Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
Chapter 1665 - Strange

Chapter 1665: Strange
“But I don’t have a grandma,” Babla said with a shake of her head after thinking through what Mag and Amy said.
The corner of Elizabeth’s lips twitched a little. She lowered her head and started wolfing down the Yangzhou fried rice to stop herself from laughing.
Camilla glanced at Mag as she thought to herself, This fellow is not upright indeed.
However, Irina had a meaningful smile on her face. She didn’t expect him to already learn how to talk like that.
“That’s right. Let’s eat.” Mag nodded as he stifled his laughter, and picked up his chopsticks to start eating.
“Strange.” Babla frowned. She still didn’t understand what was going on, so she just picked up her chopsticks and started eating too.
“Father, I was wrong. Please save me. Please save me…”
The moment Cyril returned to Moreton Manor, he scurried into the study room, and knelt in front of Jeffree, hugging his leg and crying loudly.
Jeffree watched him coldly and silently.
“Gloria refused to help me. She could have spoken up for me, but she didn’t because of her own selfish reasons. She—”
“Shut up! Can you be a human!” Jeffree kicked Cyril away, and looked at him coldly as he said, “It’s the trouble that you’ve caused. What rights do you have to want Gloria to speak up and settle it for you? Is it because you have been taking extra care of them as an uncle? Or do you think that you’re such a big shot everyone has to be at your bidding?”
Cyril was a little dazed after being kicked. He recovered his senses after a while, and quickly said with a shake of his head, “No, Father, listen to me—”
“Shut up. Since Master Rom doesn’t accept your apology, that means that you have to bear the consequences. This is a fact that you cannot change no matter how you try to shirk responsibility,” Jeffree interrupted Cyril.
“Father, save me. I really know my mistakes. Please speak up for me. The Moreton Family is one of the four major families in Chaos City, and you are the president of the Chamber of Commerce. As long as you ask the city lord for a favor, he would definitely close an eye to this incident.” Cyril was so anxious his tears started falling again.
“From today onwards, I will remove all your duties to the family, and take back all the assets under your name. You’re not allowed out of the house for half a year, and your household allowance will be changed to 5000 copper coins,” Jeffree announced coldly.
Cyril was stunned. He exclaimed, “Father, you’re so ruthless!”
“If you hadn’t been my son, I would have kicked you out right now,” Jeffree said coldly.
Cyril looked at the cold gaze in Jeffree’s eyes, and felt his heart die a little. He swallowed the words that he was about to say.
He was confident that Jeffree was capable of doing that. If Cyril was kicked out of the house right now, the next thing he knew, he might die somewhere on the streets.
“Yes.” Cyril got up and dragged himself out of the study.
To have all his duties removed, have his assets taken away, and be confined in the house for half a year basically meant that he had already been disqualified as an heir.
He could not understand how he ended up like this when he had only just started the war with Gloria.
“Manard. Go to the city lord’s castle on my behalf,” Jeffree said calmly as he watched the chief secretary enter the study room.
“Sir, about Cyril’s case…” Dicus said softly as he arrived in front of Michael.
“Hold on.” Michael shook his head a little.
Dicus got the hint, and greeted Monica and Vivian before going back to the line without saying another word.
The restaurant door opened slowly, and Mag walked out to greet and welcome the customers in with a smile.
“Sir, Ma’am,” Mag greeted with a smile as Michael and his family walked in.
“You’re just gonna ignore me? I’m Luna’s best friend,” Vivian complained. This blockhead just doesn’t get it. If you want to get a girl, you’ll have to first settle her best friend.
“Is Miss Vivian here for the grilled fish again?” Mag asked with a smile.
“Of course. Absolutely right.” Vivian nodded.
“Mr. Mag. I haven’t had the chance to thank you personally for treating Vivian. Today, I would like to express my sincere gratitude,” Monica said with a slight bow.
The other customers were all shocked when they saw this scene. Upon hearing what the city lord’s wife said, they all wondered, was Mr. Mag even Miss Vivian’s benefactor? In that case, Mamy Restaurant would have the city lord as their backing as well.
“Ma’am, you’re exaggerating.” Mag quickly waved his hands. He knew that Vivian came for the spicy grilled fish not just because it was delicious, but he had never thought of receiving any special word of thanks for that.
However, with her actions today at the restaurant door, the city lord’s wife had told the entire world that the city lord’s castle would be backing up Mamy Restaurant, preventing any other troubles from happening.
Michael and his family walked straight to Master Rom’s table after entering the restaurant.
“Master Rom, allow me to introduce. This is my wife, Monica, and this is my daughter, Vivian,” Michael said with a smile as he sat beside Rom.
“Hello, Master Rom, I am very honored to meet you,” Monica said with a smile.
“Master Rom, I am your ardent fan, and I really idolize you.” Vivian looked at Rom with gleaming eyes, and was thinking if she should try asking him to help her make a sword.
“Hello, Ma’am.” Rom smiled and nodded at Monica. After that, he looked at Vivian as he said, “What a beautiful girl. You take after your mother.”
“Thankfully so,” Michael said with a smile.
“That’s what I think too.” Vivian nodded in agreement. After that, she opened the menu, and said, “Let’s start ordering. I can’t wait for the spicy grilled fish.”
“I agree. I can’t wait to have the steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers.” Rom nodded, and added, “A single serving.”
“Alright. I will order an additional set of steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers for you. Then, we can have a large size of the insa— medium spicy grilled fish. As for the rest…” Vivian turned the menu and pushed it to Monica. “Mother, since it’s your first time here, you can choose.”
“What a special menu. Are the pictures here what the real dish looks like? They seem very appetizing.” Monica’s eyes lit up upon seeing the pictures on the menu.
“These aren’t able to fully display their beauty. The delicacies Boss Mag makes all look and taste good. He’s simply a meticulous artist. Perfect.” Vivian pointed at the tofu pudding, and suggested, “You can give this a try. This is awesome. After having this, not only would your skin become fairer and nicer, even your scars would be removed.”