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Chapter 1869 - Little Boss Is Awesome!!!

Chapter 1869: Little Boss Is Awesome!!!
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Amy’s magic caster’s staff came down, and vaporized that water shield, but she missed him.
Jasper’s images appeared in all the water shields as he looked at Amy, and gravely said, “You are strong, stronger than all of us imagined, but I am not going to lose to you so easily.”
“Could this be the Infinite Water Escape?”
“He’s so powerful! Senior Jasper’s endurance in adversity is amazing!”
“As long as all the water shields aren’t broken at once, then Senior Jasper can continue to create new water shields to hide in. There is no way to resolve this.”
The Magus Tower’s disciples cheered, and let out a breath of relief. At least there was still some hope as long as the outcome wasn’t confirmed yet.
The audience, who didn’t know better, cheered along too. This interesting, unexpected, and dangerous fighting style was much more interesting than the simple magical duels earlier.
It was especially funny and exciting to see Little Amy chasing the Magus Tower’s top seed around with a big hammer.
“Therefore, are we already starting to play hide-and-seek?” Amy tilted her head as she looked at Jasper in those water shields, but her gaze became gradually enthusiastic. As soon as she finished speaking, she transformed into a beam of light, and smashed a series of water shields.
Water splashed everywhere, and fog rose up.
The water shields were easily shattered by Amy’s magic caster’s staff.
However, a new water shield would appear in the arena as soon as one shattered. It was never ending, and the number even increased.
“You can’t find me like this.” Jasper’s mocking voice sounded. There was a hint of confidence in regaining control over the situation in his smile.
Amy stomped her feet, and angrily said, “You can’t play hide-and-seek like this. You’ll end up with no friends.”
“This is a battle, not some hide-and-seek!” As Jasper’s voice sounded, waterspouts burst out from the water shields all over the arena, and rushed towards Amy.
“In this case, I won’t play with you anymore!” Amy slammed her magic caster’s staff hard into the ground, and a giant six-pointed snowflake bloomed underneath her feet. Cold air instantly spread out
The surging waterspouts solidified into ice when the cold air touched them, and the frozen waterspouts crashed to the ground. The water shields became ice mirrors, and Jasper’s expression was frozen.
In the blink of an eye, the entire battle arena was frozen solid by frost.
Amy raised her staff up, and hot flames were instantly released.
The extreme cold and the extreme heat collided instantly.
Bam! Bam! Bam!
The ice mirrors in the arena immediately shattered into countless shards of ice, and were then vaporized by the flames.
Jasper appeared in a corner of the arena, his face tight with anger.
“The Infinite Water Escape was resolved!”
The audience was in an uproar, and everyone looked at Amy with amazement. She used the ice magic to control the situation and the fire magic to set off an explosion. Her adaptability and grasp of magic were amazing.
Everyone suddenly felt sorry for Jasper, who was standing at the edge of the arena. His completely subdued magic and Amy’s random yet troublesome fighting style made this young talented magic caster who had trained under a famous master unable to cope at all.
“It’s over…”
The 10th elder slumped to the ground at the entrance of the casino. He felt his soul was being sucked away at this very moment. The casino not only lost everything, they could even lose the money earned from the Magus Tower’s tickets.
“Seems like your precious disciple needs to practice for a few more years.” Krassu caressed his beard with an increasingly bright smile.
“If Urien’s ice magic didn’t happen to subdue the water magic, it wouldn’t be easy for her to achieve victory with fire magic, either,” Richard said coldly with a dark expression.
“I found you.”
Amy looked at Jasper, and then smiled. She transformed into a beam of light on the wind fire wheels, and dashed towards Jasper.
Jasper set up another water shield again in his hurry. However, Amy shattered it with her magic caster’s staff before it could be formed completely. The magic caster’s staff appeared in front of him, and the red-hot flame almost burned his nose, but it stopped at the very last minute.
A drop of sweat dripped off from the tip of Jasper’s nose. The aggrievement and indignation of losing made him angrily say, “Why don’t you stab me?!”
“Because you’ve already lost.” Amy retracted her magic caster’s staff, and looked towards Jasper’s feet.
Jasper looked down, and realized that he had instinctively taken two steps back when that magic caster’s staff struck at him. He had already stepped out of the battle arena.
“Contestant Zero, Amy, has won!”
The judge’s voice echoed throughout the arena.
After a moment of silence, the crowd burst into a commotion.
A four-year-old little girl and an astonishing Contestant Zero had defeated the top seed contestant in the finals, and became the champion of this year’s Magic Caster Tournament.
This would definitely go down in the history books of the Roth Empire, and become an unforgettable legend of the Magic Caster Tournament.
And they, who were the witnesses, probably wouldn’t forget this battle for a long time to come.
A half-elf became the champion of the Magic Caster Tournament 12 years after Irina won it.
The record of the youngest champion set by Irina was also broken today.
Irina became a great magic caster a mere three years after she became the champion. She gave the young magic casters so much pressure by doing that. The older magic casters couldn’t match her power, either.
Amy was also going to become the next rising star in the magic casters’ world in the foreseeable future. She was most possibly going to be the brightest star too.
She was only four, and her future was already limitless.
“I-is the greatest in this generation just born like this?!”
“We’d better be nice to children when we go out in the future. We might not be able to defeat them.”
“It’s so cruel… Master Krassu has created a god. A four-year-old advanced magic caster. Her starting point is most probably the ending point which I can never reach.”
The Magus Tower’s disciples were dejected. They felt sorry for Jasper, and lamented for themselves.
Irina was already removed from the ranks of the younger generation because she was too powerful. The younger magic casters couldn’t even heave a breath of relief before another half-elf with an even more terrifying talent appeared.
She was only four years old. Her power would only become stronger as she got older.
Before she formally became a great magic caster, the younger generation magic casters, or even the older magic casters, would most probably become the stepping stones on her path of becoming stronger.
She was only four years old!
It was demoralizing, and made people disheartened about cultivating whenever they were reminded of this fact.
“She won! She won! She really won!” The butler standing next to Abraham was excited that he was flushed. He almost jumped up in his excitement.
Abraham also jumped up from his seat, clenched his fists, and yelled, “Little Boss is awesome!!!”
His voice cracked~.
Two billion!
This wasn’t a small sum to him.
“Go. Let’s collect the money. I’ve got to give Little Boss half of my winnings when I collect it later.” Abraham rubbed his hands together, and chuckled before leading his butler away towards the casino.
“Quick, quick, quick. Keep the money and guard the door. Delay for a moment if Duke Abraham comes later. I need to go and ask the president!” The 10th elder took a while to recover from the terrible news of Amy winning.. He scrambled up from the ground, and jogged towards the platform.