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Chapter 608 - Assassins Are like This?!

Chapter 608: Assassins Are like This?!

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In the most magnificent palace located in the center of the Capital of the Radiant Light Godly Nation.
Despite his fury towards the defeat of his two subordinate families in the war, St. Heinz controlled himself and didn’t do anything to disgrace himself.
After all, they were lofty existences looking down on ordinary people, not some losers who stayed in the godly palace all day doing nothing but wishing for victory.
In fact, it wasn’t the first time that they were defeated by another continent since they couldn’t send all the masters of the godly palace to the war. The Thorn Flower and Flame Bird were just two upper-level families who believed in the powerful God of Radiant Light Judgement.
Of course, it didn’t mean that he would forget this defeat.
“Let these clowns enjoy their victory for a while longer.” He inhaled deeply and turned his gaze to the map of the vast continent.
This man’s attention was on the whole continent instead of on a small setback. The result of one war couldn’t have a large impact on his plans for the future.
They had more important things to do. For example, they needed to bring godly light to places that it wasn’t shining on, such as the peaceful Silver Moon Forest.
For another instance, they were building a brand-new cultivation mystical realm with great efforts.
Yes, a cultivation mystical realm.
On this continent, the Alchemist Union wasn’t the only force that could make magic items for cultivation.
Inside the Radiant Light Godly Nation existed an alchemist workshop named the Dulan Workshop which belonged to the most powerful mage and alchemist under St. Heinz, St. Dulan. He was also the person who had been sent to negotiate with the Continent of Immortal Relics with his projected image.
It was one of the most famous workshops for making cultivation mystical realms on the continent.
Their cultivation mystical realms focused on realistic combat. Some of them had been derived from combat in the real world, which ranged from small ones such as hunting down magical beasts and scouting in war to big ones such as wars between nations or all over the continent.
They usually promoted the new mystical realms by using geniuses of the younger generation such as Jessica, Carl, and Kevin, who looked bright and elegant.
Although they always added propaganda content about the radiant light of their god in the cultivation mystical realms, these mystical realms were of high quality and were exquisitely made, and thus they were the most popular ones among fans of cultivation mystical realms despite their disapproval of certain contents.
The radiant image of the Judgement Godly Palace had been gradually established in the public view this way.
Even some people in the Morning Light Empire believed in the God of Radiant Light Judgement.

Different from the players in the old shops, for the players in the new shop such as Elf Girl Sala, the mentioning of assassins would conjure up the images of pathetic people who hid in the shadows while wearing filthy rags.
They were fugitives, criminals, and despicable villains who sneak-attacked people.
Of course, for elves such as Sala who had lived more than one hundred years, they had never seen any assassins who were rumored to be as lowly as mice.
In fact, Helen, who came from an aristocrat family and was a member of the Golden Griffin Knight Legion, hadn’t met any real assassins either.
They only heard about these despicable people who did nothing but sneak-attack people from the gossip of knights and other people.
They harbored an instinctive dislike for assassins.
That was why few people clicked open the cinematic trailer of Assassin’s Creed even though there were many players in the new shop now.
Only a few of them including Sala and Helen clicked it open due to curiosity.

While these girls were watching the cinematic trailer of Assassin’s Creed, a real assassination was taking place in the godly palace of Gray Eagle City, a neighboring city of Canglan City.
Wearing a luxurious red fur coat, Luther strolled into the grand palace flanked by his envoy group.
The priests around him bowed to him in respect.
He looked so lofty that it seemed like he was a king inspecting his own kingdom.
“Mr. Luther, welcome!”
At this moment, these assassins had just sneaked into this palace.
Why didn’t they assassinate this man on his way here? The high-level officials of the godly palace traveled only through magic arrays or with magic flying items, which made it highly difficult to intercept them.
As rumors claimed, these assassins were plainly dressed, and some of them were dressed like ordinary mercenaries.
They were not as filthy as the rumors said, but they were not doing much better.
Right now, they were hiding in the dark corners outside the godly palace.
“Can we really accomplish this feat?” A young voice sounded a bit anxious.
“Oh! There are many traps here; we must be very careful.”

At this moment, Sala and Helen, who were watching the cinematic trailer suddenly covered their mouths while intently staring at their screens; they almost exclaimed.
Before them was a vast land dotted with many buildings and eagles flying high in the sky. A white-robed figure stood on the edge of an extremely high bell tower, and the clean white robe made the figure radiate the grace of a scholar and the elegance of a priest.
That figure was alone and proud like the eagles that were soaring high in the sky. The white pointy hood added a special mystery to the figure.
He spread out his arms and leaped down from the high bell tower like a free eagle!
“We work in the dark to serve the light.”
The scene before them changed as the nine words were left in the darkness.
It was only a split-second video clip, but they were shocked. Is this guy an assassin?!
How can they assassinate their targets wearing white robes in the dark night?!
After all, assassins are people who sneak-attack from behind. Why are they talking about the light? !
The two girls only clicked in here due to curiosity, but they were now hooked and continued watching subconsciously.
The Vast sky and land appeared before them again.
That eagle freely flew through the snowy mountains and jungles and dashed into the prosperous city.
The scene changed, and the freely flying eagles seemed to have transformed into assassins wearing white robes with pointy hoods. Like eagles, they moved above the city.
Then, they jumped down from the high sky. When they lifted their heads, Sala and Helen didn’t see darkness but the light of freedom in the eyes of the assassins.
Yes. This was the light that the assassins believed in. They fought for freedom, and their firm gazes never wavered.
“Oh! My goodness!”
They couldn’t believe that these people were assassins!