Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Chapter 1008 - How Are You Different?

Chapter 1008: How Are You Different?
“I love to eat meat, and I’m especially picky about food. I don’t like to eat food that isn’t delicious,” Jiang Yao said. “I’ve tasted it. Your cooking skills are not bad.”
Lu Xingzhi did not feel happy even though Jiang Yao praised him because his wife had given half of the braised pork that he had cooked so well to that stupid cat.
“I’ll take it over to him.” After Jiang Yao was finished with the bowl, Lu Xingzhi snatched it. He was not happy to see his wife with the stupid cat every day. When she first came back, she had even yelled at him because of the stupid cat.
The moment Moe saw Lu Xingzhi come over with the bowl, he immediately jumped back to the corner of the sofa. He did not even dare to meet Lu Xingzhi’s eyes. He buried his head in its front paws.
Lu Xingzhi placed the bowl on the side of the sofa and reached out to carry Moe back to the ground. He threatened him, “If you don’t wash your face after eating, don’t you dare to rub your face on the sofa!”
Moe nodded his head stiffly.
Lu Xingzhi was about to turn around and go back to the dining room, but he was stunned by Moe’s nod. No one knew what he was thinking. After a few seconds, he turned around and returned to the dining table as if nothing had happened.
“Moe seems to be quite afraid of me,” Lu Xingzhi asked as he sat down.
“Yes.” Jiang Yao nodded. “That guy always bullies the weak and is afraid of those who are strong. He’s a coward.”
The coward was eating the braised pork with tears down his face. He had a hunch that it might be the last feast of his life. The look in that man’s eyes was too scary.
“I’m scary?” Lu Xingzhi could not tell if he was happy or unhappy when he heard that.
“There shouldn’t be that many people in this world who don’t think you’re scary, right?” Jiang Yao blurted.
In the end, Lu Xingzhi’s face darkened. “Do you think I’m scary, too?”
Jiang Yao quickly swallowed the braised pork in her mouth. It was over; Sergeant Lu was furious. She had to smooth the tiger’s fur first.
She put her chopsticks down and quickly tightened her grip on Lu Xingzhi’s side. She rubbed her head against his arm and giggled. “Why would I? I’m different.”
“How are you different?” His wife’s affectionate act made Sergeant Lu’s face look so much better. He reached out and patted her head. When he asked again, his tone was much better than before.
“I’m your wife. Of course, it’s different.” Jiang Yao smiled sweetly at Lu Xingzhi. Then, she stuck her head forward and kissed his lips lightly. “I know you’re good to me.”
Lu Xingzhi curled his lips into a smile. He even stuck out his tongue to lick her lips and praised, “It’s not bad.”
Jiang Yao’s face turned hot, and she sat back down. Lu Xingzhi chuckled softly. “I’m saying that the braised pork I made is not bad.”
Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Lu Xingzhi. “Oh,” she said as she lowered her head to dig into the rice.
“It seems like you’re not afraid of me at all.” Lu Xingzhi was in a very happy mood as he picked up two more pieces of meat for Jiang Yao. “Eat more, and make up for the two kilograms that you lost as soon as possible.”
He loved feeding Jiang Yao, and he liked to watch her eat until she was full. He always felt that it was the best reward and motivation for his hard work learning to cook.
After dinner, Lu Xingzhi put the dishes away and washed them. Jiang Yao was so full that she walked back and forth in the living room to help with her digestion. After Lu Xingzhi was done, he went back to the bedroom to get Jiang Yao a jacket, scarf, gloves, and so on. Without saying anything, he put them on for her. Then, he led her out of the door and was ready to take her downstairs for a walk. When they reached the door, he turned back and picked up Moe from the sofa. He tied the leash as a temporary fix.