Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
Chapter 1664 - It’s Probably Little Red Riding Hood

Chapter 1664: It’s Probably Little Red Riding Hood
“If he’s willing to sell, I won’t mind buying a few more cleavers,” Mag said with a smile. As long as it was something made by Master Rom, even if it was just a cleaver, it could fetch a sky-high price.
For example, the Fat Head Fish that Mag had. He would be able to fight a 10th-tier knight with it with no pressure at all.
However, he didn’t expect Master Rom to just be a grandpa selling cleavers to Amy. It seemed like there was a need to find an appropriate time to introduce some of the people around her.
Otherwise, she might think that her masters were just a grandpa selling magic potions and an idle grandpa.
“I see…” Amy thought for a while, and said, “Then I’ll convince him to sell a few more cleavers to us.”
“Alright, as long as you can successfully convince him. It would be best if he could make you a weapon,” Mag said with a smile.
“Weapon? I think the magic wand that Master gave me is pretty good.” Amy looked at Mag in bewilderment.
“That’s just a basic weapon that you can use when you are growing before you become a great magic caster. However, after you become even stronger, it will not be sufficient for your abilities,” Mag continued with a smile. “Although that is a custom-made weapon your master made for you, if Master Rom can make you a weapon, that weapon will be the one that you can use for your entire life.”
“So do I have to use a cleaver when I grow up?” Amy asked after thinking seriously.
“Ahem…” Mag let out a dry cough. He could not help but stroke Amy’s head with a smile as he said, “Alright, now it’s still too early to think about that. Go and play with Ugly Duckling.”
Ugly Duckling, who was at the side with Amy’s bag, shook its tail in bewilderment. It used its head to caress Amy’s calf and lay on her foot, rolling around coquettishly.
“Stupid Ugly Duckling. You dropped my bag on the floor,” Amy said in disdain as she kicked Ugly Duckling aside, and picked her bag up.
Ugly Duckling lay on the floor, facing up innocently. Am I not cuter than a bag?
“No, thank you!”
Amy rolled her eyes at it.
Ugly Duckling covered its eyes sorrowfully.
Although it does seem pretty weird to be using a cleaver, since Father said that I’ll have to use the weapon made by Cleaver Grandpa when I grow up, I’ll get him to make one for me. I just don’t know if my masters would be angry. Amy put her bag behind the counter, and pondered seriously with her chin propped on her hand.
Miya and Babla arrived at the restaurant earlier, and they were chatting while waiting for dinner to be ready.
“What do young ladies talk about usually?” Babla asked curiously.
Everyone exchanged gazes and fell silent.
Everyone was a young lady, but none of them were considered ordinary young ladies.
Yabemiya had been oppressed for years in the kitchen. Babla had been living a life of luxury in the Moon Nation. Elizabeth had been loaded with responsibilities and hatred since she was young. Gina had only been learning magic since she was young. Jane had been working hard just to survive on Carapace Island. Angela was also not considered a qualified succubus. As for Camilla, she was probably no longer a young lady.
If they were to think about it strictly, only Rena could be considered an ordinary young lady.
However, she was currently making the hot pot soup base in the kitchen, so she did not join the conversation.
“I just got home from school, and heard the big sisters on the streets talk about body figures.” Amy looked at everyone with a smile, and said, “So I guess that’s what young ladies talk about?
“Body figures?”
Upon hearing that, everyone looked around, and their gaze paused at a certain body part of theirs before stealthily moving on to the next person.
Babla shrank back a little. She suddenly regretted asking that question.
“Big Sister Miya’s figure is great! Although she looks thin, her lines are beautiful. The most important thing is… she actually has boobs!” Firis peeked out and looked at Miya enviously.
“So do I.” Gina sat up straight to bring out her full figure.
“Me too.” Angela stood up confidently.
Elizabeth crossed her arms without saying a word, but the silence was more than enough.
Jane looked at everyone, and only realized that all of them had such good figures.
“I…” Babla looked at everyone, and suddenly became depressed as she muttered under her breath, “Am still growing…”
Everyone burst into laughter, and the atmosphere became light once again.
Babla bit her lip, and didn’t feel like she was mocked. She was just a little bewildered. If Miya and the rest were considered ladies with good figures, what was her figure?
“It’s alright. Babla is still a small girl. Just have some more tofu pudding every day, and you will grow even faster,” Miya encouraged as she put her arm around Babla’s shoulder.
“Our school’s vice-headmaster is 68 this year, and her figure is almost the same as Big Sister Babla’s,” Amy reminded.
Everyone was stunned. After that, a roar of laughter erupted.
Babla slowly raised her brow. She suddenly felt a sense of crisis. If this had nothing to do with age, then she was not going to grow anymore?
Mag could not help but smile when he heard the ladies’ laughter and joyous chattering from the kitchen. However, it did not seem too appropriate for him to join this conversation, so he continued to grind his beans quietly.
The topics of young ladies naturally didn’t just stop at body figure. There were also fashion, relationships, childhood stories, future dreams and aspirations, whether they want to have children… They could talk about life, talk about dreams, and talk the day away.
It was just that the lives of the ladies in the restaurant were too simple. Of course, the most important thing was that they were not good conversation starters. That was why they could only continue dwelling on topics such as whose figure was better.
Everyone could have sat down and talked about interesting things that happened in their tribes. For example, the heroic story of how the Frost Dragon tribe’s previous chief got the position, or the story of how the new vampire ancestor started eating grass, or even some of the sad stories of the succubus tribe’s rise and fall. These were all topics that could go on for three days and three nights, and they definitely would not be boring.
Seems like I’ll have to find some time to do a team bonding for the restaurant’s staff to teach these ladies who aren’t good at making friends how to carry a conversation, Mag thought to himself. Tomorrow will be an off-day, but it’s the day of Mana Hot Pot Restaurant. The team bonding will have to wait.
“Dinner’s ready. Everyone, get ready to eat.” Mag walked out of the kitchen with a tray of food.
Everyone automatically went to help.
Babla looked at Mag and hesitated for a very long time before asking, “Boss, what’s my figure considered?”
Mag glanced at Irina, thought very seriously while looking at Babla, and said, “It’s probably little red riding hood.”
“Little red riding hood?” Babla was bewildered.
The others also look at Mag in bewilderment. What did that mean?
“Little red riding hood is really pitiful. Her grandma got eaten up by the wolf,” Amy mumbled as she bit into a drumstick.