Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
Chapter 1344 - Stalking?

Chapter 1344: Stalking?
The busy lunch service had indeed made Mag feel like recruiting another service staff member to lighten Jane’s workload and increase the crayfish restaurant’s overall efficiency.
However, this succubus lady didn’t seem to be an appropriate choice.
Mag wasn’t discriminating against her race, and being succubus didn’t mean that she was a bad woman. However, this unusually powerful succubus was obviously no pushover. He didn’t know what could happen if she gave every customer an “Eyes of Enchantment”.
Moreover, this could potentially change the ambiance in the restaurant. The customers wouldn’t be able to concentrate on enjoying the food. They might not have come for the crayfish. Instead, they could have come to see this succubus.
This was going to be a problem.
“It’s just a short-term job. I think she’s rather suitable if she’s interested. What do you think?” Irina asked Mag when she saw that he was a little hesitant.
“Alright then.” Mag pondered for a moment. He agreed that Irina was right. It was just a short-term job that only lasted for 10 days. They simply needed an extra pair of hands, so who cared what kind of demon she was.
Moreover, if this crayfish couldn’t make the customers get rid of all other thoughts and concentrate on eating it, it couldn’t be considered as the best crayfish. He still had that little bit of confidence.
“How do you do? I’m Hades. You may call me boss.” Mag nodded at Angela before saying, “I wonder if Miss Angela could do the job of clearing the plates and cleaning the tables?”
“What is so difficult about clearing plates? I just have to put them aside,” Angela said with an easy peasy expression as she rolled her eyes at Mag. How dared this man look down on her. It was rare to see a succubus as outstanding as her. If it wasn’t because of this beautiful big sister, she wouldn’t want to be a service staff in this restaurant.
“Then, may I bother you to clear all plates on the rest of the tables, and then wipe all the tables and chairs once. This will be your job for this afternoon.” Mag smiled.
“N-n-now?” Angela was slightly taken aback. She didn’t expect to be assigned a task so soon.
“Yes.” Mag nodded. “Jane is responsible for ordering and serving, while you’re responsible for clearing and cleaning. I think you should be able to do it very well.”
Angela raised her hand with a relaxed smile, and said, “Of course, such an easy matter wouldn’t be a challenge to me.”
After saying that, she walked straight to the nearest table, and stacked all the dishes onto another on a tray until they looked like a messy little mountain. The moment she lifted the tray, the pile of dishes crashed down and fell off the tray.
“I catch! I catch! I bite! I catch!”
All the dishes were shattered.
Mag looked at the innocent-looking Angela, who was biting onto one plate, grasping a plate with each hand and catching one plate with her right foot, and raised his eyebrows. He had a bad feeling.
Irina and Amy were overcome with laughter right there and then.
Jane looked at Angela worriedly, and then felt a little heartache for the broken dishes on the floor. Such good dishes were simply shattered like this. She had already reminded this big sister that she couldn’t stack up the dishes like that.
“T-this is an accident,” Angela said awkwardly as she slowly retrieved her leg, and placed that bowl which was on her toes on the floor.
She didn’t expect her lies that she’d just told would be exposed by herself the very next second. This kind of pain… most likely nobody could have imagined.
“I think these bowls fell onto the floor by themselves,” Irina said with a smile.
Angela looked at Irina gratefully. She didn’t expect she would use such a lousy excuse to help her out at such a time. She indeed wasn’t wrong about her.
“I think so too. These bowls are really too naughty.” Mag nodded before saying to Jane, “Jane, I think you should teach Angela how to clear the dishes.”
“Alright.” Jane nodded. She swept away the stone shards on the floor first before teaching Angela how to stack the dishes from the biggest so they would not fall, and how to clean the dining tables.
“I didn’t expect it to be so troublesome just to clear a table.” After clearing all the dining tables with Jane, Angela heaved a long breath of relief. This was more tiring than mesmerizing 100 men.
“It’s okay, Big Sister Angela. You’ve learned very fast. I believe you will get the hang of it very soon,” Jane encouraged her with a smile.
“Of course.” Angela smiled confidently as she looked at Jane’s gleaming golden horn. “Jane, your golden horn is so pretty. I’ve never seen such a pretty horn before.”
“Thank you.” Jane blushed. Nobody had praised her for being pretty before.
“My job for the noon service is done, so I’m going off now. I’ll be back for the dinner service.” Angela bade her farewell, and left the crayfish restaurant.
Mag and the rest went back into the restaurant too.
“You seemed to be rather wary of her?” Irina asked after taking a sip of water from a glass.
“An 8th-tier succubus with an unknown background, and who is obviously not a native of Carapace Island. I’m afraid she could implicate us if she went seeking trouble.”
“For example, emptying the Ten Kings Palace’s gold vault and then bombing the five halls?” Irina asked with a smile.
Mag was speechless. In this case, it should be Angela who should be afraid of getting implicated.
“Actually, I am also very curious about her identity and why she came to Carapace Island.” Irina put down her cup. “Therefore, I decided not to take a nap. I am going to see for myself what kind of person she is.”
“Stalking?” Mag raised his eyebrows.
“Mm-hm. This is a very good verb[1].” Irina nodded.
“Can you bring little Ay along?” Amy found a giant hat out of nowhere, and put it on her head. She pressed the hat lower and covered half of her face. When she lifted her face up, only her little chin could be seen.
“Of course, let’s set off now.” Irina held Amy’s hand with a smile. A green teleportation portal lit up underneath their feet, and they disappeared in the blink of an eye.
“Can you bring—”
Mag couldn’t even finish his words when only he and Ugly Duckling were left staring at each other in the room.
“Meow~” Ugly Duckling called out to him, and then walked over to rub against his leg with its furry head.
“Alright. We’d better be good and take a nap.” Mag sighed. He crouched down and patted Ugly Duckling on its head. What could he do? He was just a house husband without any familial status.
I think this is the place? They even prefer bright colors and neon lights in the day. These dirty male animals indeed shouldn’t exist in this world. Angela walked into a dark alley, where the short stone huts at both sides with pieces of red cloth hanging from them had weird noises coming from them. Red light spilled out from the corner of the huts.
“Y-you… how much for one time?” a drunk demon asked Angela with a stutter when he stumbled out from a house. His eyes lit up immediately when he saw Angela.
[1] Technically a gerund, that is a verb functioning as a noun.