Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 32 - Just Training...

Chapter 32 - Just Training...
“Hm?” Lin Yi turned his gaze to the rooftop’s entrance only to see two disappearing figures. It couldn’t be anyone else other than Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu...
Lin Yi wasn’t about to assume that Mengyao and Yushu would start liking him or anything- he knew that it was probably nosy Yushu who pulled Mengyao up to the roof with her in the first place.
“Probably just here for the show.” Lin Yi explained.
“Why do I feel like it was Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu from our class?” Xiaobo was getting a little excited. “Boss, you haven’t attracted the attention of class’ two beauties, have you?!”
“You think too much.” Lin Yi said helplessly as he flicked at the back of Xiaobo’s head. “I should’ve let that Zhang Naipao hit you to wake you up a little, if I knew much you talked!”
“Heh heh…….” Xiaobo chuckled, feeling good. He’d spent his three high school years as a coward, but now..! Even someone like him did something courageous and worthwhile on his last year. An indescribable joy took over Kang Xiaobo as he turned his head back to look at the former conquerors of the school.
“Liang Bro… Are you okay?” Gao Xiaofu’s injury wasn’t as bad, and his stomach wasn’t hurting as much anymore. He ran to Zhong Pinliang’s side and helped him up after Lin Yi left.
“I’m fine!” Pinliang said, his face pale white. He wasn’t fine at all.
“Fuck..!! He’s done it now!” Zhong Pinliang cursed. “Didn’t expect that from the little shit! We fucked up, dammit!”
“Sorry, I messed up.” Xiaofu apologized immediately- he didn’t want to suffer Zhong Pinliang’s wrath- the guy’s face showed how extremely pissed off he was.
“It’s not your fault.” Pinliang said with a wave of his hand. Lin Yi had fucked him up more than he did to his two followers; Pinliang shouldn’t be blaming anyone at all. They simply weren’t on Lin Yi’s level, that’s all there was to it. “We can’t take that little shit with just us three. We need backup.”
“Should we ask Zou Ruoming for help?” Xiaofu suggested.
“Not him. Our rep in this school will be ruined completely if he finds out about this!!” Pinliang said as he shook his head. “I’ll go get someone from my dad’s side.”
Lin Yi and Xiaobo stepped into the classroom unscathed, and many students who worried for them breathed out in relief. Most of them hated Zhong Pinliang for how he was at school, but a couple of them couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the victims turning up unharmed.
What they couldn’t understand, however, was the absence of the other three that went up the rooftop with Lin Yi and Xiaobo. Where were Zhong Pinliang, Gao Xiaofu, and Zhang Naipao, who still hadn’t returned even after the big class started? Everyone understood that something was wrong……
Zhong Pinliang, on the other hand, ran into the guy he most wanted to avoid- Zou Ruoming.
Naipao had his arm around Xiaofu, the two of them walking slowly behind Zhong Pinliang; The three were the image of defeat.
“Zhong Pinliang, what the hell happened to you?” Zou Ruoming was playing basketball on the field when he recognized the trio from afar. It turned out to be Zhong Pinliang’s group upon a closer look, much to his surprise.
Pinliang could only curse internally at his misfortune. Reputation was of utmost importance for a Big Four like him- letting another one of the Four catch him like this would only destroy his standing.
“It’s nothing……” Pinliang waved a hand in response, unwilling to let out too much information. He hastened his footsteps a little.
Ruoming understood immediately that the three lost a fight- it was written all over their faces!
“I say, Liang! You didn’t get beat up, did you? Who was it? Tell this Ming Bro and I’ll fuck him up for you right now!” Ruoming offered.
Zhong Pinliang knew how strong Zou Ruoming was- he was the best fighter out of the Big Four, and had connections to people outside of school. An extreme force to be reckoned with.
What took place today was beyond humiliating, however, and Pinliang hoped to hide the truth from as many people as he possibly could. With that, he waved his hand once more. “It’s nothing, we were just training a little amongst ourselves, didn’t really hold back……”
Ruoming decided not to probe on any further, since Zhong Pinliang was so stubborn about not saying anything. He could only shake his head as he watched the trio leave. “Training my ass, why the fuck would you try to kill each other? Not buying it one bit.”
“Where do you live, Boss? We can walk home together.” Xiaobo’s good mood was still at its height, and he wanted to learn more about the boss he so admired.
Lin Yi’s heart froze- he couldn’t let anyone else know that he rode home with Chu Mengyao! He himself didn’t mind, but Chu Mengyao…….
“I live really far away. I’ll go back myself later, so see ya.”
“I’ll wait for you then! We could at least walk to the school gates together?” Xiaobo wanted to talk to Lin Yi a little bit more, interested in the guy who managed to put down Zhong Pinliang.
“I suppose….” Lin Yi didn’t want his refusals to get suspicious- it was just walking to the school gates, after all. He’d just wait at the gates until Xiaofu left before getting in Uncle Fu’s car.
Mengyao and Yushu were already done packing up, and had left the classroom already. Lin Yi made sure to waste some time as he packed up himself, so as to increase the distance between them.
“Boss, lemme tell you a secret….” Xiaobo whispered suddenly as he walked out the classroom with Lin Yi.
“What secret?” Lin Yi asked, curious at how secretive the guy sounded.
“I live near the commoner beauty Tang Yin’s house….” Xiaobo smiled pervertedly. “I even see her riding her bike home often!”
“Fuck!” Lin Yi smacked Xiaobo on the back of his head. “Are girls the only thing on your mind? How’s that even a secret- what does you living near her have to do with me anyway?”
“Are you really not interested in her?” Xiaobo questioned a little disbelievingly.
“It’s not that I’m not interested- I don’t even know what she looks like! I’ll at least have to see her face before I can get interested, right?” Lin Yi said, amused. “Okay, you should go back now. I’m gonna get going soon, too.”
“Sure thing, Boss. See you tomorrow!” Xiaobo waved as he walked home with a crowd of other students.