Dominating Sword Immortal
Chapter 702 - Four Extremes Emperor

Chapter 702: Four Extremes Emperor

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Sword King’s comprehension in the profound sword arts was lacking, but his sword will was not one bit inferior to the other Monarchs, and even surpassed them. I think this is the reason why he is the only one to leave a sword scar on the stele since the ancient era.”
Although the records of the Sword King were not much, they were still present. Thus, Yan Fengfeng knew quite a bit about him.
“Yeah!” Ye Chen faintly nodded, “Sword scar being shallow indicates that his offensive power was not high, but the strong aura indicates that his sword intent was powerful.”
Sword intent could amplify battle power, but only to a limit. The Sword King’s sword strike containing his sword intent was evidently weaker than the titled Monarchs, but the sword intent was at the peak for sure.
As they continued to look down, they saw shocking scars one after another. Some scars seemed strange—fork-shaped, triangular, ridge-shaped, two dots with one big and one small, criss-crossing ones, yin-yang fish scars…One could only wonder what kind of martial skills these Monarchs used to create such scars.
“The 398
scar left was seventy thousand years ago by the most famous Monarch, the Four Extremes Emperor. He was an expert in space profound, and was known for his finger techniques. During Sea of Soul realm, he was able to create the Void Shattering Finger, a low grade profound martial skill, whose might even exceeded mid grade profound martial skills’. Void Shattering Finger had four styles, each of which utilized an aspect of the space profound. The might of the fourth style was the greatest, reaching up to high grade profound martial skills.”
While speaking, Yan Fengfeng glanced at Ye Chen. She’d seen Ye Chen use a space profound finger art. Of course, there were many space profound arts in the ancient era. However, Four Extremes Emperor was the closest to the current era, and hence, his Void Shattering Finger had some depictions. The finger art Ye Chen used was quite similar to the third style of Void Shattering Finger, only different in the color of Zhen Yuan.
In addition, the Void Shattering Finger used by Xia Houzun ought to be Four Extreme Emperor’s second style of Void Shattering Finger.
“Void Shattering Finger!” Ye Chen was moved.
He had found the third style of Void Shattering Finger on the Sheephead Summit. At the same time, he also found a white key with ‘Emperor’s Tomb, White Sheep Constellation’ written on it. Could it be it was referring to Four Extremes Emperor’s tomb, and the white-colored key was to open the tomb?
“Four Extremes Emperor had four subordinates, all of which were Life and Death Kings, and also demonic beasts. They were Blue Wolf King, White Sheep King, Fire Bird King, and Sky Scorpion King. White Sheep King represents White Sheep Constellation, Blue Wolf King represents Blue Wolf Constellation, and same for Fire Bird King and Sky Scorpion King. Four Extremes Emperor passed on one style of the Void Shattering Finger to each of them, allowing them to comprehend the profound of space.
White Wolf King, White Wolf Constellation?
Ye Chen understood everything. The Void Shattering Finger he cultivated was created by Four Extremes Emperor, and the latter passed its third style onto White Wolf King. Therefore, the white key had White Wolf Constellation written on it.
Yan Fengfeng continued, “Four Extreme Emperor was the same as the Abdicated Celestial Emperor and entered the starry sky. However, after a hundred years, he came back. But, when he returned, he was suffering from an incurable wound. It seemed he’d encountered something dreadful in the starry sky. Feeling that his time was limited, he created his grave in a forbidden zone. This grave is filled with countless arrays and his astonishing power while struggling at death’s door. Even if Life and Death King’s forced their way, chances of survival would be one in ten.”
Afterward, his four subordinates also died one after another. As subordinates, they wished to continue accompanying their master, and thus, left their graves around the Four Extremes Emperor’s grave. To open these four graves, special keys are required. Since these four graves and Four Extremes Emperor’s grave are linked together, even Life and Death Kings find it hard to force their way in.”
“In so many years, has anyone found the Four Extreme Emperor Grave’s whereabouts?”
Emperor’s Tomb was without a doubt referring to Four Extreme Emperor’s grave.
Yan Fengfeng shook her head, “Not clear. Four Extreme Emperor Grave is located in a moving forbidden zone. It’s hard to find even for a Life and Death King. And even if one finds it, they might not be able to open it without the key. The location of this grave had always been a hot topic. Nobody had claimed to enter it, and even if one did enter it, they would not proclaim it.”
Ye Chen nodded while pouring his soul power into his storage ring. In a corner, a large white-colored ring quietly lay on a shelf.
“Four Extremes Emperor was an extremely reputed Monarch. His space profound martial skills are highly coveted by even Life and Death Kings. I’m afraid that once they’re leaked, it will create a carnage. Even Void Emperor and my master will join in.” Yan Fengfeng said.
“That’s for sure.”
In Sea of Soul realm, one couldn’t comprehend much essence of the profound, and thus, couldn’t comprehend too many profounds. Anyway, just a few techniques were enough. However, at the level of Life and Death realm, one could enter the realm of one with the heavens at any moment, increasing one’s comprehension power by countless folds. Thus, it allowed one to comprehend profound at an extremely fast pace. This propelled the demand of profound even more. After all, different combinations of profound produced different effects and might. Apart from one’s primary profound, how could a few profounds be enough? Moreover, the space profound was one of the strongest profound, and was related to many other. If one could obtain a space profound martial skill, it would certainly be a huge help.
