Dominating Sword Immortal
Chapter 733 - The Clash

Chapter 733: The Clash

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A pot of tea worth of time passed, the dream eating wolf inside the beast tag started to move around again. Compared to the last time, this time it was more aggressive as if there was something caling out for it.
“We are almost there. It should be the pellet training room I suppose.”
Ye Chen could sense the source of the wolf’s excitement. A hint of light pellet sense seemed to have come from there.
Following the sense, Ye Chen slowly approached.

Soon, the foot step sound stopped. Ye Chen stood in front of stone door. The pellet sense was indeed coming from within.
Reached out both of his hands, he pushed on the stone door which did not have any special mechanism at all. It was opened immediately.
“This is… the beast nourishing lotion?”
The stone room was massive, it was like a palace. In the center, a pellet-training tripod was there with a metal wolf head sticking out from the surface. Below it, there was a stone basin where drops of blue liquid was dripping down. The stone basin was filled up already, the see-through liquid was elaking out and that rich pellet qi filled up the room.
The reason that Ye Chen thought this was the beast nourishing lotion was that this pellet contained drastic beast power which was hard for human to absorb.

“Can it still be used?”
Walked right next to the stone basin, YE Chen realized that the liquid inside the basin was different from the ones that were dripping down. One of them was completely see-through and without any nutrient; while the other one was blue and contained strong power. It was obvious that this blue liquid had lost its power after a certain amount of time. Only the pellet training tripod was still functioning.
Lifted up the lid of the tripod, Ye Chen was shocked.
There was nothing but a blue crystal which was the size of a fist. As the operation of the tripod, strings of blue qi flow gathered together formed into blue liquid and followed the tubes to enter the metal wolf head before dripping out.
“The tripod can run for seven hundred thousand years, it should have something to do with the spell inside this graveyard. The spell could abstract power from the nature and to provide power. But this crystal had been trained for more than seven hundred thousand years and it is still here?”
Ye Chen’s instinct was telling him that this crystal was not simple as it looked. It should be at least a demi extreme rank crystal. It might very likely to be an extreme rank as well which would be priceless.
He quickly scanned the crystal and was about to reach out for it.
“So heavy!”
The fist size crystal was couple thousand time heavier than he had imagined. With his couple hundred-thousand-pound worth of power, it would not be an easy job for him to pick it up.
“Both the blue crystal and the pellet-training tripod are functional so that they can be used. It would be perfect to train my dream eating wolf, perhaps I can train him into the demi beast king or a beast king after all.”
The more powerful the more one would need help. The world was too big, there were endless unknown dangerous places. Perhaps in the future, there would be life-long friends, or friends that get separated eventually. There would doomed to have times that one would be alone. Therefore, training a beast would be the best way to avoid being completely alone since they would not betray you nor fight with you for conflicted interest. In the critical moment, they would fight with you side by side.
The longer you train your beast the better. After a long time, there would be real feelings of dependency. Although they would not betray you still after only a short period of time, but they might not agree with you from the bottom of their heart.
“Extreme rank beast power crystal!”
A voice was suddenly heard.
Ye Chen turned around and squinted his eyes. It was Jiang Tian who had a mysterious connection with the nature. His power on hiding power was spectacular, plus Ye Chen had not always had his soul power spread out so he had not realized that Jiang Tian was already within hundred meters close.
“Hehe, I am quite lucky, I even got to have a fist-sized extreme rank beast crystal. Normally, the finger tip size would be worthy for demi beast kings to fight for. This big block of it would intrigue the beast kings themselves.”
Jiang Tian smiled as he approached.
Put away the crystal, Ye Chen said, “You meant I am quite lucky, right?”
“You are only the one who had spotted it, eventually it would be me that have it.” Jiang Tian looked very confident.
“That is not so certain.”

Ye Chen had also put away the training tripod. It was not a normal one that could only used to train things, so it was very valuable that might even be just as valuable as demi extreme rank item. Without this training tripod, Ye Chen would not be able to continue training the crystal without it.
“Of course not, you will soon find out. but if I were you, I will hand over the two now. because only by doing so, you would have a chance of living.”
Jiang Tian blocked in front of the stone door, looking at Ye Chen mischievously, that pattern in between his eye brows started to flash. It was a sign that he was about to attack.
“You are very confident. Unfortunately, you cannot win me with that.”
Ye chen admitted that Jiang Tian was very power. According to Qing Liu, he was the kind of warriors that were similar to him who were with no flaws. However, it did not mean that he would have a chance to beat him.
Heard him, Jiang Tian laughed. “If I have gussed it right, you are Ye Chen the Sword Master, right? Unfortunately, this might be your last moment. In this world, there will not be a man named Ye Chen anymore because this is where your life ends.”
“You are too arrogant.”
After staighting him cloths, Ye Chen stood straight, a wave of invisible sword qi spread out. his thunder disastrous sword was making a loud clinging sound.
When the two were just about to attack each other. A light string of foot step sounds came from outside the stone room. The person did not seem to plan to hide.
The next second. A red figure appeared outside the door.
It was Dantai Mingyue!

