Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Chapter 895 - Believe It or Not

Chapter 895: Believe It or Not
Jiang Lei’s face immediately darkened when he heard about that. “Did you go in and ask for something from my sister-in-law?”
At that moment, not only did Jiang Lei look embarrassed, but he sounded serious too. When Yang Gaoshu pursed her lips and remained silent, he shouted, “Yang Gaoshu! Open your mouth and speak!”
“I didn’t do that! Just because you listen to your precious sister, you don’t believe me at all? Are you yelling at me because of this trivial matter? Did you hear what your precious sister said? She doesn’t like me! Yet you believe her words enough to drive me away?” Yang Gaoshu did not expect Jiang Yao would hear her words.
Yang Gaoshu had wanted a pair of earrings similar to Wang Xian’s. She knew Jiang Lei could not afford them, so she tried to force him to ask Jiang Yao for them!
Jiang Lei could not afford those earrings, but he had a rich brother-in-law!
However, Jiang Yao seemed to be haunting her. She went to look for Wang Xian, and Jiang Yao had appeared in the room. She spoke to Jiang Lei and Jiang Yao there as well.
“Yaoyao, what’s going on?” Jiang Lei turned to ask Jiang Yao.
Jiang Yao’s heart turned cold for a few seconds. Did he believe Yang Gaoshu and not her?
“Jiang Lei, I think your brain is muddled by dog poop! You would believe the words of a woman like Yang Gaoshu?” Jiang Yao was thoroughly enraged by Jiang Lei’s distrust. “I’m your sister, someone who grew up under your eyes. Aren’t you familiar with my temper? Would you suspect me of lying to you? That’s just great! Jiang Lei, it seems like you would cast your sister aside when you have a girlfriend! I’ve finally seen through you! Why don’t you ask your girlfriend where she got that famous brand item!”
“How is this a famous brand? This is a cheap item that I bought from the market. They’re all fakes!” Yang Gaoshu retorted.
When Jiang Yao heard that, she was so angry that she wanted to laugh. Even after Jiang Lei heard Lu Xiaoxiao’s words while they were in the country, it seemed like Yang Gaoshu’s sweet nothings still tricked him.
“Jiang Lei, I used to think that you have a pretty good brain. I didn’t expect that you’d be an idiot in front of Yang Gaoshu and would let her play you like that! You believed her when she said that it was fake? Who do you think Lu Xiaoxiao is? She is the pearl of the Lu family. When would she ever misjudge these things? She had been immersed in these brand items since she was young. How could she not know whether they were real or fake? Also, do you really think that Lu Xiaoxiao would defame your girlfriend? I believe that Lu Xiaoxiao is not lying because I know her personality. By the way, your girlfriend, who you love to death, is not as innocent as you think!”
Then, Jiang Yao said, “It’s up to you whether to believe it or not! If you think that your girlfriend is more important, then you can believe her truth. That’s fine too. Just don’t acknowledge me as your sister. I don’t believe that you will marry a greedy woman like Yang Gaoshu. By the way, if you really want to marry her, don’t even inform me about the wedding. I’ll just pretend that you’re not my brother. You’re a stupid idiot. Why would I still need you?”
After she scolded Jiang Lei, Jiang Yao left in a huff.
Her voice was not soft at all. Their parents and Jiang Jie had heard the commotion. As soon as they looked for the sound, they saw Jiang Yao’s reddened eyes and nose.