Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 49 - Come Again Tomorrow

Chapter 49 - Come Again Tomorrow
Guan Xin was already blushing a bright red from touching Lin Yi- she couldn’t help but lower her head as she continued working on the bandages. She didn’t want her expression to be seen, and her head shied away even more, going further and further down on instinct, when…...
“Ah!” Guan Xin’s head jerked back upon touching- she sprung up on her feet in surprise, her face lowered in absolute embarrassment.
Lin Yi felt helpless as he looked at Guan Xin’s face. Why’d you have to touch it… What happened, happened, however, and it was all Lin Yi could do to offer her an awkward apology. “Uh, sorry… I tried to control myself……”
Guan Xin only felt bad from the apology- she knew fully well that Lin Yi was decent enough to suppress himself, only reacting biologically after her hand had touched it by accident. In all honesty, the blame should’ve been on her!
“It’s not your fault… I shouldn’t be paying attention to this kind of thing in the first place, as a professional nurse and all… it was actually my thoughts that got a bit indecent…” Guan Xin explained immediately. She was approaching the issue with a nice attitude, but any other guy, and she’d probably have slapped him in the face already. Lin Yi was different- he was her savior, who’d sacrificed himself for her. That fact alone brought guilt upon her heart, and in turn, her current kindness and open-mindedness regarding the accidental skinship.
“He’s…. down now…” Lin Yi mentioned awkwardly as he pointed down a little self-mockingly. “We’re good to continue……”
“Yeah…” Guan Xin nodded, throwing aside her awkwardness as she tended to Lin Yi’s wound.
The bandage was stuck to part of the wound, and Lin Yi had to grit his teeth as Guan Xin tore it off.
“The wound’s healing really fast- I can’t believe your surgery was yesterday!!” Guan Xin commented, shocked at what she was seeing.
“Yeah, my skin’s always been really healthy.” Lin Yi explained with a lie- he couldn’t just tell her about the Art of Dragon Mastery.
Guan Xin finished the bandaging and completed the treatment, but it was clear from their faces that the two were still a little embarrassed at the whole thing.
Guan Xin was the first to speak, smiling generously. “Come for a checkup three days later- you can just come to my office directly.”
“Yeah, thanks....” Lin Yi nodded in response, exiting the room and darting away from the surgical department hurriedly, not resting until he reached the hospital’s entrance. It was a humiliating day.
Li Fu was waiting for Lin Yi the whole time in the car- Lin Yi had requested to go in alone. He was able to walk perfectly fine anyways, and he’d troubled the guy enough.
“All done?” Li Fu asked, pushing open the door upon seeing Lin Yi’s approach.
“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded. “Still need to come for a checkup tomorrow, but the nurse said to first see how the wound’s closing up. Coming the day after tomorrow works too.”
Guan Xin had a day off tomorrow, and was thinking of receiving Lin Yi the day after that when she considered changes that might take place in the wound. She then told Lin Yi to choose the time depending on the wound’s condition, with that in mind.
Lin Yi recalled the awkwardness from the clinic room a while back- he really wasn’t ready for a second round of a session that embarrassing. Looking without touching really didn’t do it for him.
“I’ve made contact with the chairman, and informed him of yesterday’s events.” Li Fu said as he started the car up.
“What did Mister Chu say?” Lin Yi asked.
“Mister Chu’s returning as soon as possible- he’ll address the matter after he’s back in Songshan.” Li Fu continued. “Although, the chairman’s mentioned that he has a general idea of who the mastermind might be.”
“Oh?” Lin Yi was a bit startled- the chairman was quite intelligent, figuring out who the mastermind was in such short a time period.
Traffic had wound down, and the roads grew a lot smoother than before. It didn’t take long before Li Fu reached the school, dropping Lin Yi off and departing with a wave of his hand.
Lin Yi pulled the backpack up his shoulders as he stepped through the gates. The field was empty, with only a couple of students playing basketball when it was supposed to be class time. Clearly class-skipping delinquents.
A basketball suddenly flew in Lin Yi’s direction, landing near him with a bounce.
“Yo, kid! Throw the ball here!” A long-haired student in a black shirt called out.
Lin Yi was late for class already, and he didn’t have the time to be chasing after a basketball. it didn’t even land at his feet- the ball stopped quite some distance away.
“Fucking hell, you little bastard! Can’t you hear me talking to you?!” Zou Ruoming was very displeased- there was no one who’d dared to go against him, not in this school!
Lin Yi didn’t know his parents, but he didn’t take well to an insult like that.
He turned around slowly and looked at Zou Ruoming. He pointed at him, and then at himself, as if he were asking: ‘are you talking to me?’
“Yes, you! Are you fucking deaf? I’m gonna count to three. Throw the ball back by then and I’ll let this go. I’ll fucking ruin your school life if you don’t.” Ruoming barked with no concerns at all- Lin Yi was clearly a poor student from the way he was dressed.
Lin Yi didn’t say anything, only walking to where the ball was. He crouched down and picked it up.
Ruoming’s lackeys only cheered in response, sending a wave of delight washing over him. This was what his school life as a Big Four was all about- oppressing others, pushing them beneath his feet and stepping on them.
“That’s Ming Bro for you- kid doesn’t even say anything, a couple words and he goes ball-picking for the guy who just yelled at him!”
“Hmph, poor-ass student.” Ruoming said gleefully. “There isn’t anyone who’d dare go against me in this school.”
Lin Yi stood up, turning to Ruoming with ball in hand. Ruoming, on the other hand, lifted his hands up, gesturing for Lin Yi to throw the ball his way.
His lips edged up slightly as Lin Yi looked at the guy’s cocky face. With a violent movement, Lin Yi sent the basketball shooting in Ruoming’s direction.
Naturally, Ruoming was yet to realize the incoming danger, his face still wearing a pleased expression as he prepared to receive the ball.
The ball smacked into Ruoming’s hands, and his lackeys started cheering. “Damn, Ming Bro!!”
Ruoming was celebrating as well, proud that he’d caught a ball from so far a distance. He was just about to speak when something felt off- the ball wasn’t stopping even after he’d caught it! It felt more ‘lead’ ball than basketball!