Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort
Chapter 636

LiuYue turned her head to speak to Xuanyuan Che. The corner of her eyes saw the dazed Tuobi Mu. She stared in rapt attention. How did she forget about him?
She turned to look at Tuobi Mu. He was deeply frowning and constantly looking Xuanyuan Che up and down. He was suspicious and at a loss.
“Tuobi Mu, what are you looking at?” LiuYue took the chance to ask.
Tuobi Mu was also straightforward. He immediately pointed to Xuanyuan Che. “It wasn’t him last night. Where did he come from?”
It was strange. The four of them were guarding this place last night. Absolutely no one showed up. So who was this yellow-skinned and unpleasant-looking man?
YanHu and QiuHen lowered their heads and started laughing. He was really an uninformed person.
LiuYue also laughed. She turned to look at the mediocre face of Xuanyuan Che. Ouyang Yufei was by her side so who knew how many Dark Islanders were here. It was best to not show Xuanyuan Che’s face. Fighting for one’s life was one thing, but it was always better to be careful.
So she used the items on Xuanyuan Che’s person to disguise him. Her disguising skills were top-notch. A little fiddling later and she transformed Xuanyuan Che into a very ordinary Beimu person.
QiuHen and YanHu were too familiar with Xuanyuan Che. When they saw him, they didn’t even blink. But Tuobi Mu was surprised.
“Tuobi Mu, I have always believed in you guys. And I hope to continue believing in you. Since you saw it today, I’ll give you two choices.”
Looking at Tuobi Mu, LiuYue slowly opened her mouth.
Since Tuobi Mu came from the ten cities of Kusha, he wouldn’t be a stupid person. Once he heard LiuYue’s seemingly calm words, but in fact, held a deeper meaning, he immediately knew that he saw someone he shouldn’t have and stumbled onto some secret.
At this time, Tuobi Mu straightened his body. He waited for LiuYue to give him the two choices.