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Chapter 1554 - I Need The Lungs From A Pair Of Loving Husband And Wife

Chapter 1554: I Need The Lungs From A Pair Of Loving Husband And Wife
The night attack destroyed the Falk Tribe’s celebratory ambiance of the conferring of new chief. Fights seemed to be taking place everywhere from inner city to outer city.
The ordinary orcs were hiding in their houses with their doors tightly shut, trying their best not to make any noise.
Meanwhile, the orc guards were striking everywhere, trying to maintain order again.
The fighting in the canyon only died down gradually in the second half of the night. However, the majority of those orcs who were imprisoned in all the prisons had already escaped.
The damaged city walls resembled disturbing scars. The people couldn’t believe such affairs actually happened in the Falk Tribe.
An orc soldier gulped as he stared at the city wall that looked like it was crushed by a giant beast, and asked, “Captain, will tomorrow’s conferring ceremony take place as planned?”
“Maybe.” That middle-aged captain, too, gulped with uncertainty in his reply. He had never seen anything like today in his life. Even the new chief hadn’t created such a huge scene during his rebellion then.
An order was sent out from the palace and passed onto every orc in the Falk Tribe soon.
The ordinary orcs were asked to stay at home, while all the orc warriors and guards were told to clean up and repair the damaged buildings overnight.
Mag had an uneasy sleep. He woke up a few times to check if Connie had returned or replied to his messages. However, there was still no sight of her. She had simply vanished.
Early next morning, Mag was awakened by knocking on the door in the yard.
Mag got up and changed before he opened the yard’s door, and Heyman was standing there.
“Mr. Mag, I am really sorry to wake you up so early,” Heyman said apologetically.
“It’s fine. What’s the matter?” Mag asked, completely unfazed.
“It’s like this. The tribe will be holding the chief’s conferring ceremony tonight, and we need to decorate the entire tribe. Orders have been issued that no one is allowed to leave their homes this morning, so I specially came here to notify you all about that to prevent unnecessary troubles,” said Heyman smilingly.
“Oh, I see. We will obey that.” Mag nodded. He had roughly guessed that the palace needed to urgently repair last night’s damages to prevent losing their pride in front of all the other tribes.
Heyman continued, “Apart from that, since Mr. Mag is in charge of the main banquet’s dishes, the main kitchen needs to discuss with you the ingredients, kitchenware, and manpower they need to prepare for you. The authorities have given you the highest permission, so we will try to get you whatever you need.”
“Regarding the ingredients…” Mag was about to reject Heyman when he suddenly remembered something. He paused, and hesitatingly said, “I indeed do need some help from you, but this request might be a little overboard and bloody. However, this dish is the banquet’s main dish…”
“Please say it. Although our main kitchen doesn’t look like much, it has everything it needs. Even if you need a special ingredient, I will be able to get it for you before tonight’s banquet,” Heyman said, slapping on his chest.
“I need the lungs from a pair of loving husband and wife,” Mag replied.
“Erm…” Heyman was obviously taken back. He only said with hesitation after a while, “Are you talking about the lungs from a pair of live husband and wife? Orcs?”
“Yes. And I have to cut out the lungs personally to make sure that they’re the freshest.” Mag nodded seriously.
Heyman suddenly remembered something, and exclaimed, “Are you going to make the ‘husband and wife lung slice’!?”
“I didn’t expect you to know that.” Mag was surprised.
“I have seen the report about your and Master Harris’ duel. You defeated Master Harris with the ‘husband and wife lung slice’ eventually, and ended his undefeated record.” Heyman nodded with excitement in his eyes.
“I was just lucky.” Mag shook his head humbly.
“So, this dish ‘husband and wife lung slice’ is really made with the lungs of a pair of husband and wife?” Heyman pondered as he looked at Mag hesitatingly.
How did he dare to kill a couple at Chaos City, a place that was so orderly?
He would be labeled as a devil chef even if he really created an extraordinary delicacy using such a cruel method to extract the ingredients, right?
Mag seemed to have guessed what Heyman was thinking, so he smiled. “I used the lungs from a bull and a cow in Chaos City to create the dish. However, if I could use the lung slices from a pair of real husband and wife, especially a pair of loving husband and wife, then this dish could be considered perfect. Although killing a person for a dish is naturally unreasonable, I heard your tribe is going to execute many criminals today, so I wonder if there are a pair of loving husband and wife among them, and if you can provide them for me.”
“Oh, I see.” Heyman understood. After pondering seriously for a moment, he remembered two of them had matched Mag’s requirement. They would be executed at the conferring ceremony today, so if he could get them to the main kitchen, he would be able to provide a set of satisfactory ingredients for Mr. Mag. He replied, “There is a pair of them, but I can’t make the decision. I have to ask my superior.”
“Then I will have to bother you. I am confident that today’s highlight, ‘husband and wife lung slice’, would be stunning if we could find a pair of truly loving husband and wife.” There was a hint of craze in Mag’s gaze and a hint of excitement on his face.
Geniuses are indeed all crazy… Heyman mumbled in his heart. After confirming the 10 dishes for the main table with Mag, he quickly left.
Let’s hope we can save that loving pair of husband and wife first. Mag shook his head smilingly as he looked at Heyman’s retreating back, and closed the courtyard’s door.
Miya had also gotten out of bed to come to the yard, and worriedly asked Mag, “Boss, has Connie returned? Did she contact you?”
“No. However, if there are no accidents, she will definitely appear at tonight’s banquet.” Mag nodded. Still, he wasn’t too worried, as Connie had a powerful master protecting her after all. She wouldn’t be harmed easily.
“I need to go out for a while, and I will be back by the evening,” Irina said to Mag as she came out of her room before a champagne-golden beam lit up under her feet, and she disappeared immediately.
“If there’s nothing else, I am going back to catch up on my sleep.” Camilla walked one round in the courtyard before she yawned, returned to her room, and closed the door.
“I am going over to the kitchen to have a look and check for information too. If you all want to eat something, then follow me.” Mag pushed open the yard’s door and walked out.
“Father, wait for me!” Amy stumbled over with Ugly Duckling, and threw herself into Mag’s arms.