Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 1798 - Hunting People

Chapter 1798: Hunting People

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On the night of April 11, the 3586th year o Emperor NvWa’s Calendar, a profound silence ensued all over. In the barren land being covered with yellow sands in the western border of Dragon Emperor Big Domain.
20 minutes ago, a team of immortal soldiers in metal wings of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace had just flown over this region. The team of immortal soldiers belonged to the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Xiyuan City, who were closest to this region. They were making an inspection tour over this region at the order of the headquarters.
Recently, Dragon Emperor Big Domain was in an intense atmosphere as more and more wanted circulars were issued from Dragon Emperor City. Besides Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu, more and more immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace who were suddenly missing recently were being wanted.
In only a few days, 24 people had been wanted by Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. On the wanted circulars, all of their titles in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace had been removed; instead, they were marked as the moles of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.
Therefore, each branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Dragon Emperor Big Domain started to take action after receiving the orders from the headquarters. Not only immortal generals and immortal soldiers were dispatched to investigate the traces of those missing immortal generals on the wanted list across Dragon Emperor Big Domain, but even civilians across Dragon Emperor Big Domain also started to take action. Plus powers of Star Emperor Immortal Palace and Force Emperor Immortal Palace, even Emperor NvWa’s Palace who traveled a long way here to catch the missing immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal palace, the entire Dragon Emperor Big Domain had been covered with eyes and patrollers. Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace even assigned people to pay a tour inspection over the western barren border.
To be honest, 5 of the 24 immortal generals were indeed caught after their traces were discovered.
However, after they were caught for a few hours, their heads had been blown up no matter how their abilities were limited, leaving no clues at all. Nobody could acquire any specimen of Golden-Soul Rune Virus from these captives.
However, Dragon Emperor Big Domain was too large; additionally, those being chased were all immortal generals. No matter how many immortal generals, immortal soldiers did Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace mobilize and how many external forces there poured in, they still couldn’t monitor each inch of land across Dragon Emperor Big Domain. As time passed by, the remaining people on the wanted list were more impossible to be caught as the immortal generals could find more and more loopholes from the huge net set by Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.
Many people guessed that Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu might have long left Dragon Emperor Big Domain in the past 10 days, just like the missing immortal generals of Si Clan in Woods Medium-sized Domain.
Across Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, perhaps only one person knew that Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu had not left Dragon Emperor Big Domain; instead, they were still waiting for an opportunity to leave there.
In the dark air, stars were sparkling as if a pair of mysterious and profound eyes were gazing at that patch of barren land.
After the immortal soldiers of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Xiyuan City inspected this region for 10 minutes, another airboat of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace passed by as an immortal general was glancing over the surrounding air territory with bright eyes.
After this airboat passed here for half an hour, with rustles, some sands slid away, revealing two pairs of shiny eyes, which started to glance over the tranquil sky.
“The next round of inspection would be 2 hours later. Let’s leave now…”
After communicating with each other secretly, two people immediately rushed into the sky and flew westwards as fast as lightning bolts. In the blink of an eye, they had passed the territory of Dragon Emperor Big Domain and entered the dark clouds.
After 2 hours’ flight in the clouds, they saw a large passenger airboat in the air which was also flying westwards. Closely after that, they left the clouds and hid themselves in the gap between some flying plates near the cloud rudder at the bottom of the airboat.
Due to the large size of this airboat, the gap between flying plates was wider than 0.5 m. Unless someone approached it and checked it, nobody could see them.
Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and the other immortal palaces set the final net of immortal generals in the periphery of Dragon Emperor Big Domain in order to block those immortal generals from flying away from Dragon Big Domain independently. In only 1 day, this airboat had already passed through the last net safely and entered Brokenstars Ocean.
After 2 days’ flight, at one night, when the airboat was meticulously driving in a safe channel of Brokenstars Ocean, the two people flew off the airboat and entered the endless and unpredictable Brokenstars Ocean.
As for commoners and airboats, Brokenstars Ocean was dangerous; however, as long as two semi-sage level knights didn’t want to commit suicide, they would be safe and sound in this region. Actually, Brokenstars Ocean could be their best cover. Many criminals were gathering in Brokenstars Ocean to escape their punishments.
3 hours later, the two specters had already been thousands of miles deep in Brokenstars Ocean. They saw nobody on the way. Additionally, they caught two birds. After that, they entered a deserted mine of an air-floating mountain. Deep in the mine, they broke the birds’ necks and drank their blood. Then, they rubbed their hands, setting a fire in the air and lighting some woods in the mine. After cooking the birds, they gulped them down before gradually being composed.
The burning woods caused light cracks every once a while while the sparkles and twisting flames reflected onto the dirty faces of Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu, causing their faces to look pretty gloomy; especially the bloodstains at their mouth corners and chins which made them a bit terrifying.
