoyed! Lin Yi was enemies with Qibing! HE was still wondering how he could persuade Lin Yi to help him go against Qibing, but he didn’t even need to do that now; they were enemies in the first place!
“You seem pretty happy? Isn’t that Zhao Qibing your cousin or brother or something?” Lin Yi narrowed his eyes- he was right; this guy wasn’t on the same side as Qibing!
“Yu Shan is Yu Bing’s brother too, and you crippled him, boss- yet looks like Brother Yu Bing is pretty pleased about that too?” Qikun explained. “We all have our situations- as for Qibing and me… Heh!”
“I see. If so, then there’s no problem- let’s get going.” Lin Yi decided that Qikun was genuine- he was assured now.
“You really are a godsend, boss- that Zhao Qibing really thinks he’s a big deal, pissing someone like you off. Crippling him is too light a punishment- why didn’t you kill him, boss?” Qikun said a little regrettably.
Yu Bing’s mouth twitched a bit- this guy was way more hardcore than him. It seemed like other houses had quite fierce competitions. Those excellent disciples were pretty nonchalant about these kinds of things; it was him that was too kind! The first time he heard that Yu Shan wanted him dead, he couldn’t even make up his mind to get Lin Yi to help him!
“Do I need you to teach me what to do?” Lin Yi said faintly.
“Ugh… obviously not, I was just bringing that up!” Qikun jumped back. “Don’t be mad, boss, I just feel that Qibing now has a shifu, a backing- it’s harder to deal with him now!”
“Backing? He has a shifu?” Lin Yi paused.
“You didn’t know, boss?” Qikun didn’t expect this- then he realized that, of course, Lin Yi wouldn’t know about stuff like this from House Zhao! He quickly explained to him how Elder Bi had taken him for a disciple.