Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World
Chapter 1119-1120

Chapter 1119 – Six Realms Beginner Competition
Although the people in the Bone Symbol Camp were very curious about Zhao Hai, nobody actually said anything about his treatment. This was because his arrangement was given by the Camp Lord himself.
The Bone Symbol Camp was a very united group. Every member of the camp was very respectful of Desbarres. Therefore, when Zhao Hai was arranged to live in the level 4 area, nobody made a bad comment. Instead, everyone hoped that Zhao Hai could make accomplishments soon. This way, the Bone Symbol Camp could rise.
The people from the Bone Symbol Camp were also not strangers to Zhao Hai's progress. They knew that Zhao Hai had just ascended for a month before being taken to the Bone Symbol Camp. And in the past two months, Zhao Hai had been adapting to the spiritual qi of the Machine Field.
When they first heard about Zhao Hai, the people in the Bone Symbol Camp couldn’t help but feel their blood boil. Zhao Hai being invited over to the camp a month after ascending was enough to show his talent. The people in the camp knew that their own talents weren't that good. The current strongest expert in the camp was at level 5. They simply had no superiority over the other camps. Because of this, they want Zhao Hai to progress quicker. This way, he could make the Bone Symbol Camp raise their heads high once more.
In the beginning, when the people from the Bone Symbol Camp saw that Zhao Hai was quite fast in adapting to the spiritual qi density, they couldn't help but get worried. They were afraid that since Zhao Hai was getting preferential treatment, then he would become arrogant and complacent. But in the end, this thought quickly vanished.
Seeing Zhao Hai not leave his villa for two months made people shut up. And in place of worry, their feelings were replaced by anticipation.
It was common for Mages to close up for practice, but this would only take a few days. This was because they would need to take a few walks in order to unwind. Not only would stress not offer any advantages, it would also affect their mental state. And an unsteady mental state was detrimental to cultivation.
Generally, those who cultivate for extended periods of time were cultivators from the Cultivation Realm. They had methods that had high requirements when it came to mental states. Closing up for a long time was a method of training their mental state. By closing up for a long time, they would be able to polish their mental states. In turn, this would benefit their cultivation.
However, those cultivators had different methods compared to Mages. Although they didn't want to, Mages had to recognize that their training methods were inferior to that of cultivators.
Now, Zhao Hai had grinded for two straight months. His mental state truly left the people from the Bone Symbol Camp ashamed.
Although it can be said that Desbarres and Tao Wang were often looking after him, achieving this point wasn't easy. But what they didn't know was that Zhao Hai spent the majority of his time inside the Space. He didn't stay outside for a long time.
Two months had passed but Zhao Hai had yet to come out. However, the people from the Bone Symbol Camp didn't have the time to think about him at this time. This was because the pentennial Six Realms Beginner Competition was approaching.
This so-called beginner competition was actually a life and death battle. This battle was held every 5 years. Only those who ascended in the last five years could participate in it. And people from the World of Cultivation were barred from entering.
This competition has been held more than 100 times. The goal for this competition wasn't just for comparing skills, it was also resource allocation.
Although the World of Cultivation was seen as a huge treasure trove for resources, the true treasures of this world was actually very limited. Take ghost mithril, for example. One might see that Zhao Hai managed to mine a lot from Tyro Planet. However, if these ores were divided to those who needed it, then only a small number of people would be able to get their hands on the ore.
Things like the ghost mithril ore were very important for experts. This was because one's cultivation would be improved once they get their hands on it. This was especially true for
those who practice Magic Theory.
Because of this, competition for resources among the people in the World of Cultivation went non-stop.
There were no obvious territorial lines between the six realms in the World of Cultivation. And in the borders between two powers, there were grey areas that both territories manage. However, there was actually no control over them. And the planets in these grey areas would sometimes have things that everyone needed.
In order to compete for these resources, people from the six realms fought repeatedly. Casualties in these fights were innumerable. In the end, the higher ups of the six realms knew that this couldn't continue. Therefore, the six realms reached a consensus to hold an event every year for ascenders. The ones permitted to join this event were only those who ascended in the past five years. This way the participants wouldn't be too strong. Additionally, if they died, then the loss wouldn't be too big and no group would be seriously damaged.
