Divine Emperor of Death

Divine Emperor of Death

Divine Emperor of Death
Chapter 883 Pride and Endearmen

Chapter 883 Pride and Endearmen
'Most of the potential Ancestor Dian Alstreim possessed has now been lost. Perhaps, he could only make one more breakthrough in Essence Gathering Cultivation in his life, entering Mid-Level Law Rune Stage. After all, from the looks of it and considering the amount of time he spent stagnating at this level, he already seems to be at the very peak of Low-Level Law Rune Stage.'
Davis mused before he clasped his hand.
"Ancestor Dian Alstreim is an ancestor both in name and heart. Not all Powerhouses would be able to give up their potential to safeguard their entire family. You are too humble and kindhearted."
"Protector is also too humble. To act as a protector despite having a huge potential that is able to shake the heavens and earth, I have no words to offer." Ancestor Dian Alstreim laughed.
Davis's eyes flickered.
'Hmm? Am I just overthinking things?'
It was actually the second or the third time he felt something was wrong. However, if it was almost like he thought it was, wouldn't he have been dragged out and beaten black and blue?
A moment later, he just brushed it off as flattery.
"Come, let us sit and talk. For the Alstreim Family to be able to receive such a guest, it is our honor." Ancestor Dian Alstreim laughed as he returned back to the two thrones that were fixed side by side.
Davis followed suit, and they both sat on the two thrones.
The Alstreim Family had also all returned to their festivities, devouring the meat and swallowing the wine wildly. After seeing the battle between Supreme Soul Stage Experts and understanding their Ancestor's sacrifice, they felt glad and ecstatic to be born in the Alstreim Family!
What more could they need other than an Ancestor like this? An Ancestor who sacrificed his potential for the family. The younger generation all looked forward to tempering themselves and become Elders and Grand Elder, who could support the family in the future, but it was also perhaps destined to be a short moment of day-dreaming.
On the other hand, Logan and the others were flabbergasted in regards to Davis.
Especially Claire.
She couldn't believe that her son had just sparred with a Law Rune Stage Powerhouse and came out without even taking a single hit. Of course, they just used their Soul Forging Cultivation to battle, but the fact remained her son faced a Ninth Stage Powerhouse and even possessed the advantage.
She cast a glance at them and looked at them talk as if they were equals. She couldn't bring herself to believe it, believe that it was real and currently happening in front of her sight! Her son wasn't even an Eighth Stage Expert, yet he could sit equally and talk with a Ninth Stage Powerhouse like that!?
However, Claire shook her head as she smiled proudly, 'With his talent, my son is eligible to receive all the nurturing from the Alstreim Family. It is only normal that he is able to sit equally with the Ancestor.'
As for the others like Evelynn, Natalya, and Princess Isabella, after the battle exchange, they possessed straight backs that revealed their elation and pride. They possessed similar emotions to Claire, but more than that, they were incredibly proud to be tied to him.
To be able to have a Ninth Stage Powerhouse treat him equally when he was just a Seventh Stage Expert, what kind of honor was that?
Although it was trickery, the result was the same!
They didn't specifically care if Davis was able to do these things. It was still something that made them proud. This was the icing on the cake.
Why wouldn't they be proud of their man who stood in the spotlight?
However, Princess Isabella cared about things like these when compared to Evelynn and Natalya. The more her man shined, the more she felt complacent and exultant. She wanted to see Davis at the top, the very apex she could find!
She had said so herself that she wanted a man who is stronger than her to marry. That didn't change. Although Davis didn't fit that requirement yet, she felt that it was only a matter of time before he caught up to her and surpassed her.
For that, she had actually gone as far as to stop her own cultivation progress, but her actions were profoundly awarded with an instant power up as if it were Karma. She reaped what she sowed, and it was heartening, to say the least!
She couldn't help but feel that the choice she made at that time to believe in him was right!
The only regretful point was that he had two women other than her. Sometimes, she couldn't help but think what if he was only hers, and hers alone. Although it was just a fantasy, she didn't dare to ponder on it too long, afraid that it would induce unneeded emotions in her.
After all, Evelynn and Natalya had accepted her as well. She was the one who came the last. Besides, she had already addressed them as sisters. The way she did things, once she decided on something, she never backed off.
Hence, if Davis actually left Evelynn and Natalya at one point for no valid reason, she knew that she would be the first one to raise a grievance.
Princess Isabella turned back to look at Evelynn and Natalya's hidden yet joyous expression. They also noticed her gaze and smiled back before they all looked at the real Davis, who was seated with them.
Davis, who was actually concentration on the conversation between the Solitary Soul Avatar and Ancestor Dian Alstreim, was given a fright. He almost swore when he heard those soul transmissions that resounded like thunder, but turning to look at their faces, the faces of the three women he loved, and recalling the way they called him; he suddenly felt the life he was living in was a paradise.
They didn't dare to disturb him while he was dealing with Ancestor Dian Alstreim, but now that it had settled down, they looked at him with an endearing glint.
However, it was short-lived.
While Princess Isabella imperceptibly blushed and looked away to not pull in much suspicion, Evelynn and Natalya started teasing him, saying that he was a hooligan, hoodwinker, and other inoffensive derogatory comments, giving Davis black lines over his forehead.
'Hmph! Tease me all you want. When the time comes, I'll make you two understand what teasing really is...' Davis grinned evilly.
Looking at his silent yet devious expression, they wisely stopped their teasing.
Evelynn and Natalya suddenly looked at each other before they knowingly winked. They looked scared, but inwardly, they congratulated themselves. They knew that they had successfully attracted his attention. After all, they didn't want him to forget about them after reaching new heights.
Perhaps after all this, he would really be 'teasing' them till they pleaded for leniency!
Davis obliviously returned to concentrating on the conversation between his Solitary Soul Avatar and Ancestor Dian Alstreim.
"... It is as you said, Protector. I do think my Alstreim Family is weak, but it is not without potential. Let me introduce you to one of my Alstreim Family's dazzling gem, the Young Mistress of the Alstreim Family, Nora Alstreim."
Ancestor Dian Alstreim shot a look towards Nora Alstreim, which made the latter startled upon being called out in front of the crowd.