Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
Chapter 1719 - Even The Teachers Play Truant Now

Chapter 1719: Even The Teachers Play Truant Now
The introduction of the roast mutton kebab had added a new member to the Mamy Restaurant’s grilled items.
Customers who liked grilled items had already taken the initiative to match the spicy grilled fish, mala spicy beef kebab, and roast mutton kebab into a set, and ordered a glass of ice-cold beer. A table of friends could spend their night chatting away like this.
Vivian didn’t drink beer, but that didn’t stop her from eating grilled fish and grilled items. She would drink a sip of the fruit juice that she brought along whenever it was too spicy. She still managed to enjoy the meal.
“Are you really not going home for the new year?” Vivian, who was holding a roast mutton kebab, asked Luna, who was sitting across from her while slowly removing the fish bones.
“Mm-hm. The new school building is almost ready, and I have to make sure that the children can start school in the new year. Although it’s almost going to be the new year soon, I still have plenty to do.” Luna shook her head as she placed the fish meat into her mouth, and smiled with satisfaction. “Furthermore, I’ve just returned to Rodu a while ago, so it’s fine not to go back for the new year.”
“You just like to burden yourself with all the tasks.” Vivian rolled her eyes at her. She knew Luna’s character very well, so she didn’t try to talk the other woman out of it.
“What about you? How do you feel about yesterday’s test? Do you think you will make it to the interview?” Luna asked smilingly.
“There’s definitely no problem for me to make it to the interview. Who am I? I am Vivian, okay,” Vivian replied with her mouth full as she took a big bite of the mutton kebab. However, she didn’t look as confident as she sounded.
Luna smilingly said, “I heard there were more people taking part in this year’s written test than in the previous years.”
“But aren’t they looking for more teachers this year?” Vivian emphasized.
Due to the mass recruitment, the Chaos School was recruiting over 100 teachers this time. The number was far bigger than in the previous three years.
“I’m just teasing you,” Luna said with a smile.
Vivian suddenly got close to her, and softly asked, “However, did you make any progress with Boss Mag recently?”
“Wh-what progress?” Luna blushed and glared at Vivian. “Don’t talk nonsense. Mr. Mag is an upright man.”
“I didn’t say that he’s indecent, but you two are still connected by the Little Boss. Isn’t it going to be the term-end party in two days? Did you find a chance to talk to him about the party?” Vivian continued to press on the issue.
“Mr. Mag should be attending the party.” Luna stole a glance at the kitchen. Perhaps Mr. Mag was too busy lately, but she rarely got to see him recently.
“That’s great. It’s an opportunity. After the party is over, you can—”
“Can I stuff your mouth with this grilled fish?” Luna placed a big piece of grilled fish in Vivian’s bowl with exasperation.
“Alright, I will eat my fish quietly, and not worry for our Teacher Luna.” Vivian shrugged and continued to eat the fish.
Luna’s gaze went past Vivian’s shoulder, and landed on the busy figure in the kitchen. That distinct profile, lean yet muscular body, and his smooth movements…
Excuse me, excuse me… Luna suddenly realized her gaze was too direct and eager. She quickly retracted her gaze, and lowered her head to eat, but her face was burning bright red.
Vivian glanced at Luna and curled her lips in a smile. And her friend was still saying she didn’t like Mag. It was obvious that she liked him a lot.
Amy came to Luna with Ugly Duckling in her arms, and smilingly said, “Teacher Luna, you’re here eating grilled fish with Big Sister Vivian.”
“Yes.” Luna looked up and smiled at Amy gently. She reached out to pat Amy’s head, and then pinched Ugly Duckling’s chubby cheeks. “I haven’t seen you for days, Little Amy.”
“I’m sorry. It’s because I don’t know where my teachers have gone, so I didn’t go to school. I went to the magic potion shop next door to learn magic from Big Sister Xixi.” Amy shrugged, and helplessly said, “Even the teachers play truant now.”
Luna and Vivian laughed as they were amused by the little one’s animated expressions and actions.
“Little Amy, can you let me hug your fat cat? I have never hugged such a fat cat before.” Vivian was eyeing Ugly Duckling in Amy’s arms greedily.
Ugly Duckling turned its head to the other side while rolling its eyes at her disdainfully.
“Wow, it even looks so cute when it rolls its eyes.” Vivian had stars in her eyes.
“Big Sister Vivian, do you like Ugly Duckling?” Amy looked at Vivian, a little dubious.
“Oh, yes.” Vivian nodded and looked at her with anticipation.
This adorable fat cat had never looked at her properly every time she came for her meal. However, the more it behaved like that, the more she wanted to squash it and snuggle it in her arms. This roly-poly fat cat with exquisite golden fur was super cute, okay!
“Alright. I’ll let you play with it for a while.” Amy passed Ugly Duckling over.
“Woah, it’s so soft and warm!” Vivian took Ugly Duckling carefully. She felt as if she was given a soft and boneless warm pillow. The golden fur was even softer than the best mink’s fur. It was so soft in her arms she felt that her heart was going to melt. She could only hug it carefully against her bosom.
Ugly Duckling, which was a little resistant at first, began to rub its head against the maiden’s bosom apologetically as it closed its eyes and meowed.
The surrounding men all looked at them, and lamented, “My life isn’t even comparable to a cat’s!”
“Woah, so cute!” Vivian smiled lovingly, and then she hugged Ugly Duckling’s fat face, and kissed on its forehead.
Ugly Duckling suddenly opened its eyes, and stared at Vivian fearfully before it slowly turned its head towards Amy with an innocent and offended expression.
“I… am despised by a cat again?” Vivian blinked.
“Big Sister Vivian, is that liking it? You’re just after its body.” Amy took Ugly Duckling back from Vivian’s arms, and used her sleeve to wipe its forehead as she consoled it, “It’s fine, Ugly Duckling. I won’t despise you even if you have lost your innocence. You are still my Ugly Duckling.
“Teacher Luna, enjoy your meal. I’m off to play.” Amy waved at Luna before she carried Ugly Duckling away.
“D-did you see that cat’s expression? That shocked and disdainful expression! I, Vivian… gave it my precious young maiden’s kiss, and that cat despised it!!!” Vivian said with disbelief as she looked at Luna, who was covering her mouth and laughing away.
Luna finally stopped laughing, and pointed at the corner of her lips. “I think you should have wiped your mouth before you kissed it.”
Vivian touched her lips, and her hand was stained with red oil immediately. She quickly lowered her head and continued to eat the grilled fish.