Of course, the level of Void Shattering Finger was a bit too low, and Life and Death Kings wouldn’t care about it much. What Life and Death Kings truly sought were mid grade space profound martial skills, and even high grade ones. The might of Void Shattering Finger exceeded mid grade profound martial skills. Therefore, the might of high grade space profound martial skills would at least be equivalent to peak profound martial skills.
“My current strength is still far from sufficient. Four Extremes Emperor with his space profound martial skills has already become a legend, and I can only watch from afar.”
Above mid grade profound martial skills were high grade ones, peak grade ones, and even higher were the laws of heavenly dao. Above Sea of Soul realm were Half Step Kings, ordinary Life and Death Kings, Peak Kings, and Monarchs. Each step was akin to a huge gulf. If one didn’t have the will and determination to break through everything, one would not be able to cross these gulfs.
Four Extremes Emperor already stood at the peak of this world, while Ye Chen could at most be counted as a mature youngster. The difference between the two was simply immeasurable.
Looking at the finger hole left behind by Four Extremes Emperor on the stele, Ye Chen seemed to be looking at a pair of enormous eyes watching him.
After Four Extremes Emperor, there were only thirty Monarchs left. It could be seen that as they approached the current era, the spacing between the scars was increasing more and more. In the early to mid ancient era, there was a Monarch about every thousand years. From mid to late ancient era, there was one every fifteen hundred years, At the end of ancient era, there was only one in several thousand years. The reason for such a decrease in the appearance of Monarchs was unknown. And in the current era, there was not a single Monarch, because only when one could leave behind his or her mark on the Emperor Scar Stele would he or she be considered a true Monarch.
“The last one is a world-shaking genius. There was not a single one for ten thousand years that could leave behind their mark on the stele until he appeared. His title is Emperor Yuan. He has Innate Law Body, and a boundless Zhen Yuan….”
While Yan Fengfeng was explaining Emperor Yuan, a huge battle was happening in valley far away. The two sides battling were none other than Master Sky Sword and West Ocean Sword Master Liu Wujian.
“Master Sky Sword, seems like master overestimated your strength. There was simply no need for me to act. He would have been enough.”
Liu Wujian was fighting a fierce battle with Master Sky Sword, but still had the time to talk.
“Hmph, this is just the beginning!” Master Sky Sword’s voice was clearly a little anxious.
“Sky Sword Style, White Flood Dragon!”
He spoke while slashing with his longsword. A white-silk like sword Qi shot cleaving the air. The sword Qi shortened and lengthened indefinitely, seeming like a nimble white flood dragon. As it shuttled across the void, its speed made it seem like a flickering light and passing shadow, unable to be captured by naked eyes.
“Wave Cleaver!”
Confronting Master Sky Sword’s move, Liu Wujian’s figure flickered a few times, seeming as if teleporting through the void before he chopped at White Flood Dragon Sword Qi’s skull.
“It’s really is wind style!”
Master Sky Sword’s brows creased. In reality, he had barely won against Liu Wujian’s master, and his clean and efficient wind style had left a deep impression on him. Liu Wujian’s wind style was quite similar to his master’s. Of course, it couldn’t be said that Liu Wujian had followed the footsteps of his master in a straight line. One could only say that wind style of the West Ocean was the same for the most part, with only a few key differences. Different living conditions naturally produced different ideas and concepts.
‘Sky Sword Style, Sky Chop!”
Seeing his previous attack ending up unsuccessful, Master Sky Sword attacked once again. This sword strike was quite similar to Liu Wujian’s Wave Cleaver, clean and efficient.
“Haha! This is the move you created that master spoke of? Unfortunately, even master is not my opponent, so how can you be?”
Liu Wujian soared high and fiercely thrust his longsword. Rings of Qi spun around the longsword, instantly piercing through Master Sky Sword’s sword Qi.
“How fast!”
Master Sky Sword was gobsmacked. His Sky Sword Style, Sky Chop was an extremely fast move. It didn’t contain any subtle transformations and merely pressed forward, carrying an astonishing power aroused from will. However, Liu Wujian’s sword was even quicker, and his own sword speed was nothing special compared to the latter.
“Sky Sword Style, Sword Array!”
Eventually, Master Sky Sword revealed his strongest move, and Eighteen Zhen Yuan swords shot out from his body. With a wave from the longsword in his hand, the eighteen Zhen Yuan swords encircled Liu Wujian, unceasingly circling around him and creating a sword array. The moment it formed, its aura soared and an astonishing sword Qi shot through the skies, razing the valley to ground. Even the plants and trees shot up like small swords.
Slashing the longsword in his hand, Master Sky Sword roared, and the sword array shot toward Liu Wujian.
“Sword array, interesting…But, this is still far from enough!”
“Master Sky Sword, take the move I created…Transposing Ocean Sword Qi!”
Liu Wujiann held his longsword with his hands and mightily slashed from down to up. As if an ocean had been moved, a mighty power erupted, condensing into a white sword Qi that covered the heaven and earth, which charged at the sword array.
How could the sword array be able to resist such a vast and mighty sword Qi? It instantly crumbled, with the Zhen Yuan swords swirling backward.
Master Sky Sword face was stupefied before his expression changed, and he raised his longsword horizontally before him.
In the next moment, the dense white Sword Qi came engulfing him.
Spurting out a mouthful of blood, Master Sky Sword’s figure shot backward like an arrow shot loose in the sky, so fast that he seemed like a light ray.