Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 39 - Money and Family Connections

Chapter 39 - Money and Family Connections
“Wha-?” Song Lingshan blushed, slightly trembling in anger. This man was disrespecting her in public, assaulting her with words of vulgarity! She’d have slapped him across the face already if it wasn’t for Li Fu’s sake.
“Vice-captain Song, what Lin Yi’s saying is that he’s been hit by a bullet in the leg… He’s offering to show you proof should you doubt his words.” Li Fu explained for Lin Yi upon seeing Lingshan’s reddened face- the girl had clearly misunderstood.
Lingshan suddenly noticed the bloodstain on Lin Yi’s pants upon the explanation, embarrassed by her internal outburst. “Ah, I see… I can wait until after you pay the hospital a visit…” Yet Lingshan hadn’t forgiven Lin Yi- couldn’t he had phrased it differently? Why did he have to be such an asshole about it, just say that you were injured! She may have been a cop, but she was still a girl!! Where were his manners?!
“An observant mind is elementary for any competent cop- my leg’s smeared in blood! Captain? Did you get the rank with money, or family connections or something?” Lin Yi replied dully, noticing her displeased reaction.
“You……….” Song Lingshan was inexperienced, true- it was her biggest weakness, and something that always bothered her! Yet anyone who knew her history understood that by no means did she abuse her family connections!
She was a special ops combat instructor, with a military rank of major! Transferring into the position of vice captain in a criminal police team was absolutely acceptable when taking that into account. She also had the highest combat ability in the team, stronger than everyone except Captain Yang Huaijun himself!
LIn Yi’s words hit her hard because of the truth in it- she was a powerful fighter, but a horrible observer. It was this lack in attention to detail that led to her failures in detective work.
Her colleagues in the team also admired only that- her combat ability. She had always been studying, trying to keep up in the more mental aspects of police work, but to no avail. She’d always follow alongside Yang Huaijun quietly whenever combat wasn’t needed- she recognized how lacking she was in certain departments, and she didn’t want to pull the team down.
In contrast, Yang Huaijun, who transferred in two years ago, boasted a wealth of case-solving experience! It made Lingshan envious, and even at times a bit jealous.
Yet the captain wasn’t available this time around, and Lingshan had to take over the reins. Then came along this Lin Yi bastard, who had poison instead of words to spew! The frustrating part was how Lin Yi’s words rang true- there were no possible retorts from Lingshan’s side, and all she could do was grit her teeth at the humiliation.
Meanwhile, Lin Yi was checking his wound out. It was entirely something he could handle on his own, it was just a bullet, after all. There wasn’t any time for hospitals in war- you’d probably die from enemy gunfire before getting transported to one.
Lin Yi didn’t want to cross this Song Lingshan woman who had her sights on him, either. The girl was already planning on following him to the hospital to have his statement taken, and Lin Yi didn’t want any more trouble with her. Whatever. I’m not hiding anything anyway.
Lingshan wasn’t about to request anything from Chu Pengzhan’s little princess the way she did with Lin Yi, however. She intended to have the girl’s report finished without bringing her over to the police station at all.
“Shu, how’s your brother doing?” Lingshan and Yushu both knew each other, but they weren’t on very good terms. She still felt guilty about what happened to Yushu’s brother.
“Hmph! None of your business!” Yushu sneered, turning the other way- not planning on being nice at all.
Song Lingshan only smiled bitterly as she turned back to Mengyao. “So, Miss Chu, let’s proceed.”
Yushu made sure to butt in constantly as Mengyao told the story, exclaiming in surprise a couple of times as she listened. “Woah! Lin Yi did that? Seriously? Didn’t I tell you Yao Yao, just let him be your shield, it can’t possibly go wrong! He’ll take care of all the flies!”
“Who would want him?” Mengyao snapped, pissed off when she remembered Lin Yi’s face as he lectured her.
Song Lingshan was intrigued, as well. As things stood, this Lin Yi guy wasn’t just all talk- he had real skills! She wasn’t pleased with what he decided to say about her position, but she wasn’t someone who’d ignore the facts. As far as she could tell from Mengyao’s narrative, the guy had both wits and courage, maintaining his calm and turning the tables even after getting shot in the leg.
She did hold Lin Yi in contempt, however, for letting the robbers go. ‘They’re not gonna give me a salary or anything.’? What was wrong with doing some good for society? Yet her eyes widened a little when Mengyao explained the thought process behind Lin Yi’s actions. So Lin Yi made the right move- keeping the robbers calm was indeed the best route to have their safeties guaranteed.
Yet it it was odd- carrying out an entire bank heist just to kidnap Chu Mengyao? It did seem plausible, on second thought- It’d keep the Chu family unsuspecting, for whatever purpose the mastermind had in mind. Baldy’s group was the only lead now, and they’d have to be captured before anything else.
“Miss, I honestly do think Mister Lin’s passed. The chairman wasn’t wrong to trust him- I’ll also feel at ease with him protecting you.” Li Fu said, finally understanding Chu Pengzhan’s wishes. This Lin Yi was someone special!
Mengyao’s lips twitched as she prepared a retort, but the scene of Lin Yi sacrificing himself for her kept playing over and over in her head……
The hospital didn’t ask too many questions- Song Lingshan was present, and they didn’t risk anything when treating a patient brought in by the police.
The main surgeon was talking to an assistant as Lin Yi was pushed into the operation room. “Have the anaesthesia prepared, I’m extracting the bullet.”
“No need for that.” LIn Yi wasn’t fond of anaesthesia- once or twice was fine, but too much would cause certain side effects to take place.
The surgeon paused. The kid was brought in by some pretty rich-looking people- surely he could afford anaesthesia? The nerves were tightly packed around the thighs, and it’d be extremely painful without any, despite the straightforward nature of the procedure.
“Kid, it’ll hurt a lot without anaesthesia.” The forty year old surgeon warned.