Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Chapter 1461 - The Opposite

Chapter 1461: The Opposite
“Jiang Yao, although it’s common for Lu Xingzhi to not rest for a few days when he’s on a mission, it’s different this time. He might look like he’s fine, but I’m afraid that he’ll exhaust himself.” Zhou Weiqi scratched his head; he did not know what else to say.
After all, his third brother could not fall asleep, so Jiang Yao would be more concerned than he was.
Sighing, Zhou Weiqi said, “It’s all in his head, and you’re his cure.”
Physical illnesses could be cured, but it would be harder if mental issues were involved.
Jiang Yao was a doctor. She could cure physical illness, but she could not cure mental illnesses.
Just like Chu Sheng, although she was not physically ill, she could not speak for some psychological reasons. She was helpless.
She hoped that Lu Xingzhi’s issue was not that serious. Otherwise, he would have to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep.
Every drug contained a bit of poison. Too many, and it would be damaging to the body, even if it was something that she concocted from the medical system.
At the bureau, Ah Da’s interrogation did not progress until eleven o’clock at night.
Ah Da, who had no food, drink, or sleep, had confessed on the third day. If Ah Da had not confessed on his own, perhaps the people there would have to spend a lot of manpower and energy to get him to do that. Perhaps even more people would have to be sacrificed. No one knew that a woman was controlling everything from behind the scene.
“Take him back and make sure to guard him well! If there is another incident like the one with Ah Zhu—”
Lu Xingzhi left his words hanging. He could make the police officers’ scales go numb with just one look. They nodded and left hurriedly with their men.
Lu Xingzhi stayed in the interrogation room alone for a long time to look through Ah Da’s statement. He carefully searched through the statement to find what was helpful and what information was still suspicious and needed to be investigated.
“That is Ah Da’s identity. Go and investigate Ah Da’s family first.” He gave Ah Da’s identity card, name, and hometown information to the police officer guarding the door. “The sooner, the better.”
The police officer received the items and left in a hurry. He happened to brush past Liang Yueze, who came after hearing the news. Liang Yueze called for someone before he walked into the interrogation room.
“Any progress?” Liang Yueze stood beside Lu Xingzhi and looked at his expression. The man had stayed in the interrogation room for an entire day. He even ate there.
At first, he thought he would need more time to make Ah Da talk. He did not expect to receive the information so quickly.
One could imagine what Lu Xingzhi had done in the interrogation room that day to dismantle Ah Da’s resolve.
“These are Ah Da’s confessions. Take a look.” Lu Xingzhi gave the report to Liang Yueze, then sat back on the chair and rubbed his temples.
Liang Yueze realized that he had a headache, but he did not say anything. He lowered his eyes and focused on the papers in his hand. He quickly glanced over it. “The boss is a woman? Yanzi? A woman in her thirties?”
Liang Yueze saw Ah Dan’s description of the boss again. He frowned. “In her thirties, thin and tall, 1.65 meters tall, and has long hair. It’s almost contrary to what Brother Jing said!”