Dark Blood Age

Dark Blood Age

Dark Blood Age
Chapter 643 - I have been waiting for you for a long time

Chapter 643: Chapter 643 I have been waiting for you for a long time
Chu Yunsheng discovered that he almost reached the train station after he killed one floating monster. Along the way, many oval-shaped ice crystals were dropped to the ground. If he didn’t stop and go back to collect those ice crystals soon, the energy inside would all dissipate.
In order to endure that he would be able to gather the most energy, Chu Yunsheng aimed to kill every monster in one blow. If he spent too much time on the fight, it would waste all his effort.
Thinking of this, he immediately turned around with the sword. With the help of the falling floating monsters’ bodies as landing areas, he hopped down from the sky. When he couldn’t find any monster’s body, he would use the armor’s water ripple ability to help him float in the air. So from below, it seemed as if he were stepping on an invisible ladder from the sky!
Moreover, what Chu Yunsheng didn’t expect was that while he was hunting down the floating monsters, the survivors, who had taken refuge in various corners of the city and who had seen what he did began to follow behind him in the dark and headed toward the station.
To them, the mysterious person might be able to save him.
After being trapped in this city for so many days, this person was their only hope.
So as time passed, more and more people started to head toward the train station.
The ground in the waiting hall was still so cold, indicating that the temperature was still falling. It was okay for awakeners, but for ordinary people, they had to put on multiple clothes to maintain their body temperature.
As soon as Chu Yunsheng landed on the ground and got into the train station, he could feel that the atmosphere inside was not right. When he became the most powerful person in the world, he had encountered similar situations, but there was one thing that was different. The survivors in the waiting hall showed a fanatic expression in their eyes. Instead of just staying in the level of horror and awe, it was a type of extreme excitement as if they had seen their savior.
Soon, Chu Yunsheng discovered the source of the excitement. The blue-haired girl was on the ground again.
“Get her up!” Chu Yunsheng didn’t have time to educate her again, and waved to Yuan Xiaoyi, whose face was also very pale.
Then he immediately called Feng Yingxi and Luo Dalian: “Old Feng, Captain Luo, two of you need to organize some people to collect any ice crystal you see on the ground. I will give you the route I traveled. Once they found any, ask them to put in the number two waiting hall. I need them as soon as possible.”
Feng Yingxi and Luo Dalian still haven’t recovered from the scene they had just seen. They instinctively turned around slowly when they heard Chu YunSheng’s command while they were still in shock. But just when they were about to leave, Chu YunSheng stopped them.
“Wait.” Chu Yunsheng thought about it carefully and said, “I saw a car outside. You can use that. Those floating monsters are sacred to go to the areas I went to, so it will not be very dangerous.”
Although what Chu Yunsheng said sounded like a joke, no one in the waiting hall was laughing. After all, they had indeed seen him chase those floating monsters around. . .
So no one doubted his words. Some people even started to question if Chu Yunsheng was really a human.
In terms of the blue-haired girl, when she saw that other people also kneeled down before Chu Yunsheng. The way she called Chu Yunsheng was no longer “Gai Yi”. Instead, it was “Gai Yi Si”, and her expression was even more pious and respectful.
With a group of awakeners that were led by Feng Yingxi, and a group of soldiers led by Luo Dalian, they formed a crystal collection team quickly. There were also a few hot-headed young people, who had become completely excited by what they had just seen, asking to join the crystal collection team. So in the end, a group of thirty people was formed, and then they quickly left the station.
Chu Yunsheng also didn’t want to ask them to collect those energy crystals. However, he also had no other choices. After he came to the station, the sense of self-resistance brought by the invasion of the giant head was becoming more and more apparent.
If he didn’t immediately prepare the offensive talismans and then enter the inner world as soon as possible, he was afraid that it would be too late.
A few hours ago, before he was able to chase all the floating monsters into a giant swarm, he had successfully broken through Yuan Tian stage one, and created his personal record of entering the Yuan Tian stage two the fastest.
But at the same time, in order to reach Yuan Tian stage two as fast as he could, he could only use all the Yuan Qi he absorbed from the crystals, so so far, he didn’t have much backup absorption talismans.
Without the offensive talismans, he could deal with those floating monsters, but there was no way he would be able to deal with the giant head, who probably once had Yuan Tian stage four strength.
Maybe other people didn’t know how powerful Yuan Tian stage four was, but he, who once reached the boundary between Yuan Tian stage four and Yuan tian stage three, knew it clearly.