Those who won the competition would have more jurisdiction over these grey areas for five years. And then five years later, another competition would be held in order to decide who would control these areas for the next five years.
And to those ascenders who attended the competition, the people from the six realms would make sure that they weren't treated unjustly. Not only would these people obtain rich rewards, their influence and advantages would also increase. Some were even given a high-value mine. It can be said that the beginner competition wasn't just a way for the six realms to establish borders, it was also a way for newcomers to become famous in a very short time.
Each time the Six Realm Beginner Competition happened, geniuses would come out of the woodwork. Although these people were from the lower realms and had ascended for no longer than 5 years, their cultivation levels were actually quite good. Some had even developed to become experts.
The competition was also a grand event where major forces compete for their interests. Although there would be countless loses and injuries, for the major powers, the gains far outweigh the losses.
As time passed, the Six Realm Beginner Competition became not just about vying for resources. It also became an event for realms to showcase their strength. So every time the beginner competition happened, everyone paid it attention.
And now, even if there was still a year left before the beginner competition, the qualifiers for the competition had already begun. All the forces in the six realms were beginning to compete on who would participate in the competition. The top 100 in the qualifiers of each realm would go to join the beginner competition.

Because of the rule that ascenders were the only ones allowed to enter the competition, the major influences of each realm didn't have the means to participate. Take the Ashley Family, for example, their key forces were all members of their family. And thus, these members were natives to the Machine Field, with almost no ascender among their ranks. And even if ascenders managed to join their core forces, these ascenders couldn't join since they had ascended for more than five years. Therefore, the core of each family had no way of joining the competition.
Therefore, in the Machine Feild, those who attended the beginner competition were certainly from External Halls. This was because, besides the few family members joining, each External Hall were made up of ascenders.
There were plenty of ascenders in the Bone Symbol Camp that had the qualifications to join the competition. However, they weren't strong. The strongest among them was no more than level 2. And those who were thinking of joining the competition were very little.
This situation didn't stop the Bone Symbol Camp's members from paying attention to the Six Realm Beginner Competition; especially those who had the requirements to attend. Although they weren't strong, they still thought that they had the chance.
Zhao Hai was completely unaware of this matter. He just ascended to the Machine Field. And in addition to his time practicing, the times he accessed the net was very minimal. Therefore, he managed to miss information about this huge event.
Moreover, Desbarres and Tao Wang didn't inform Zhao Hai about this matter. This was because the beginner competition carried an extremely huge risk. People would die in the most unexpected ways. Zhao Hai had ascended three months ago and was still adapting to the density of spiritual qi. Allowing him to join the competition was simply sending him to his death.
Although Desbarres knew that Zhao Hai had plenty of powerful Undead, allowing him to compete against level 4 Mages, he still didn't think of having Zhao Hai join the competition. This was because Zhao Hai was the Bone Symbol Camp's hope. Also, the Bone Symbol Camp wasn't lacking in money nor resources. So he didn't want Zhao Hai to take risks.
But even if Zhao Hai didn't know, this didn't mean that other people wouldn't , especially Laura and the others. They surf the net every day in order to understand the Machine Field better. And how could the internet not include information about the competition? Not only was information available, the propaganda about the competition was overwhelming. There were even sites that wrote about the competition's origins, its process, and its past results. Everything about it was expertly detailed. Therefore, Laura and the others were aware about this matter.
Needless to say, the Machine Field was at the bottom of all participants. After all, the strength of the other realms was focused on the individual while the Machine Field relied on mechs and battleships. Because of this, the Machine Field had no chance in winning the competition.
But this didn't mean that they wouldn't send participants. Conversely, the Machine Field would always send ascenders to participate. Although they would struggle against the other five realms, these participants were also fighting for their groups in the Machine Field.
