Demons Beside You
Chapter 570 - Best Friends

Chapter 570: Best Friends
Full and satisfied, the three ladies jumped into Mirror Lake.
Usually, Fali was a very careful person.
But she knew that there would not be any danger in Mirror Lake.
It was indeed much safer than Angel Beach.
“Huh, why is there a big stone there?”
The three of them climbed onto the stone.
Immediately, they felt completely refreshed. An indescribable feeling erupted in them.
Fanny suddenly closed her legs, her face flushed.
Luckily, Kyla and Fali did not notice her weird behavior.
The three ladies lay on the stone in a triangle.
“It’s so comfortable.”
“Fali, I really envy you.”
“What’s there to envy about me? Actually, I envy big stars like you,” Fali said with a smile.
In fact, Fali was not interested in becoming a celebrity.
Last time, she went to visit Steven’s crew. Steven asked her if she wanted to play a small character.
Although the scene would last only a few seconds, Fali still rejected.
It was a female killer in the Mexican gang. She would rake the protagonists with a machine gun.
Fanny touched the stone with her hand. It was a unique feeling.
It was extremely comfortable. It was like the younger her holding her mother’s hand. It was warm and soft.
It was also like her father’s hug before she came to LA. It was kind and generous.
Fanny had no idea where that feeling came from.
“Hey, Fanny, what are you thinking about?”
“Ah? Nothing.”
“Fali, Chen’s strong, right?” Kyla stared at Fali with a teasing look.
When Fali heard that, she flushed at once.
She lowered her head and muttered, “Yeah.”
“Fali, why are you red? I don’t mean that.”
Fali was stunned, but she immediately realized that Kyla was teasing her.
“Then can your boyfriend satisfy you?” Fali fought back. “If he can’t, I don’t mind asking Chen to help you.”
Kyla rolled her eyes. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”
“Stop lying. How is that possible?”
“My family are loyal believers. We’re against premarital sex,” Kyla said, helpless.
Religions like Christianity had such rules. For example, premarital sex was viewed as unchaste.
Nevertheless, as time progressed, some religions began to tolerate premarital sex.
Currently, few believers would follow the doctrine entirely.
There were even some modern beliefs among the younger generation that being a virgin was a pure disgrace.
“Fanny, how about you?”
“I dated a very attractive man. Then, I discovered that he’s married.” Fanny lifted her right hand. “Even though I’ve broken up with him, God still decided to punish me.”
“That bastard! He harmed two women,” Kyla said, gritting her teeth.
“How’s he doing now?”
“He’s still having a good life.”
“Have you never thought of revenge?”
“How? Find a killer to kill him?”
“For this kind of man, you should drag him into an alley and beat the sh*t out of him,” Fali said.
“Do you have any experience in this area?”
“Uh… No, but I’m sure Chen does.” Fali flushed.
“Does Chen take these kinds of illegal deals?”
“No, no. Chen’s a doctor, not a thug.”
Fali felt that she had over-boasted.
Actually, she was only joking. Why would she ask Chen Zhao to beat up a stranger just for Kyla and Fanny?
If the person was fine, everything would be fine, but if something terrible happened to the person, it would be too late to regret it.
“Does Chen know anyone who can do that job?”
“Let’s ask him later.”
As soon as the three returned to shore, Kyla and Fanny found Chen Zhao.
“Chen, we would like to beat a man up. Do you have any method?” Kyla asked directly.
Fali lowered her head and signaled Chen Zhao with her eyes.
Unfortunately, Chen Zhao did not notice Fali’s look.
“Who is that?”
“A man who had deceived Fanny and caused her current injury.”
“Who exactly is he?”
“The owner of a company. He’s probably worth ten million dollars.”
“That’s easy. Go and find a few gangsters on the street. A few thousand dollars will be enough to make them beat the man up,” Chen Zhao answered without thinking.
“Can you help me to find a few gangsters then?”
“Give me the details of Fanny’s enemy. I’ll see what I can do when I’m free.”
Chen Zhao said, “I’m going to check on the grapes.”
The three ladies stayed in the forecourt and started chatting.
“Fali, when will the grapes ripen?”
“I have no idea.”
Fali had decided to grow grapes only because Robio had told her that she should grow something, given that she had such an enormous piece of land. Robio had also given Fali the bag of grape seeds.
Fali’s interest was really short-lived.
In fact, it would take at least three to four years from planting the grape seeds to making wine.
Grape trees in the first three years would produce sour fruits that had little sugar.
They would not be suitable for making wine or consumption.
Some major wineries would not even use grapes from trees younger than ten years old.
Normally, they would repeatedly cut off parts of a grape tree and transplant them.
Perhaps grape trees in those wineries came from trees that existed hundreds of years ago.
“Let’s go and take a look together,” Kyla suggested.
“What’s there to see?”
“When you make more wine, you have to give us a bottle.” Kyla smiled.
The three opened the door to the backyard and saw Chen Zhao doing weightlifting instead.
When Chen Zhao saw them, he immediately dropped the barbell.
“That’s a huge barbell.” Kyla and Fanny looked at Chen Zhao’s barbell, shocked.
“How heavy is it?”
“A few hundred kilograms,” Chen Zhao replied casually.
“I don’t think it’s only that,” Kyla said.
“It looks huge, but it’s actually not as heavy as you think,” Chen Zhao said. “It was a movie prop. When Steven filmed Amon that time, I took it from the crew.”
“Why would you do that?”
“For Princess to play,” Chen Zhao answered.
“Even if it’s just a few hundred kilograms, it’s still incredible. I think the world record is only around three hundred kilograms?” Fanny said.
“It’s different.” Chen Zhao shook his head. “Weightlifters have to raise it overhead for three seconds. I’m only practicing grips.”