Therefore, he must kill the giant head before it was able to fully recover its strength. If he waited until later, there was no way he would be able to defeat it.
However, there was also something that he didn’t understand. Before he was able to grow its head, how was he able to preserve his zero-dimensional space?
According to the vixen, one of the crystal dressed beings, once the body disappeared, the zero-dimensional space would also disappear, and consciousness would become meaningless. Although this was inside the Pseudo-Monolith, the rules were the same as whether it was inside or outside Source World. In here without a body, he would still die. Otherwise, the principle of Pseudo-Monolith would collapse from the ground up. This was the same as the limitation of the speed of light. Could it be that the giant head had some device or method that helped it to achieve this?
This was something that he must pay attention to. Zero-dimensional space was something that was considered to be closer to the core of cultivation.
It would be great if he could get the method or the device that the giant head. Because of the reactions that the senior practitioner set, Chu Yunsheng didn’t have much knowledge about zero-dimensional space. But he urgently needed to know as much knowledge about it as possible. Especially at the moment, when he needed to cultivate black gas.
Of course, these were some ideas that he had while he was making offensive talismans. The most important thing right now was still to kill the giant head as soon as possible.
After Feng Yingxi and others left, Chu Yunsheng immediately found a quiet place and began to use the remaining absorption talismans to help him to make offensive talismans. He was already familiar with the methods of making those talismans, so he had times to think about tactics and other things.
There are many types of offensive talisman, such as Li Huo talisman, the ice trap talisman, the glacier talisman, etc., each of which has a unique role, especially the ice trap talisman, which will play an important role in killing the giant head.
Not daring to take any break, after Feng Yingxi and others dragged a large number of ice crystals back, Chu Yunsheng extracted all the energy out of the crystals and began to make talismans nonstop.
At least two sets of ice crystal armor were needed, and at least one ice sword was also needed. He even took out the freeze gun to try to fix it and see if he could get it. The fight that was going to happen in the inner world, he needed to use everything he had.
Fortunately, in the last two days, he has recovered some black gas, it was enough for him to use it to attack once and escape back from the inner world again.
In case of any accidents, the role of the black gas was still to assist him if he needed to escape. The main methods that he wanted to use to fight the giant head were still Yuan Tian stage two’s strength and those offensive talismans.
Early the next morning, of course, the only way to tell the difference between morning and night was to lock at watches now. Chu Yunsheng departed from the train station once again. The people in the train station were very nervous. They were not afraid that something would happen to Chu Yunsheng. They were just afraid that Chu Yunsheng would abandon them.
After all, no one here was related to Chu Yunsheng, and there was no reason for him to take them with him.
So, after Chu Yunsheng left the station, the people in the station, including Feng Yingxi, focused their attention on the blue-haired girl, and came up with all kinds of ideas in order to speed up the Chinese level of this foreign girl. Because for them, this girl was the only reason that Chu Yunsheng would come back.
But soon their curiosity and excitement were changed to shock and surprise, and in the end, they were completely stunned.
And at this time, Chu Yunsheng had already passed through the energy fluctuation layers and came to the inner world.
“You are finally here. I have been waiting for you for a long time.” The giant head did not seem to have moved an inch as if it was always waiting for Chu Yunsheng in this place.
“I have been waiting to meet you as well. You still haven’t grown a single hair since the last time I left.” Chu Yunsheng stepped onto the frozen street and stood in between the ruins. While he mocked the giant head, he also prepared his attack in secret.
“You, humans, are the stupidest, and the luckiest, lower creatures I’ve ever seen!” The giant head completely ignored Chu Yunsheng’s mockery, and it was not in a rush to reach Chu Yunsheng. Instead, it let out a sigh heartily. However, as if it felt that it was not enough, it added, “I have never seen such retarded, shameless lower creatures!”
In front of it was not Chu Yunsheng, but a huge vertical transparent screen made of many smaller screens. It was so big that it was spread across the street.
Various texts and pictures constantly appeared and disappeared on the screen at a very fast speed, and there were also several videos that were still being played at the corners in a very fast mode. Among those videos, there were two of them that Chu Yunsheng was familiar with. One was a scene of a nuclear bomb going off, and the other was a roaring army in World War II.
It seemed that the giant head has been checking these materials for a long time.