Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1521 - Finding the Fire Spirit’s Fruit

Chapter 1521: Finding the Fire Spirit’s Fruit
Chapter 1520 – Finding the Fire Spirit’s Fruit
“Elder Bi is an Earth class late phase peak. He’s a close bodyguard of your grandfather’s? He’s oodling over Zhao Qibing, a bastard, huh?” Lin Yi frowned. This didn’t make sense!
“Yeah, there must be something going on that I didn’t know- this is a family secret, too. They wouldn’t let me know.” Qikun shook his head. “I had a good chance of becoming the next heir at first, but Qibing’s appearance is threatening that position…”
“Oh well, you should think of a way to deal with that.” Lin Yi said that, but he didn’t really care too much what went on in hidden houses. Qibing wanting to become head of the house would still take time- even if he did become the head, he couldn’t just all of a sudden come take his revenge on him! Putting aside the fact that he wasn’t as strong as him- even if he were, he still couldn’t act abruptly!
Lin Yi understood Qikun’s intentions- he wanted to use him to deal with Qibing, but Lin Yi wasn’t interested in that just yet. Qibing not pissing him off meant that he wouldn’t go mess with him! The guy still had an Earth class late phase peak as a shifu, after all, and Lin Yi didn’t want to die.
“Alright- after I go back, I’ll learn more about it.” Qikun could tell that Lin Yi didn’t want to do anything yet- but that was fine. With this big a vendetta between the two, he didn’t believe that Qibing would just stay quiet the whole time. He’d make a move once he had the resources.
And as he followed Lin Yi, Qikun felt even tenser!
He felt that Lin Yi never went through any curves at all as they treated the mountain- they just kept walking straight in circles as they edged upwards as they headed towards treasures! Those that were hidden at the roots, and within the snow- all of them were easily found by Lin Yi!
As the sky went dark, the points of Qijiu and him broke through over a thousand, and with Lin Yi, Yu Bing, and Qiqi’s- they were reaching the two thousand! Wasn’t this too crazy!
Qikun had decided not to stay as an outer disciple anymore- but with this many treasures, it’d be nice to get the hidden house Zhao an exchange right! This was also a badge of honor. It would prove his strength!
As for the pig, Lin Yi didn’t tell the Zhao’s- even as he communicated with the pig; he used excuses to get away so that Qikun wouldn’t notice.
“Still no signs of the fruit?” Lin Yi frowned.
“Oink…” The pig shook his head.
“Then let’s keep going- there’s still one day before the test ends.” Lin Yi sighed. Things have gone ahead of his expectations, and the Ice Palace was an outer factor. It wasn’t there back in Liju’s time, but now it was called Snowfrost Mountain- the fruit here must already be owned by them.
By noon of the third day, Lin Yi and the group and already started to reach the peak. When they looked out, they saw that it was surrounded by high walls- and in front of the walls, in intervals, were disciples in white, patrolling the walls!
This should be where the Ice Palace was, and also where the participants were forbidden to enter. They couldn’t proceed onwards!
The Ice Palace’s surroundings seemed to be made of ice, but after inspection of Lin Yi, it seemed more like a super hard crystal. On top of the crystal were cameras monitoring something.
It seemed like the Ice Palace was using modern facilities- from that, one could see that they weren’t the super traditional type! This did give him more confidence- if he really couldn’t find the fruit, he could use the exchange right and perhaps get what he wanted!
But, as dusk came, the pig suddenly moved- it jumped onto Lin Yi and started oinking.
Naturally, Qikun and Qijiu didn’t know what the hell the pig was doing- they assumed it was just trying to get Lin Yi’s love or something.
Lin Yi understood immediately: the pig had found where the fruit was!
“This pig needs to pee, I’m bringing him!” Lin Yi shrugged helplessly.
“..” Qikun was a bit speechless. “God, a spirit beast that needs to be carried to pee?
“Ah…” Lin Yi smiled, leaving it at that as he went behind a snow pile.
“It’s above, I can feel it!” The pig quickly wrote on the snow.
“Above? You mean inside the walls?” Lin Yi said as he looked up- it was the Ice Palace!
“Oink oink!” The pig nodded.
“I see.” Lin Yi sighed. It seemed like it was within his guesses- the fruit was claimed by the Ice Palace, and he couldn’t find it on his own. He had to win the exchange right.
Lin Yi came back with the pig and nodded to Qikun and the others. “The test is pretty much over soon- lets all rest. It’s Ice Palace territory up there, no other treasures.”
Yu Bing and Qikun all nodded- they all sat down. Lin Yi told them to rest, and that was what they would do- plus, with the number of points they had, there was no reason to go hunting for treasures.
Not long after Lin Yi and the group sat down, Qing came floating down, and behind her, a couple of the disciples of the sect. As she arrived, she spoke in a loud voice. “Attention all participants- the test has ended, report back at the peak!”
Qing’s inner strength was powerful- her voice didn’t seem like it was loud, but with her inner strength, it went really far- people from the entire mountain could hear!
Not long after that, people started arriving- some of them had been hiding nearby, not approaching because Lin Yi was sitting there. Who knew if this guy would take their treasures?