Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2404 - Fighting the Sixth Heavenly Layer

Chapter 2404: Fighting the Sixth Heavenly Layer
With a wave of his hand, the Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast’s corpse vanished from outer space. He had stowed it into his Space Ring.
He did not pause after that. He struck out once again, targeting the Goldensword Beast at the same level as the one he just killed.
Killing the weaker Goldensword Beasts was relatively easy for him. He could kill the Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast if he fought it, but the fight would definitely take a lot longer.
As a result, he specially targeted weaker opponents in hopes of killing the Goldensword Beasts as quickly as possible so that he could make their corpses his.
“Even though the corpse of a Second Heavenly Layer Goldensword Beast is not worth as much as a forged god artifact, they’re still worth a thousand five-colored divine crystals at the very least,” thought Jian Chen. Killing intent flashed through his eyes as sword Qi surged from him. He had already begun to battle the second Goldensword Beast.
At the same time, the formations on the spatial battleship were ripped open. Many Godhood Goldensword Beasts formed a golden flow, surging towards the spatial battleship wildly.
The various Godhood cultivators on the spatial battleship had come to face them in battle now. They blocked the Goldensword Beasts on the deck.
In a single moment, red and golden blood merged together, covering the entire deck.
Meanwhile, various killing formations on the spatial battleship were activated. The weaker cultivators remained in their cabins, providing energy to the spatial battleship. As a result, the entire ship flickered resplendently.
Many of the Goldensword Beasts were torn to pieces as soon as they came in contact with the killing formations. Golden blood splattered everywhere.
The bloodbath between the cultivators and the Goldensword Beasts had reached a high intensity. It was no longer a battle between Primordial realm experts only.
It was a full-blown battle now.
The battle between the Primordial realm experts in outer space was the most violent. Half of the Primordial realm experts were injured now. Their battle prowess was more ordinary, so they completely lost the upper hand against the Goldensword Beasts at the same level of cultivation.
Even if they fought Goldensword Beasts that were a Heavenly Layer lower, they would only barely gain the upper hand. Killing them would be basically impossible.
The Goldensword Beasts were extremely tough. It would be very difficult to inflict fatal injuries to them unless one’s strength completely overshadowed them or an extraordinarily powerful attack was used.
Only Yi Jianping managed to keep the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast suppressed with the offensive power of the Laws of the Sword he had comprehended, barely gaining the upper hand.
But that was all. It was still impossible for Yi Jianping to kill the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast.
At this moment, a wondrous mental pulse was transmitted. It was filled with pain and grief.
The second Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast had been killed by Jian Chen as well with lightning speed.
In just a short while, two of the twelve Primordial realm Goldensword Beasts had died to Jian Chen’s hands.
The death of the second Primordial realm Goldensword Beast finally angered the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast. Immediately, it emitted a powerful mental pulse filled with anger.
Goldensword Beasts had no limbs or openings. They just seemed like golden swords. They were a unique beast that thrived in outer space, naturally born from special circumstances.
As a result, they used their minds to communicate with one another.
The two other Primordial realm Goldensword Beasts, one at the Third Heavenly Layer and one at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, both stopped their attacks at the spatial battleship when they heard the furious mental pulse. It was like they had received new orders. They both turned around and pointed their tips at Jian Chen. They charged towards him with surging killing intent.
Jian Chen became stern. He did not dare to be careless when he had to face both a Third and Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast simultaneously. He immediately became cautious.
“Whatever. I’ll just use you to test my true strength,” thought Jian Chen. He felt no fear. Instead, this fight roused his battle intent. His presence surged as he directly charged towards the two Goldensword Beasts.
Jian Chen’s will from the Ultimate Way of the Sword was only useful against power and existences that were weaker than him such as the Godhood Goldensword Beasts. Even if they were Godkings, he could kill them with a single thought.
However, against beasts that were on the same level as him, the effectiveness of his will would be greatly reduced.
Beasts as powerful as that had the ability to resist his will.
Suddenly, the powers of the Laws of the Sword descended. Two powerful strands of sword Qi condensed on Jian Chen’s two sides before shooting out as streaks of light. They ripped through space like bolts of lightning, hurtling towards the two Primordial realm Goldensword Beasts.
The sword Qi contained his comprehension of the Ultimate Way of the Sword, so they were even more powerful and vicious than regular sword Qi.
With a deafening boom, the weaker Goldensword Beast trembled and was actually pushed back by Jian Chen’s sword Qi.
The stronger, Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast emerged mostly unaffected. It locked onto Jian Chen’s presence, stabbing towards his soul with cold killing intent; it did not slow down at all.
Jian Chen’s face was cold, and his gaze was piercing. He gently swept his finger across the space before him. Immediately, the space where his fingertips passed was ripped open, forming a long crack.
It was like invisible sword Qi was hidden in the tip of his finger, possessing extremely astonishing power.
In an instant, Jian Chen’s finger collided with the Goldensword Beast.
At a closer glance, his finger remained three inches away from the Goldensword Beast.
However, this tiny distance seemed like a gaping chasm that neither of them could cross.
The colossal Goldensword Beast and the tip of Jian Chen’s finger became locked in a stalemate, three inches apart from each other.
Time seemed to come to a standstill at that moment!
However, this stalemate only lasted for a single moment. The space between Jian Chen’s finger and the Goldensword Beast suddenly began to twist and tremble. It was like a terrifying power was being charged up. In the end, an extremely terrifying storm of energy suddenly erupted in that tiny space with a deafening boom.
Jian Chen was immediately blown away by the energy. His dark, long hair flailed about from the storm of energy.
Immediately, he clad himself with light from the Laws of the Sword to block the incoming energy.
The Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast was the same as Jian Chen, having been pushed into a constant retreat by the storm of energy.
Jian Chen and the Goldensword Beast were basically perfectly matched in the clash this time.