Daughter of the Emperor
Chapter 449

Chapter 449: The Emperor’s Daughter 449
On our way to Uprichit, my last look at the royal palace seemed peaceful.
Although it was an impulse-based trip, it was only after passing Bureti that I felt proud to leave the Imperial Palace.
Since Bureti was a small country, we left in a day and arrived in eastern Uprichit. The next day, we would reach the Hamel river at the southern port and return to Agrigient.
Thus, I suggested that Ahin should return to Shertogenbosch; he did accept my suggestion, but he looked a little sad.
Did he think I would ask him to come to Agrigient in exchange for the hospitality he showed in Shertogenbosch?
Although I wanted to show him around, I didn’t want him to come to Agrigient with me. I knew no place other than my palace!
“When Ria was away, I managed everything with my brother and that emperor. Did you know?”
“Yes, I know. Thank you.”
Valer stood beside me with a tired face. I smiled and hugged him.
“I asked if you knew?”
“Yes, I knew.”
I didn’t forget that Valer had cared for me on the trip until my relatives entered the picture. We were always together when we were going around the city, but Valer was in charge of the two men after meeting my aunt or grandfather.
Valer shrugged at my smile.
I knew that he was asking me on purpose, but I was really grateful, so I let him off the hook for once.
“So, did you like your vacation?”
Instead of answering his question, I just nodded.
Valer smiled at my answer.
“I guess I knew.”
I wasn’t a depressing person, but sometimes people, especially me, can be pessimistic. My current situation made me feel like that.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have been born. Then my mom wouldn’t have complained about having and giving birth to me. Maybe I wasn’t destined to have a mother or father by my side.”
How could I feel alright when I wasn’t even welcomed happily into the world? I knew that, probably why I never asked about my mother so much.
Honestly, even my plans for stopping dad from hurting me seemed useless. This life seemed to have a story that continued with the more information I wanted to know. When I realized that I loved my dad but couldn’t trust him, all my thoughts turned dark.
I would always be alone.
“But it doesn’t matter now.”
Looking back, I wasn’t alone.
Just like Assisi was my family, Valer too was my family. Sometimes they were like the younger siblings I had to care for; there was also Cito and Sanse, my Silvia and Ferdel, along with Serira.
Woah, now that I had come to think about it, I had so many family members.
Why did I think for all those years that my dad was with me? I was a real fool.
When Valer seemed confused, I said.
“My dad loves me, too, and so did my mom.”
Right, it was okay even if they didn’t try for me out of love.
However, I knew that both my parents loved me to the core.
“I know, I know now.”
When I realized that, I had never been happier.
“I think that I was fortunate to be born for them.”
“You just realize that now?”
Valer asked with a smile. I smiled after seeing him.
“I want to see dad.”
Right. I missed my home after wandering like a lost dog.
At my words, Valer nodded.