Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 40 - Wound on the Leg

Chapter 40 - Wound on the Leg
“It’s fine, really.” Lin Yi smiled, very relaxed. “I don’t want the side effects.”
The surgeon paused once more before nodding- the patient had made his request, there was no reason to go against it. The surgery wasn’t a life threatening one, after all.
“Hang in there then, kid!” The surgeon said as he started giving directions to the assistant.
Lin Yi could stand large amounts of pain, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t feel any. A surgery like this, however, was well within his tolerance range, especially when compared to that fall from the peak of Mount Starwest all those years ago… It was like all his organs had gotten switched around- the intensity of the pain was overwhelming.
“How’d you get the wound, kid?” Sun Weimin was a veteran surgeon- he was as good with people as he was with operations. Lin Yi had a bullet in him, but he didn’t seem like a freshly apprehended criminal judging by how the police were treating him. With that in mind, Sun Weimin decided to chat with Lin Yi a little, in hopes of distracting him from the pain.
“In the bank, got shot by a robber.” Lin Yi, naturally, understood the surgeon’s intentions- but his mind wasn’t one easily distracted: he’d been through training that fortified his awareness since he was a kid.
“I see.” Weimin said, opening up fully to Lin Yi upon learning his identity as a victim instead of a criminal. “Quite an intense situation, I imagine?”
“It was okay.” Lin Yi smiled. “I could’ve dodged it, actually, but there was this girl behind me, and she’d get hit instead if I did. So… I decided to just take it like a man. Dumb move, huh.”
Lin Yi had seen news reports detailing similar events- it was a general trend for the good people to be labelled idiots; those seen as smart were quite the contrary. They were always the selfish ones.
Lin Yi couldn’t help but mock himself a little as he recalled the information.
“Ah?” Sun Weimin found himself respecting the young man upon hearing what had taken place. “Dumb move? Kid! You were a hero to that girl! Lemme guess, was it love at first sight for her?
“Well, who knows. They took me hostage right after.” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. “She probably didn’t even know I was shielding her- the guy was aiming at me, after all.”
“All the same, kid. It was a great thing you did- Just the two of us knowing is enough!” Weimin only grew more impressed at Lin Yi. He’d taken a liking to the kid. “What’s your name?”
“Lin Yi. You have it on your file.” Lin Yi smiled.
“Heh, my bad. I’ve too many patients, don’t really pay attention to stuff like that.” Weimin said, slightly embarrassed.
The surgery proceeded fluidly. Lin Yi never screamed or twitched about, and it didn’t take long for the surprised surgeon to finish the operation- the kid’s willpower was something else! It was no easy task to provide such cooperation while operated on without anaesthesia.
Song Lingshan was making her way to Lin Yi’s hospital room when she bumped into Sun Weimin, who didn’t waste any time in addressing his praise for Lin Yi. “Officer Song! This kid’s really something, sacrificing himself for another- he’s a real role model! You guys really should award him a civilian medal of bravery!”
“What do you mean?” Lingshan had to admit her respect for Lin Yi’s collected assessment and execution when dealing with the robbers, but what part of it included self sacrifice? Mengyao hadn’t mentioned anything noteworthy about the events that took place in the bank, as well, only bringing up the gunshot to Lin Yi’s thigh. As such, Lingshan assumed that she must have missed something.
“Oh, you don’t know? That kid Lin Yi, he could’ve avoided the robber’s bullet, but he got hit on purpose anyway because of a girl right behind him!” Weimin praised. “It’s my first time meeting a young man with a sense of justice and compassion like him, I’ll tell you that!”
Song Lingshan frowned. Seriously? Why did the whole thing sound like something from a storybook? Dodging a bullet? Even Lingshan, a special ops combat instructor herself, couldn’t claim to guarantee a feat like that. So Lin Yi was better than her..? She found it too hard to believe. “Dr. Sun, where’d you hear this from?”
“The kid told me himself!” Sun Weimin answered.
“He told you himself?” Lingshan paused at the answer. And you just believed him? The kid probably wasn’t even serious- it was just some smalltalk! I can say I kill elephants with punches, too, you know!
Weimin didn’t miss the doubt in Lingshan’s reaction. He responded with a laugh. “The kid even refused to take anaesthesia, toughing out the entire surgery with that willpower of his! I don’t doubt his words, officer. I’ll take my chances with willpower like that.”
With that, Sun Weimin took his leave- he still had many other matters to attend to. Lingshan, on the other hand, pushed open the door to Lin Yi’s room.
Lin Yi wanted to make a dash for the door the moment Lingshan walked in, but decided that it’d be too much. He was injured in the leg, not the arm, after all. He laid back down on the bed immediately.
“Lin Yi, can I have your statement now?” She didn’t understand why, but Lin Yi’s posture on the bed pissed her off exceptionally.
“Yeah.” Lin Yi replied from the bed, noticing the exceptional size of this lady’s breasts- almost as big as the ones the p*rnstar from the morning channel packed. Upon closer inspection, Lin Yi found the woman to be quite a beautiful specimen. Mmm… roleplay…
As if sensing something wrong with Lin Yi’s gaze, Lingshan subconsciously followed his eyes back onto her own body. Her face reddened in realization.
Long-term special ops training had, as a bonus, nourished her chest very well, to the point that it became a burden instead, bouncing about as she walked. She even had to wear a corset just to prevent that, and had even considered getting surgery to reduce the size. The shame overwhelmed the trouble the breasts brought her, and she threw the notion aside.
It was fine when she was in the special ops, under iron rules- no one would just stare at her chest, and Lingshan didn’t find herself bothered by it as well. Her field missions, however, involved many unlawful areas, and many undercover operations… The men were always staring at her with lustful eyes when she wore casual clothes! Lingshan wanted to crush them under her feet- they made her so uncomfortable.
What Song Lingshan didn’t expect, however, was someone who’d stare at her with the same lustful eyes even when she was in uniform!! It was absolutely unforgivable! She gave a cold ‘hmph’ as she seated herself on the bedside chair, formulating a plan to make the bastard pay…
She then remembered the wound on his leg.
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