“These two were about to attack each other?”
Her beautiful eye brows flicked. The two in her vision were not normal warriors, one of them was the sword master from the true spirit continent while the other was a mysterious young warrior whose existence threatened her just as much Ye Chen did. Both of them were more dangerous than Dugu Jue, and even Liu Wujian.
She arrived at a wrong time since the two were just about to attack.
“This woman is not easy.”
Jiang Tian glanced at Dantai Mingyue and came up with the conclusion. He said to Ye Chen, “I guess you are quite lucky after all. You will not die here without anyone knowing after all.”
Although Dantai Mingyue was not a normal warrior, but Jiang Tian was confident that with a little price paid, he would be able to kill Ye Chen. And even with a little wound, he would still not be someone that Dantai Mingyue could compete with. Therefore, this battle, he would definitely win.
“You are talking too much! Let’s do this!”
Ye Chen would not underestimate Dantai Mingyue for sure since she was very mysterious. However, he was thinking just like Jiang Tian. This battle would definitely happen. Besides the consideration of the extreme beast power crystal, there was also his determination of wanting to know who was more powerful. Since they could not get away from each other, they might as well fight with full power.
“Since you would not prepare to hand over the things, then prepare to pay with your life! Five Pattern Palm!” The symbol between his eye brows lit up, Jiang Tian reached out his right hand. Five twisted pattern appeared on each of his five fingers. As he threw out a palm attack, five spell shoot out at Ye Chen at the same time.
“spell palm power!”
Ye Chen was slightly surprised. When his opponent used his demi extreme rank defence weapon, there would be symbol attached to his protective zhen yuan which was similar to the defence spell, but instead of defence power, it enhanced attacking power.
Taking out the thunder disastrous sword, Ye Chen threw out a gold pattern attack, trying to test out his opponent’s power.
The dark gold pattern contained destroy sword intent clashed, and loud exploding sound was heard everywhere.
“Not good. it is the natural mentality! Besides the special marital intent, there is also the intent of nature.”
Ye Chen backed out quickly. In front of him, five emerald colour fire wave shoot out at him. It formed after the explosion which torn apart the gold pattern attack of his immediately.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
Drawing a line in the air, Ye Chen avoided all of the incoming attacks. The stone wall nearby him had five holes appearing soon after which burnt the walls.
“Nice. You have actually avoided the five spell palm attack.”
Jiang Tian nodded, he threw out another dozens of five spell palm attacks. The twisted symbols were everywhere locking down all dead corners.
“Thunder devour! Formation!”
Ye Chen was not the kind of people who did not know to seize the chance to fight back. Five sword winds formed on his back. His speed increased couple of times immediately, shooting between the twisted symbols. Meanwhile, the shining thunder disastrous sword had been waved out for a deadly attack. The black light ball had been shoot out.
Te black light ball exploded, the thunder spread out madly.
“Haha, you are still too young for this.”
Above the stone room Jiang Tian’s future appeared as he threw out a palm attack towards Ye Chen.
As he threw out the palm attack, dozens of palm power had been thrown out. that aggressive natural intent brought on apocalyptical feeling of danger. Not to mential top master level warriors, even if they were normal demi king warriors, they would not have an easy time in front of this.
Unfortunately, Ye Chen was not normal top master level warrior nor normal demi king warriors. He was Ye Chen. Battling with the same cultivation warrior, he would have no flaws. In front of those symbol palm power, his sword intent increased rapidly, breaching through the blockage of the nature intent. He threw out a sword attack.
This sword was still the thunder devour, but its shape was massive. It was more than five meters as if a thunder beam wrapped around the meteorite.

The symbol palm power clashed with thunder massive ball. Waves of horrifying blasting power spread out. if this stone room was not covered in forbidden power, it would be turned into a flat ground.
“This high level thunder ultimate meaning martial art?”
Dantai Mingyue’s expression chanced. The training level of the ultimate meaning was separated into three realms, there were minor completion, major completion as well as full completion. For some type of ultimate meaning, more than thirty percent of learned would be counted as minor completion, once getting ninety-nine percent, it would be major completion. For Ye Chen’s thunder devour that contained the ultimate meaning of thunder would reach beyond the minor completion which would be at least fifty to sixty percent, otherwise he would not be able to have this much power.
Leaning on the walls outside the stone room, Dantai Mingyue shifted her attention to Jiang Tian who was able to control the nature intent. It was something that surprised her majorly as well. If without some kind of special spirit body or talent, even with the highest comprehensive ability, no warriors would be able to learn the nature intent. Although Jiang Tian had only learned an entry level of it.
“It is over now!”
Inside the massive stone room, Jiang Tian had a smile on his face. Layers of symbols appeared out of nowhere, the symbols expended immediately, forming into a massive symbol ball, covering Ye Chen which took up half of a stone room.
“It would not finish like this, would it?”
Dantai Mingyue could tell that the power of the massive symbol ball attack, but she also knew that Ye Chen was not some weak warriors since all of the warriors who had underestimated him had failed drastically.