The Machine Field was also using the Beginner Competition as the basis for the internal distribution of resources. Just like how the 100 final participants were handsomely rewarded, their groups would also gain a corresponding benefit. And if a participant did well, gaining good achievements, then their group would receive good advantages. Because of this, the Machine Field placed great importance on the competition. During this period of time, as long as one was online, they would definitely read about this event. And it was in this manner that Laura and the other learned about the entirety of the competition.
Chapter 1120 – I Must Participate!
Zhao Hai was currently inside the villa. In front of him was a computer with an article about the Six Realm Beginner Competition.
After reading the article, Zhao Hai turned to Laura and said, "What? You want me to join this competition?"
Laura nodded and said, "Right. We have been in the Machine Field for three months now. And in the past three months, we have basically adapted our lifestyle to it. You should also know how sincere Desbarres has been. So isn't this beginner competition an opportunity to make the Bone Symbol Cmap rise again?"
Zhao Hai smiled and said, "You sound like a member of the Bone Symbol Camp."
Laura chuckled, "Although I'm not a member of the camp, I was able to see how the camp works in the past few days. To be honest, I've taken a liking to this group. Everyone is united, Desbarres certainly poured great effort into this camp."
Zhao Hai nodded, he couldn't help but agree to Laura's words. He also liked the atmosphere of the camp. And to be honest, he had already learned a lot in the Machine Field. It was time to go outside and look at different sceneries in the World of Cultivation.
With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai gave a nod and said, "Alright, I'll join the competition. I also want to see the strength of the other realms."
Laura and the others happily nodded. Zhao Hai saw their reaction and smiled. To be honest, Zhao Hai's stay inside the Space was to accompany them. He knew that Laura and the others were bored of staying inside the Space. Therefore, he took the time to be with them.
Looking at the time, Zhao Hai and the others had their meal before Zhao Hai went out of the Space. Then he told his robot to contact Desbarres and Tao Wang.
All robots have communication functions built inside them. However, when people leave their homes, they usually don't bring their robots with them. When they were out, they would use their computers to contact other people.
Although they didn't know why Zhao Hai contacted them, Desbarres and Tao Wang still used the quickest time to head towards the villa.
Seeing that Zhao Hai was already waiting for them, Tao Wang looked at Zhao Hai and asked, "Little Hai, what's the problem? You want to drink?"
Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Camp Lord, Brother Tao. Take a seat first. I have something to tell you."
Desbarres and Tao Wang looked at Zhao Hai's conduct and couldn't help but feel that something was happening. They had been in contact with Zhao Hai for two months, so they already have an idea about his temper. Zhao Hai, who wasn't really too formal, acting formally made them feel somewhat strange.

The two sat down with Zhao Hai opposite them. Zhao Hai looked at the two and said, "Camp Lord, I called you over to tell you that I have already adapted to the Machine Field's spiritual qi. Moreover, I've decided to enter the Six Realms Beginner Competition!"
Desbarres and Tao Wang heard what Zhao Hai said and couldn't help but stare. Desbarres immediately stood up and said, "No, Little Hai, you can't! The beginner competition is very dangerous. You can't participate."
Tao Wang added, "Little Hai, you shouldn't join, it's too dangerous. It's common for people to die in the competition. Even those powerful experts lose their lives."
Zhao Hai saw their reactions and could understand what they were thinking. He smiled faintly and said, "Camp Lord, Brother Tao Wang. Rest assured, I fully understand the danger of the competition. However, I need to participate. This is the turning point for the Bone Symbol Camp!"
Desbarres and Tao Wang found themselves silent upon hearing Zhao Hai. They worked hard so that the Bone Symbol Camp would rise. However, they still didn't think it's time for Zhao Hai to help them.
Naturally, not allowing Zhao Hai participate in the competition didn't mean that Zhao Hai wouldn't participate in future battles. They knew that practice couldn't make an expert. And they already made plans about Zhao Hai's future development.
This plan was quite comprehensive. It started after Zhao Hai adapts to the density of spiritual qi. He would first be assigned small tasks. These tasks would be done in groups so there wouldn't be any danger. This would exercise Zhao Hai's mindset as he was given more and more responsibility. Then several years later, he would represent the camp in the Family's internal competition. This would be the beginning of his rise in the Machine Field.
