Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Chapter 680 - Chapter 680, extremely handsome

Chapter 680: Chapter 680, extremely handsome
However, it was a pity that Lu Xingzhi’s patience towards others had always been lacking. Before Zhu Qianlan arrived, he had already exhausted all his patience and stopped playing around with her. He immediately used a ruthless move to subdue her.
Out of the four strong men, he was alone. In total, it was less than four minutes. If he did not have the intention of waiting for Zhu Qianlan when dealing with the group leader, he would probably subdue her in less than three minutes.
Her Man!
This was her man!
Jiang Yao’s heart was surging with excitement. This was her Lu Xingzhi! He was really a man who could be as handsome as the Milky Way!
Compared to Lu Xingzhi, the martial arts that she had obtained from the system were completely useless!
Jiang Yao didn’t despise the martial arts that the system had given her, but the system had a rule that didn’t allow her to have any human lives on her hands. Therefore, the martial arts that the system had given her were completely different from Lu Xingzhi’s killer moves.
The moves she had learned from the system were suitable for her to use when she was in an accident. She had the ability to protect herself and had enough time to wait for rescue and escape.
However, it wasn’t a real killer move like Lu Xing Zhi’s.
Lu Xing Zhi’s patience wasn’t enough. Before Zhu Qianlan arrived, he gave Jiang Yao a signal to call the police. Then, he stood there, waving the baseball bat in his hand. His eyes swept over the four men who couldn’t move anymore.
Jiang Yao understood and wanted to call the police directly. In the end, she was afraid that if an ordinary police officer came later, it would waste time. She directly called Chief Ye and explained the situation here.
When chief ye heard it, he was really scared.
He was afraid that when young master Lu was here, someone would be blind enough to look for trouble. He did not expect that someone would really look for trouble!
Chief Ye came with the police officers on duty. On the way, he encountered Zhu Qianlan’s car and forced her to stop. Then, he handcuffed Zhu Qianlan and escorted her back to the police station.
After chief ye arrived, Lu Xingzhi handed the baseball bat to Chief Ye and said in a decent manner, “Chief Ye, the security of Nanjiang city still needs to be strengthened!”
“Young master Lu is right!”Chief ye could only wipe away his sweat.
“Since Zhu Qianlan has been captured by you, lock her up first and help me check the information of the Zhu family. Then, send her to my hotel. I will tell you when I have thought of how to deal with Zhu Qianlan,”Lu Xingzhi said and thanked him, then, he returned to the car and started the engine to leave.
However, it was clear that he was not in a particularly good mood.
“We were delayed for a few minutes. Second Brother might have arrived before us.”Lu Xingzhi was unhappy about this. He no longer had the chance to taunt Gu Haoyu.
“If second brother is very good with directions, that might not be the case.”Jiang Yao smiled and passed the water to Lu Xingzhi. Her tone was filled with excitement as she said, “My husband has worked hard. Quick, drink some water.”
Lu Xingzhi’s hand that was holding the water bottle trembled when he suddenly heard Jiang Yao call him husband. He almost dropped the water bottle.
He glanced at Jiang Yao, who was looking at him with a smile and a look of admiration on her face. He said in a low voice, “Speak properly. You’re on the road. Don’t Provoke Me!”
Jiang Yao was in a good mood. She couldn’t be bothered to argue with someone like him who was obsessed with his brain. She looked at him drinking the water with his head raised. His Adam’s apple moved sexily as he swallowed. It was really mesmerizing!
“When I think you’re handsome, even your action of drinking water is awesome!”Jiang Yao sighed.