Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant in Love with a Mad Little Consort
Chapter 184

Ye Qingli climbed over the wall and hurried back to the Cloud Residence.
When she got back, Little He almost thought that she was seeing a ghost.
Little He had never seen Ye Qingli so embarrassed, Little He was so scared of Ye Qingli’s expression that she did not dare to utter a word.
"Young Miss..."
Ye Qingli waved powerlessly, "Don't talk!"
Then she reached her bedroom and slept for a whole day!
After waking up, she went to the spatial dimension to look at Jun Ao Han’s situation.
He was still asleep and his situation did not get better, but it did not deteriorate either. It was like he was still in a deep sleep.
This gave Ye Qingli a big headache.
This guy could not have became a vegetable?
But it did not look like he did.
Because his bodily functions had been running on its own, that part also showed no sign of shrinkage.
Moreover, what stunned Ye Qingli the most was that every once in a while, his body would secrete some black oil around his body. It stuck to his body and the water couldn't wash it away.
It could only be removed bit by bit using her hands!
It was as if she had become Jun Ao Han’s bathing maid.

Ye Qingli did not know if she was hallucinating or something. Every time she touched the skin while peeling off the oil, she felt as if Jun Ao Han's skin was more exquisitely smoother than before.
That feeling was similar to a snake shedding its skin...
Ye Qingli stayed in the cloud residence for seven days without leaving the premises. Most of the time, she was taking care of the rich fellow who was sleeping all day.
She didn't know it, but outside, things were becoming chaotic...
At the top of the Tian Xing Building, Ao Xue, Ao Shuang, Ao Yun, and Ao Feng, these four people were pointing fingers and blaming each other for what had happened!
The atmosphere was extremely stiff!
Ao Xue was like an angry female lion, glaring at Ao Shuang.
"How can you not follow the Master as you are the Master’s personal bodyguard? You don’t even know the whereabouts of the Master?"
Ao Shuang’s eyes were red but she didn’t utter a word.
On one side, Au Yun spoke, "It was the command of the Master, of course we would only listen to the Master. How could we disobey the Master?"
Ao Xue coldly said, "Nonsense! As the guards of the Master, of course, it is your responsibility to look after the Master’s safety! Would you let the Master fall into danger? That is the biggest negligence of your duty!"
As the person responsible for handling all the wealth of Jun Ao Han and the one who just got back to the capital, Ao Feng faintly said, "From what I see, you have forgotten the duties of being the bodyguard of the Master. It is to unconditionally carry out all his commands! From what I see, you are fundamental NOT treating your Master as a master!"

That sentence actually offended Ao Xue, she immediately drew out the sword from her waist!
In a blink of an eye, the blade was pointed right under Ao Feng’s nose!
"You can try saying that again!"
At this moment, a carefree voice sounded, "That person is not dead yet, while his subordinates want to kill each other?"
Lu Xuan Ji walked up with big steps.
Only then a few of them quiet down. However, Ao Xue was staring daggers to Ao Feng.
"The moment you are free, you argue among yourselves. It would be better to think of a way to rescue that brat."
Ao Xue’s eyes suddenly turned red.
"That place is now completely warded up by the guards. However, that is not the problem, after the dragon stone was released, we are unable to get in! The boulder is directly wedged in the stone hallway and it would not budge!"
"You silly person! Do you really think that a crafty and sly person will stay trapped inside?"
Ao Xue’s eyes lit up, “Divine Doctor Lu, do you mean that the owner has already escaped?”
Lu Xuan Ji wagged his finger, "I am also not a god, how would I know? But I can see that he does not look like someone with a short lifespan. As the saying goes, disasters live for thousands of years. From the looks of it, I think that he can live till he is at least a hundred and eighty years old. You might as well go look for him. Maybe he was injured and went into hiding?"