Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 48 - Skinship

Chapter 48 - Skinship
Guan Xin overheard a couple of nurses and doctors talking about a Lin Yi guy the next morning, but thought of it as mere gossip as she made her way to her clinic. It wasn’t until later that she learned what the gossip was about, much to her surprise- everyone was talking about the bank robbery!
Naturally, Guan Xin spoke up as a victim of the whole incident, mentioning the young man who offered to take the girl’s place as hostage. It erased any traces of doubt anybody had, and fully confirmed Lin Yi’s standing as a hero.
Despite what Sun Weimin had shared, most still assumed that Lin Yi was bullshitting to the doctor- the police never revealed anything, after all. Guan Xin’s confirmation as a witness, however, was valuable enough to replace a police statement.
“What? He came here today for surgery? Wait- that means he’s escaped the robbers!” Guan Xin said excitedly in a wave of joy upon hearing Weimin’s words, her depression wiped away completely.
She hadn’t been able to sleep well last night, worried about Lin Yi and the girl.
“I know, right?” Weimin laughed in response. “Lin Yi sure is something! Xin Xin, you’re quite lucky, you know- Lin Yi said so himself: that he’d dodged the bullet, only turning back to get hit by it when he saw a girl right behind him! Seems like you’re that girl he saved!”
“Ah! So that’s how it was……” Guan Xin’s jaw dropped in shock- she’d been wondering why Lin Yi turned his body back! It was the protect her!
“Hahaha, Xin Xin, I’ll send him to you when he visits for a checkup later.” Sun Weimin said with a smile.
He didn’t know Guan Xin’s identity, but the director himself had spoken to him about the matter when the girl first came in: she was sent in by a big shot, and should be treated with special care.
Sun Weimin, however, was a modest guy- he’d always treat everyone in the surgical department nicely; the director’s words were unnecessary. The young ones, especially- Weimin had a habit of making sure he taught them everything he knew.
It was only natural that Guan Xin would blush at the idea of healing her hero, who got injured saving her- It seemed like something straight out of a drama.
Lin Yi felt that he’d seen the girl somewhere before…
But his mind was currently preoccupied with roleplay as he stared at the nurse uniform. Her ‘you don’t remember me’, however, sent a shiver up Lin Yi’s spine.
Why did it feel like something out of a drama? The girl made it sound like he’d forgotten about her after toying with her feelings!
“Um… You are..?” Lin Yi eyed the girl in front of him suspiciously, trying to figure out her identity from staring into her pretty eyes.
It wasn’t a surprise that Lin Yi couldn’t recognize the girl, in all honesty- he’d only caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye during the hostage situation, and he didn’t even know her name!
“Thank you, for blocking the bullet for me yesterday!” Guan Xin couldn’t help but feel disappointed in the development, and decided to just explain their relationship in one simple thank you sentence.
“Oh, it’s you!” Lin Yi realized at that point- it was the girl he protected yesterday!
“You remember?” Guan Xin smiled, delighted that Lin Yi remembered her.
“You know, that guy yesterday was shooting at me in the first place- I couldn’t just dodge a bullet meant for me and let it fly into some other person. No need to thank me at all!” Lin Yi explained. “You don’t need to feel guilty about anything, as well.”
“Oh……” The atmosphere seemed to dim down a little, and Guan Xin nodded, unsure of what to say to Lin Yi’s words.
“Well, that’s that. Could you help treat my wound?” Lin Yi said with a smile. “Pleasure to meet you, pretty nurse lady.”
“I’m Guan Xin.” Guan Xin introduced, happy from the compliment as she smiled back at Lin Yi. She took over Sun Weimin’s note, and started preparing the medicine.
She was readying the salve when she noticed Lin Yi still standing there. She smiled in amusement. “What are you standing there for? You have to take your pants off before I can help, right?” Guan Xin’s face, however, reddened instantly as she thought about what she’d just said.
It was actually a first for her to be treating a male patient- Sun Weimin usually sent the guys to married nurses in the surgical department when faced with an injury like this. The young nurses mostly handled external bruises and minor injuries.
Yet things were a little different this time around. Lin Yi was Guan Xin’s savior, and for that reason Weimin had assigned Lin Yi to her, with her silent consent.
“Um… Is that okay…?” It was Lin Yi’s turn to be embarrassed- his pants hadn’t even left his legs yesterday when Song Lingshan messed with his thigh, and look at how things turned out! One could only imagine the possibilities that’d stem from the same action, this time on a pantless Lin Yi.
Lin Yi’s embarrassment, however, took the blush off Guan Xin’s face; his fidgeting must have awakened her more playful side. “Um, I’m a nurse you know? What’s there to be embarrassed about- there shouldn’t be any privacy between doctor and patient, so why don’t you be a good boy and take your pants off……”
Guan Xin’s word choice resulted in Lin Yi’s face warming up- what’s with this word choice, it’s like she’s an older girl seducing her junior!
Sweat started dripping down Lin Yi’s neck, and he decided to just go with the flow- the girl was a nurse, after all- there shouldn’t be any problems. With that, he slipped his belt off with one smooth stroke, dropped his pants down, and seated himself in a nearby chair.
“That’s- my seat, but… you can use it.” The sight of Lin Yi lying back on her office chair put a blush on her face, but she let it be- it wasn’t a big deal, after all, though the guy was in his underwear.
But Lin Yi sat up straight, his tone apologetic. “Didn’t know it was yours- should I sit somewhere else..?”
“It’s fine, your leg’s injured, and it’s just a chair.” With that, Guan Xin crouched down, moving her head in for a closer inspection of the wound.
The guy seemed skinny, but had very muscular legs! Guan Xin was intrigued- it wasn’t a surprise that he’d been able to walk around like nothing happened.
Guan Xin made sure to employ extreme care when undoing the bandage when a gradual panic started building up- especially when she noticed the slight bulge in Lin Yi’s underwear. Her breathing then started getting rapid, as well.
Her hand, in turn, trembled a bit, and her face lit up a tomato red.
Lin Yi, on the other hand, was panicking as hard as the girl was- there was a pretty girl kneeling in front of his crotch, wearing roleplay nurse uniform!!
Yet he had a strong mind, and Lin Yi managed to hold down most of his excitement from growing. The tremble from Guan Xin, however, connected her hand with Lin Yi.
A strong mind had its limits.