Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 47 - The Nurse Guan Xin

Chapter 47 - The Nurse Guan Xin
Lin Yi walked in the store, spotting the Nokia E7 Yushu and Mengyao were using. He had taken a liking to it the first time he saw the girls use theirs, and he decided to get himself that exact same model. He chose the Nokia E7 without so much as hesitate, and was just about to pay a few thousand kuai for it when Li Fu stopped him.
The man didn't waste any time in swiping his card, purchasing the phone for him. He turned to Lin Yi with a smile. “This is an everyday item- we should be the ones providing it.”
Lin Yi wasn’t about to reject the offer when Li Fu put it like that. A couple thousand kuai was quite a number to someone like him, after all, while it amounted to nothing for the top tier elite like Li Fu and Chu Pengzhan.
It was known that Li Fu held Pengzhan Industries shares, driver he may be. It wasn’t much, but it was a clear statement that solidified his place in the chairman’s eyes.
Traffic was busy by the time they exited the store- people were driving to and back from work, and Li Fu smiled bitterly as he faced the volume of cars on the road. “Seems like we won’t be reaching the hospital anytime soon. On a side note, Mister Lin… How do you know the dean so well?”
“We chatted a bit when I registered yesterday. We got along pretty well, so he handed me his phone number to call should I need his help.” Lin Yi answered with a smile.
“I see.” Li Fu wasn’t really buying it, but he left it at that- Lin Yi didn’t want to talk about it, after all.
It was a long while before Songshan’s First People’s Hospital came into sight. It was half past eight, and they’d been through a full hour of traffic.
They met with Doctor Sun Weimin from yesterday, who smiled happily when Lin Yi approached him. “The little hero’s walking on his feet already! Any other guy would probably still be using crutches.”
“Doctor Sun, please, stop with the little hero thing… it’s too much, and I’m no hero.” Lin Yi was starting to get embarassed from how the doctor looked at him. Something seemed a bit off with his smile, as well.
“Of course you are!” Sun Weimin said with a wave of his hand, like some sort of elder. “Though, maybe too smooth… That thing Officer Song did with you yesterday- everyone in the hospital’s talking about it! Even the police beauty has a thing for a hero like you!”
“Hah?” Lin Yi started sweating. Seriously? People said news spread quickly in schools… Did it spread even faster in hospitals..?
“Hahaha, well, I’ll leave you alone then!” Weimin smiled as he wrote on a note, handing it to Lin Yi. “Take this to the treatment room in the surgical department, they’ll get you sorted out.”
“Thanks.” Lin Yi took over the note hastily as he exited Weimin’s clinic room, as if he were running away from the guy. He wiped the cold sweat off his temple. Shit would hit the fan if that Song Lingshan chick learned about this- he had managed to keep her anger at bay with some rhetoric yesterday, but… Lin Yi’s head started hurting as he imagined all the trouble that’d come should things go wrong.
Lin Yi reached the treatment room, and knocked on the doors. A gentle voice sounded from inside. “Please enter.”
Heh… what a nice voice this nurse has… Lin Yi pushed the door open without delay, strolling in swiftly. “Hi, I’m here for my checkup.”
“Ah!” The nurse exclaimed in surprise when she lifted her head up. “You’re… fine now?”
“I’m fine? No, you didn’t give me treatment yet..?” Lin Yi was confused. The nurse was pretty, with big round eyes, but… the girl wasn’t crazy, was she?
“You… don’t remember me?” Guan Xin pouted, a little saddened as she looked up at Lin Yi.
She had received her first paycheck yesterday, and was in high spirits- she was now officially independent from the elders in her home who always treated her like a child!
In actuality, Guan Xin wasn’t low on money; quite the opposite- her family was very rich.
Guan Xin, however, didn’t want it to be that way. She wanted to have money through her own efforts! As such, she got herself a job as a nurse at Songshan’s First People’s Hospital right after graduating medical school.
It was a tough time to be looking for a job, and the competition was high. As a result, even nurses had their paths ridden with stones, forcing many of the prettier girls to bow down to unspoken rules… It was one of the few means to achieve ideal professions.
Guan Xin’s family background, however, shielded her from having to resort to the unspoken rules- no man would dare try that on her. With that, the hospital’s director assigned Guan Xin to the treatment clinic.
The surgical department’s head Sun Weimin, at the same time, was a very righteous and honest man, and the director recognized that- it was also why he chose that particular department. His own position would be at risk if his doctors tried something on her, after all.
Guan Xin was happily making her way to the bank after receiving her pay, intending to celebrate a little with her first paycheck.
The nursing profession, however, wasn’t a very orthodox one, and almost all banks were closed by the time her shift was over. Guan Xin had no choice but to go the long way, to where a twenty four hour bank was available.
Needless to say, a bank robbery was the last thing she had expected to happen. She followed what everyone else did when the robbers started shooting around, her mind blank as she crouched down.
She was sure that the whole thing would blow through, as soon as the robbers left with what they came for... but then the cops showed up. The robbers, in turn, were forced to pull someone out to be made hostage.
Guan Xi’s heart started beating rapidly when the robbers walked her way, yet they happened to choose a girl not far from where she was crouching.
A young man then stood up with a jerk, offering to take the girl’s place- It took Guan Xi by complete surprise!
It was instinct for everyone to fear being taken hostage- yet the guy stood up regardless! Guan Xin could only be impressed by the bravery displayed.
Her thoughts were cut short an instant after, however, when the robber fired his gun at the guy- Her heart almost burst from panic and shock!
The guy was twisting his body to the side when he unexpectedly turned it back a split second later, taking the bullet in his leg without so much as making a sound!
An impulse of duty washed over her at that instant- she wanted to tell him that she could treat his wound, that she was a nurse! Much to her dismay, her body refused to budge, and both the guy and girl disappeared through the doors soon after, dragged away as hostages before Guan Xin could recover from the shock.