After over 10 days’ escape, the two people finally got an opportunity to have a rest. As they couldn’t use space-teleportation equipment for the time being, they didn’t eat anything but the birds. Additionally, they were flurried like birds being startled by the mere twang of a bow-string. They were alert all the time in case the Grand Emperor showed up and killed them. Due to heavy mental and physical stress, the two former dignified elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace looked a bit embarrassed.
Zhang Tie was right. Soon after he left Dragon Emperor City, Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu had received the news——Zhang Tie was looking for the “old man”‘s help. When they recalled the powerful deeds of Grand Dragon Emperor when he came back last time, Xia Yangming’s and Shi Zhongyu’s hearts pounded heavily. Even though they could drill into the earth by Earth-River Vehicle, they still didn’t feel safe at all; instead, they were so vigilant every day that they even dared not close their eyes for a nap.
After having a short rest, the two people gradually recovered their vitality. After being composed, when Shi Zhongyu recalled what he encountered these days, he became infuriated as he punched a piece of stone into pieces quietly. “I’ve not imagined that we could not succeed it. We were screwing others all the way; unexpectedly, we were screwed by Zhang Tie this time. I’m unreconciled…”
“As the disciple of Grand Dragon Emperor, Zhang Tie’s tricks and intelligence are superb. We were too careless this time!” Xia Yangming heaved a deep sigh too, saying, “Previously I saw him being engrossed in cultivation in the Forbidden City without caring about the secular affairs and thought that he was as not interested in fame and politics. Unexpectedly, Zhang Tie could use such a trick! We’re trapped by him unconsciously that day. If not our trump cards, we might have long become specters!”
“His Majesty has spent such great efforts in annexing Dragon Emperor Immortal palace. Through this event, the force of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was almost cleaned up overnight. Will we be severely punished after coming back…”
“It’s not our mistake. We never knew that someone could identify Golden-Soul Rune Virus. Therefore, I think His Majesty will not punish us this time. Otherwise, he would not let us escape to Brokenstars Ocean and wait for him somewhere. His Majesty has been planning to expand the territory of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace with the territory of Dragon Emperor Big Domain for long. His Majesty would never give it up…”
“Didn’t His Majesty say that nobody could identify the Golden-Soul Rune Virus in our body?”
“Ordinary immortal generals couldn’t identify it for sure; however, you’ve already seen that when the old man showed up that day. Who could imagine what amazing secret methods has the old man mastered over so many years? After all, he’s an immortal emperor. The old man could even invent Dragon Emperor Medicament, not to mention discover us…”
“I’ve not imagined that Zhang Tie has already promoted to a wind immortal general. That’s too fast. Additionally, he always kept the secret. He must have mastered a powerful cultivation method. Otherwise, he could not have promoted to a wind immortal general from a water immortal general in only a few years!” Shi Zhongyu said greedily, “When we meet His Majesty, I will definitely report it to His Majesty. Hopefully, His Majesty could catch Zhang Tie and get his secret cultivation method. According to the appointment between us and His Majesty, we could enjoy all the resources in Dragon Emperor Big Domain first, including the secret methods and immortal outfits that we acquire from it…”
“Let’s talk about it later. I think this tumult will not be subsided in a short period of time. Dark Emperor Immortal Palace has already been exposed in Woods Medium-sized Domain. We’re exposed too in Dragon Emperor Big Domain. All the three top emperor-level immortal palaces have been vigilant. I think even His Majesty couldn’t do anything as easily as before!” Xia Yangming said as he squinted his eyes, revealing a shrewd expression, “As long as we could survive, we will have an opportunity to rejuvenate…”
“Let’s take a rest. We’re too tired after so many days’ escape. It will be the 15th day of this month in 2 days. By then, we could use our space-teleportation equipment. After completely recovering our vitality and making some preparation, we will change a place to settle down. We shall not stay here too long!”
Shi Zhongyu replied as he closed his eyes in front of the bonfire, legs crossed. Only after a short while, his breath had become deep.
When they entered this mine, they set some spiritual marks near the entrance and on the road. If someone entered it, Xia Yangming and Shi Zhongyu would know that immediately. Therefore, the two people gradually relaxed their nerves.
In the world, someone could become thieves for a long time; however, nobody could be vigilant against thieves all the way. Even though semi-sage level knights couldn’t be vigilant all the way. After fierce battles and escape, they needed moderate rest too.
The flame gradually became dim. Finally, it died out, leaving some broken charcoal which was still giving out a faint glow in the pitch-dark pit. In the end, even the faint glow gradually faded away. The pit then became absolutely dark.
2 hours later, although the two semi-level knights remained vigilant and sensitive to the surroundings instinctively, they had been completely relaxed…
In such a state, thousands of kg mace suddenly showed up in the dark and hit Shi Zhongyu without any omen. At the same time, the light of deity-killing sword also shot into Xia Yangming’s central forehead. Additionally, Zhang Tie’s heavy hammer hit Xia Yangming too. Because Xi Yangming was relatively more powerful than Shi Zhongyu, Zhang Tie cared about him more…
The above strikes were visible. As for the invisible strike, Zhang Tie’s shackle of chakra locked the two people’s chakras at the same time.