Castle of Black Iron
Chapter 1854 - Breaking into the Mountain Ruins

Chapter 1854: Breaking into the Mountain Ruins

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At noon of October 2, the 3586th year of Emperor NvWa’s Calendar, the sun was hanging high in the sky. At a high altitude of an air territory of Motian Realm, a sturdy shadow was heading straight for the highest dome of Motian Realm like a rocket at a speed of nearly 1,000 m per second, penetrating through clouds one after another.
At such a high-speed flight, a fiery air hood came into being in front of the shadow due to the sharp frictions between thin air and his protective battle qi. Additionally, there was a trail behind the air hood like a comet, making it pretty eye-catching even in the daytime.
“Grandpa, grandpa, look, what’s that…”
A formation of airboats was slowly flying above Yaohai Ocean. On the deck of one of the airboats in the middle of the formation, a 7-year old little boy was looking at Yaohai Ocean out of curiosity. When he looked up at the sky and caught sight of the glow caused by that meteor, the little boy pointed at the glow and exclaimed out of shock.
After hearing his exclamation, an old man hurriedly walked out of the cabin behind the deck. In the beginning, the old man was a bit intense. When he saw the person heading straight for the heavens, he gazed at it for a few seconds before heaving a deep sigh, “Grandson, some immortal generals are breaking into the Mountain Ruins…”
“Breaking in the Mountain Ruins?” the little boy rolled his eyes smartly as he asked, “Grandpa, what do you mean by breaking in the Mountain Ruins? You’re also an immortal general, can you break into the mountain ruins?”
“Breaking into the mountain ruins means to break into Mountain Ruins from the lower strata of Motian Realm! Ahem… ahem, I’m only a water immortal general. I cannot break into Mountain Ruins. Additionally, I’m already old and could make further progress in cultivation. If one wants to break into the Mountain Ruins, one has to be a wind immortal general at least…” the old man said with great admiration as he watched the blurry light and shade in the sky.
“Ah, it’s already something to be an immortal general, why do they have to break into the Mountain Ruins?”
“It’s indeed something to be an immortal general. However, only after breaking into the Mountain Ruins could an immortal general become a real power. Breaking into the Mountain Ruins is a test to the real power. The Mountain Ruins is also the battlefield between real powers. Meanwhile, there’re many rarities in the Mountain Ruins. Do you remember what you should do if you want to be a superb power like an immortal emperor?” The old man seized the opportunity to encourage the little boy to be self-striving.
“I remember that. Grandpa, you said one has to drink Nine Heavens Immortal Spring if one wants to be an immortal emperor…” the little boy said instantly out of excitement.
“Yes, Nine Heavens Immortal Mountain is in the Mountain Ruins!”
“When I grow up, I will also break into the Mountain Ruins and become an immortal emperor…” the little boy said immediately.
“You have to study and cultivate very hard. Additionally, you need to suffer a lot. When the other kids are playing, you should endure your loneliness to light up your surging points. Only in this way could you be more powerful than me in the future. Can you do it?” the old man said with a smile as he touched his grandson’s head.
“I can!” The little boy answered with a firm will as he nodded forcefully.
“Have you finished your homework today?”
The little boy spat out as he answered, “Grandpa, I will go to polish my surging points right now…”
“Hmm, hurry…”
The little boy returned to the cabin. The old man looked up at the blurry shadow with a sad look as he muttered, “It’s already the 4th one on the way. As Mountain Ruins is going to open, the powers have been ready to break into Mountain Ruins one after another. Dark Emperor Immortal Palace is raising winds and waves across Motian Realm, is Motian Realm going to be in great chaos?”
“Master,” a butler walked out of the hatch door as he came to the back of the old man, saying, “The eldest young master is still in Suian City. According to the news from Suian City, Qi Clan who has agreed to purchase our properties suddenly regrets. Qi Clan urged to decrease the purchasing price by 30% more…”
“It’s okay. Let the eldest young master come back to Emperor NvWa City immediately after handling the affairs over there!” the old man said with a calm look as he added, “It’s just about money, not important at all…”
“Yes, master. I will notice the eldest young master right now!”
“Report my words to Zhi Heng. The survival of Hong Clan is most important. In the future, we could make 10 even 100 times more properties…” the old man said calmly.
“Yes, master!”
“We’re going to arrive at Emperor NvWa’s City soon. Let all the patrollers and observers to prick up their ears. After arriving at Emperor NvWa’s City, we will have a good rest!”
“Yes, master!”
After saying that, the old man took another look at the sky before slightly shaking his head and entering the cabin.
Only after such a short while, a cloud had flown by, covering the shadow which was clear just now at a stroke…
The person who was heading for the dome of Motian Realm might not know that his behavior was commonly called breaking into the Mountain Ruins by some immortal generals across Motian Realm.
The term breaking into the Mountain Ruins was as special as ” braving the journey to the northeast 1 ” and ” going into the ocean 2 “. It almost became the byname of power, braveness, decision and risk.
Of course, if someone in Youzhou Province of Taixia Country was here and had a lot of ears and eyes in Youzhou Province, that person must be shocked by the look of the tough man who was breaking in the Mountain Ruins.
With a bald head, dense eyebrows, sturdy frame and his surging qi field, this man was definitely Cui Li who once became pretty popular in Taixia Country.
Of course, almost all the knights in Taixia Country had known that Cui Li was just the armor of Zhang Tie the head of Iron-Dragon Sect and the lord of fiery-dragon bounty territory.
All the people in Taixia Country knew that. However, people in Motian Realm didn’t know that; especially Versatile Demon Emperor. Therefore, after leaving Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie changed into Cui Li and headed for the Mountain Ruins as he was ready for promoting to a semi-level sage knight.
After taking soul-washing pills for 35 days, it was September 20, the 3586th year of Emperor NvWa’s Calendar. There were still some days left before the first day of October when Zhang Tie could leave Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, Zhang Tie stayed in Castle of Black Iron for another 10 days…
In total, Zhang Tie stayed in Castle of Black Iron for 45 days.
Of course, for the sake of safety, before exiting Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie even tried it using the “compass” made by Versatile Demon Emperor. After finding that compass didn’t work even right in front of him, Zhang Tie finally sneaked out of Castle of Black Iron and entered the dark ocean at the midnight of October 1…