There were no risks in this plan as it involved training Zhao Hai. All of these were made because Desbarres and Tao Wang placed too much of their hopes on Zhao Hai. They didn't want Zhao Hai to go out this early.
Because of this, when they heard Zhao Hai saying that he wants to join the beginner competition, they couldn't help but show a huge response. In their minds, sending Zhao Hai to join the beginner competition was akin to sending him to his destruction.
Zhao Hai looked at their reactions and smiled, "Camp Lord, Big Brother Tao, don't reject so easily. Let's sit down and slowly talk this over. To be honest, my decision isn't done in the heat of the moment. Let me be true to you, my strength has reached level 4. I have confidence to defeat the enemy. Therefore, I decided to join the competition."
Desbarres frowned and said, "I know that you have strong Undead and is both a Mage and a Warrior, so it isn't surprising to know that you can defeat level 4 Mages. However, you are competing in the Six Realms Beginner Competition. No matter which realm, each one would treat this matter with importance. Therefore, the participants of this competition are all elites from all kinds of origin. The losers would either be dead or severely injured. It is a competition with a high rate of mortality. It isn't the reputation boost that I want, and I don't want to extinguish our hopes in it. And to be honest, there is a huge disparity between the Mages and Warriors of our Machine Field compared to the other 5 realms. And that disparity is weapons."
Desbarres stopped here, but Tao Wang followed up, "Right, our biggest gap is in weapons. The strongest weapons of the other realms are those magic talismans. These talismans are single use weapons. So in this competition, the other realms would surely use these talismans. The might of these talismans is quite terrifying. Even if we have Mages more powerful than them, we still couldn't underestimate them because of these talismans. This is the reason why me and the Camp Lord doesn't want you to participate in the competition."
Zhao Hai nodded and said, "I found out about those when I was researching the other 5 realms. But Camp Lord, this makes me want to join the competition even more. Don’t forget, all spoils from the battle will belong to the winner. I want to get those items. Moreover, I have the confidence to deal with them."
Desbarres frowned, "Little Hai, I still think that it is too risky. Our Machine Field had never achieved success in the beginner competition. Our top three members have already surpassed five years. Also, every time we send participants for the competition, they were at least ascenders for three years. From this point, you should see how powerful the opponents are. I really don't want you to enter the competition."
Zhao Hai didn't say anything and just smiled faintly as he waved his hand. Then a layered formation set appeared in front of him.
When Desbarres and Tao Wang saw the formation set that Zhao Hai released, they couldn't help but be shocked. One must know that layered formation sets weren't easy to use. Every layer added to a formation demanded a high amount of spiritual force. Moreover, experiments would be needed for a Mage to use a formation set. They need to know which formation was compatible with another formation, and also find out if the formation was beneficial to the set. Because of this, beginner Mages would find it difficult to use layered formations. Only after gaining enough experience could they push on and become stronger. The more they know which formations were compatible for them, the quicker they would be able to layer them. This was also why level 1 Mages have 5 formations as their peak, level 2 Mages have ten, level three Mages have 50. And more than that for level 4.
And for most Mages, finding a 50-layer formation would need about five to ten years of research. Even if one studied Magic Theory all their life, they would still need three to five years. Not to say achieving 50-layered formation sets, there were Mages who got stuck at level 3.
Now that Zhao Hai revealed this formation, Desbarres and Tao Wang were shaken. They didn't know how Zhao Hai managed to accomplish this in such a short time.
Zhao Hai waved his hand again, withdrawing his spiritual force. In turn, the formation dissipated. When the magic formation disappeared, only then did Desbarres and Tao Wang recover. They looked at each other and saw the surprise and joy in each of their eyes.
Zhao Hai looked at the two and smiled, "I'm already a level 4 Mage. Moreover, my battle qi is quickly catching up. At the very least, I have the means to survive if I join the competition. Camp Lord, Big Brother Tao, this is an opportunity for the Bone Symbol Camp to rise!"