Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1522 - The First Five

Chapter 1522: The First Five
Chapter 1521 – The First Five
Since Qing said the test had ended, then Lin Yi naturally wouldn’t be able to just take their stuff. They all walked over.
The practitioners here had been waiting for the moment- all the treasures had pretty much been taken by everyone, and there wasn’t much left down there.
“It seems like everyone is here!” Qing nodded, satisfied. “Following this, Li will announce several names- those of you, stand forward, and show your card’s cores!”
The moment had arrived- everyone had varying expressions as they waited.
Those who had a lot of treasures, like Lin Yi’s group, had no reason to fear. The ones with small amounts of treasures didn’t care much anymore- they wouldn’t be in the top ten anyway.
But there were those who didn’t have too much, but still seemingly enough to pass into the top ten.
“Chen Jindan”
The practitioner walked over the inn owner, giving him his card.
The inn owner nodded. “355 points!”
There were practitioners who were at the three hundred point threshold- only a small amount went over five hundred, and there were a couple with only dozens of points. However, those people were already ready to go home.
“Yang Qiqi!”
Qiqi stood up and walked over with her card, her face composed. With Lin Yi’s aid, she was sure to pass for sure.
“1500 points!” The owner said, a little surprised. He understood what strength level this girl was- she was even a physical practitioner. Being in this test meant that she’d be the weakest of the weakest, yet she had the highest scores!
But, after seeing that snow herb in her bag, he let out a breath of relief. This was one thousand points, after all- it meant that she got lucky there.
Of course, the inn owner didn’t see what happened in the test- it was why he was surprised. The other participants didn’t even look fazed- Qiqi was in a group with Lin Yi; even if she had two thousand points, it’d be normal!
Lin Yi was the monster that had taken Nitian and Naipao’s scores, after all!
Qing, standing beside the sect master, had seen everything- she couldn’t have understood all the details, but she saw the general picture and had seen what Lin Yi did to Naipao and Nitian. She knew that Qiqi was with Lin Yi, so it wasn’t a surprise.
Following that was Yu Bing, Qikun, Qijiu, and Lin Yi- these people- other than Lin Yi, was all-around 1300 points, with Lin Yi himself holding 2000!
Lin Yi doing this was so that he’d place first- only then would he have a higher right to speak to the people of the Ice Palace.
Not long after, the scores were recorded, and Lin Yi’s group was solidly in the top five!
Lin Yi was first, Qiqi second, Yu Bing third, Qikun, and Qijiu fourth in a tie!
The top three would have special prizes from the Ice Palace, but that wasn’t something he dared think about! He gave out the three top places to the original group, understanding that he wasn’t as close to him as Yu Bing and Qiqi were.
The people who weren’t up there looked a bit down and were sighing, especially those who were a couple of points close.
“Not bad! The participants this time are all not too weak, with five of them achieving great results!” Qing nodded as she looked at Lin Yi’s group, though she paused longer on him. “The top ten is announced- please all stand in a row according to your rank, and tell us what reward you want! Li will record it for you!”
Qing’s eyes had a look as if she saw through Lin Yi- the pressure was a little suffocating, as expected of a Sky class practitioner! Though, Lin Yi felt that it was more curiosity, no malice in those eyes.
“Yes!” The top ten all stood forward, excited.
“The other winners, no need to worry- if the people in the top ten give up their spot for the exchange right, you will have the chance to become an outer disciple!” Qing said to the others.
Instantly, hope shined in their eyes- these were all the people with just a few points left before they could reach the top ten! The eleventh place holder was especially excited- it looked like he had a good chance to get in!
“Freelancer Ling Yi- do you want to become an outer disciple, or do you want the exchange right?” The inn owner asked.
He was the least surprised at Lin Yi’s win- he was the most intriguing one back then, after all, since he couldn’t tell what strength he was. His recovery speed was a shocking one, as well.
“Exchange right.” Lin Yi said without thought.
“Alright.” It was expected- people like Lin Yi didn’t need to spend their time grinding in the Ice Palace. He had his own ways, and the freelancers who came here usually only wanted the right.
Hearing that, the eleventh place holder was so happy his face flushed red- the first person already gave up the outer disciple place, this meant that he would get in!
“Freelancer Yang Qiqi, do you wish to become an outer disciple, or do you want the exchange right?” The owner continued.
“Exchange right.” Qiqi said without hesitation as well.
The inn owner nodded and wrote it down.