Dragon-Marked War God
Chapter 2890 - The Ten-Day Covenant

Chapter 2890 The Ten-Day Covenant
“Lord Ling, we’ll meet again about today’s matter. Yunji’s words also represent mine. Ten days later, on the Nine Cauldron Mountain, our Blood Tool Sect will await the arrival of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect.” Chu Wang harrumphed as he left, clearly displeased.
The remaining elders looked at each other with an interesting smirk on their faces.
“Looks like we’re up for a good show ten days later, hehe.”
“I wonder whether this fella has what it takes. To think he dared to challenge Chu Yunji in blacksmithing, could he really be a genuine blacksmith?”
“His combat strength may be great but it won’t defeat Chu Yunji in the arts of Blacksmithing. I still favour Chu Yunji as his achievements are evident. This mysterious guest… god knows what devil is he… ”
“Let’s see who’s going to give us a better result ten days later, if the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect has such a Master Blacksmith as their friend, then, we’ll have to re-evaluate the situation.”
The nine sects elders also left the grounds of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect after saying their goodbyes to Ling Yanyu. The Ten-Day Covenant instantly spread throughout the Tian Xing Boundary, countless experts came due to the news. A battle between two Master Blacksmiths, the situation of the Tian Xing Boundary would surely become much chaotic.
Nobody doubted Blood Tool Sect’s Chu Yunji’s skill. It’s uncertain whether Jiang Chen could win against Chu Yunji. The whole Tian Xing Boundary would be in an uproar if he could really defeat Chu Yunji, and the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect would certainly not be pressured by the Blood Tool Sect anymore.
“Thank you.” Ling Yun said calmly with a slightly embarrassed and shy expression.
“Big Brother, do you know that we’ve missed you terribly for the past ten years without you at our side, especially Big Sis Ling, she’s just quiet about it. Hehe.” Yue Er said with a playful smile as she grabbed Jiang Chen’s hand, not letting it go.
“Stop fooling around, Yue Er!” Ling Yun frowned, her expression was serious as she glared at Yue Er.
Jiang Chen just smiled and slightly nodded, he then looked towards the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect’s lord, Ling Yanyu and said:
“Lord Ling, this little one greets you, I am Jiang Chen, Yue Er and Ling Yun’s friend.”
“Good man. You have a great future ahead of you.” Ling Yanyu’s expression was calm but not stingy in compliments.
“Let me ask you this, are you really a Master Blacksmith? How confident are you in facing Chu Yunji ten days later?” Ling Yanyu asked, being straightforward.
Jiang Chen liked that attitude of his, he liked people that were straightforward, just like Ling Yanyu.
“I dare not to say 100%, that’ll be boastful, I’ll say 99%.” Jiang Chen smiled and spoke in a ‘humble’ tone.
Ling Yanyu gave a bitter chuckle. What difference does it make? 99% and that’s not boastful?
“Jiang Chen, little friend, you’re young and talented, truly impressive. However, Chu Yunji is not as simple as he seemed. There’s a rumour that he has just come back to Tian Xing Boundary after obtaining his blacksmithing skills at the border of the Central Region. He’ll certainly not let the disgrace he suffered go, little friend, you’ll have to be careful.” Yang Le said in a serious tone.
“I know, however, I, Jiang Chen, may not care if he touched someone else, I’m no busybody. However, he’s eyeing on Ling Yun, he will have to first get through her. Lady Ling Yun had once saved my life, I will never forget that. Plus, you have taken care of Yue Er all these years, I am truly grateful. Therefore, I, Jiang Chen, will not stand idle in this matter.” Jiang Chen said with a solemn tone.
Blood Tool Sect? The Nine Boundaries of Qi Lian, how many more has he killed? The three Half-Step Hierarchs of Linhe Boundary, what happened to them in the end?
“A courageous young tiger. Good! I, Ling Yanyu, am not wrong, my disciple is certainly right too!” Ling Yanyu stroked his beard and smiled.
“Are you that confident?” Ling Yun frowned.
She was still worried that Jiang Chen was just boasting, a Master Blacksmith, could it really be achieved by just anyone?
Others might not know that Jiang Chen was just a True God Realm kid just a dozen of years ago. Moreover, he’s improved so much in such a short amount of time, it’s probably his nature on cultivating extremely hard. But blacksmithing skills, how can he achieve that without hundreds, no, thousands of years of hard work?
Ling Yun felt like it was a joke, a self-made Master Blacksmith in just a dozen years? What’s Jiang Chen planning?
“Are you that doubtful of me? You saved me in the past, now, let me pay back that favor.” Jiang Chen said.
Ling Yun’s heart shook, her expression became slightly pale. Really? Just to return a favor? For that simple reason?
“Alright, I’ll believe in you.”
Ling Yun turned and left, walking towards the bamboo forest with a slight sadness in her heart.
“Young friend, Jiang Chen. This time, it’s all up to you. My Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect would surely be able to take them down if you’re able to defeat Chu Yunji. Of course, even if you lose, I won’t blame you. I, Ling Yanyu, am not a savage man, I will ensure your safety, I won’t the Blood Tool Sect to harm you.” Ling Yanyu said with solemn expression.
Jiang Chen could see that this Lord, Ling Lanyu, was a man with a big heart, and not some petty villain. He’d surely help Ling Yun towards the end.
“Rest assured, I will not disappoint Lord Ling.” Jiang Chen smiled as he took Yun Er away from the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect’s plaza.
Countless disciples silently watched Jiang Chen, his cultivation realm might not be as powerful as Chu Yunji, yet he was still able to defeat him. It was truly impressive. Plus, he’s also a Master Blacksmith. The moment he showed the 108 Peak Heavenly Divine Tools, everyone, including Ling Yanyu and the various sect elders, were dumbfounded.
Ten plus years has passed, Yue Er was still as cute as ever. From her appearance, she probably only grew 4-5 years instead of ten, just a small change, she still had that cute look of a child.
“You’ve suffered a lot for the past ten years, Big Brother.” Yue Er said quietly while biting her lips before Jiang Chen could say anything.
“When did I suffer? Aren’t I well and fine over here? Haha.” Jiang Chen hugged Yue Er.
The old man asked me to take care of Yue Er, she’s now family, my own little sister. If it wasn’t for them saving me, perhaps I would’ve already been eaten by a demonic beast in the wild when I entered the Divine World.