Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
Chapter 1720 - I Think Big Sister Gloria Likes You

Chapter 1720: I Think Big Sister Gloria Likes You
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As it got close to the closing time, the customers began to leave one by one. The kitchen that had been busy for the entire night began to slowly quiet down. They only have to wait for all the customers to leave before tonight’s operation would be over.
“The dishes are all served. I appreciate all your help.” Mag put down the frying wok, and heaved a breath of relief.
All of them who were focused and nervous relaxed too. Although they all had very strong power, Mamy Restaurant’s work intensity still made them a little tired.
“When will Babla be back? I miss her serving the dishes with magic,” Miya said to Mag with a hint of tiredness in her expression.
Anna nodded, and said, “Yes. Big Sister Babla can serve half of the dishes alone.. The dish-serving efficiency has decreased a lot when she’s around.”
Irina had brought Babla away, and nobody knew where they had gone.
“She might not be able to return soon. Princess Irina didn’t tell me the exact situation, either.” Mag shook his head, and pushed the blame to Irina.
Everyone nodded after hearing that. Irina didn’t come for dinner tonight, and she didn’t return to the restaurant, either, so they had nobody to ask.
Mag removed his apron, and poured a glass of water for himself. He met Gloria’s gaze when he walked out of the kitchen.
“Mr. Mag.” Gloria got up and smiled at him.
Mag could see from her gaze that she had specially come to look for him tonight, so he walked over and nodded. “Miss Gloria.”
There were only two or three tables of customers left in the restaurant now, and it was only a couple of minutes before the restaurant closed. Hence, they all paid their bills and left.
“I’m sorry to disturb you after you ended your busy work day. There are some collaboration problems at the textile factory that I need to clarify with you,” Gloria said to Mag in a lowered voice.
“How about this? Let’s go talk in the study. They can go back and rest early after they clean up the restaurant,” Mag said, and then informed Miya and the rest before bringing Gloria and Mars to the study.
Mag gestured to Gloria and Mars to sit down, and directly asked, “Have you completed the restructuring of the sales chain?”
“Yes. We’ve already simplified the original fabric distribution chain. We’ve kept the complete elite core sales team, and are already starting to promote the sales of the fabric.” Gloria nodded slightly. “I came over today to confirm with Mr. Mag the amount and the time for the handover of the first batch of cotton yarn so that we could make arrangements for the next step’s work.”
“I will hand over the first batch three days later. The amount is 10,000 bolts,” answered Mag.
“10,000 bolts?!” Shock appeared on Gloria’s face.
“Are you sure you can hand over 10,000 bolts in three days?” Mars was shocked too.
One had to know that Mag’s textile factory was only built over one month ago. Not to mention the time needed for the textile workers to learn and familiarize themselves with their jobs, 10,000 bolts of cloth was the six months’ output of all Moreton Family’s textile workshops combined.
“Yes. Is it too little?” Mag knocked on the table embarrassedly as he explained, “Because the factory was just set up, the output is not maximized yet. I think we should be able to increase the output a little more next month.”
“The output is not maximized yet?! And it can still increase?!” Mars gulped, and he looked at Mag as if the latter was someone beyond his wildest imagination.
“So this is why Mr. Mag dares to offer a price that is way lower than the market price.” Gloria pondered before she quickly shook her head. “Mr. Mag’s textile factory’s output is astonishing. 10,000 bolts of cotton will take our sales team some time to digest. However, in order to catch up with Mr. Mag’s factory’s output, I will expand our sales team immediately. We will try our best to snatch up bigger market shares everywhere.”
“Happy collaboration.” Mag shook Gloria’s hand with a smile before he stood up, and said, “Amy is about to sleep, and I need to tell her a bedtime story, so I won’t ask you two to stay.”
“Goodbye, Mr. Mag.” Gloria nodded slightly, and then said goodbye to Amy who was nodding off at the door with Ugly Duckling in her arms before she went downstairs with Mars.
“Father, I think Big Sister Gloria likes you,” Amy said to Mag with a serious expression.
“Hmm?” Mag looked at Amy perplexedly before he quickly explained, “Big Sister Gloria and I are business partners, and not what you think we are.”
Terrified by the existence of Amy’s notebook, Mag felt that it was necessary for him to explain the truth.
Amy shook her head, and said, “But I saw that she had stars glowing in her eyes when she looked at you.”
“That’s the reflection of the light, and has nothing to do with stars.” Mag pointed at the light in the study.
“Yes. It’s exactly that,” Mag replied with conviction. He went to the door to pick up Amy, and gently said, “Let’s go. Father will bring you to wash up, and then tell you a nice story.”
“What nice story are you telling today?” Amy asked expectantly with brightened eyes.
“Today, I will tell you the story of Cinderella.”
Why am I envying Little Amy? It must be a very blissful thing to fall asleep while listening to Mr. Mag’s bedtime story, right? Gloria looked up at the restaurant’s second floor through the curtains in a daze.
“Young Mistress? Young Mistress?”
“Ah?” Gloria snapped back to her senses with a blush.
“Mr. Mag’s factory’s output is way above our expectations. Although we’ve kept the core sales team, we have not set up collaboration ties with all the textile shops yet. I’m afraid it will be rather difficult for us to digest these 10,000 bolts of fabric before the next shipment is due,” Mars said.
“If 10,000 bolts of fabrics appear at a specific market with a price that is far lower than the market price, it will cause a series of reactions in the market, even in Rodu. It would then alarm the managers of the city, which is very detrimental to us, who are still at the promotional stage.
“I think we should split these 10,000 bolts into many portions according to each city’s purchasing power. We will try to distribute to each and every market to kick-start the promotion, and establish a working relationship with all the textile shops,” Gloria murmured deeply.
Mars nodded, and said, “Although this will increase our transport costs, as long as we can break open the market, a mature multi-market distribution chain will make our sales smoother, and let us avoid the sales chain’s being paralyzed by the unstable factors that could arise from a single market.”
Gloria smiled, and said, “What I am more curious about now is if Mr. Mag’s textile factory was running at full capacity, how many bolts of fabric could it produce?”
Beyond the Wind Forest, a beautiful figure stood on the back of a griffin, and lightly lamented, “The Wind Forest, which used to worship freedom, has become an enclosed city. Helena, you’re really an unforgivable sinner.”