Dragon-Marked War God
Chapter 2978

Chapter 2978 - Hierarch, So What?
“Is this the strength of a Hierarch?” Chen Long murmured as he clenched his fist. He felt that he could even split a great mountain. Then he looked towards Jiang Chen who was not far away from him. Chen Long believed that he could defeat Jiang Chen with a single punch 1, however, he had lost the competition.
“Chen Long, the Second Palace Lord specially permits you to compete against Jiang Chen again after you have broken through due to your effort in your cultivation.” Qian Renji said it while gritting her teeth.
The orders of the Second Palace Lord could not be defied.
Chen Long’s eyes were shining brightly as his expression turned into happiness. To think there is such great fortune?! Since he had reached the Hierarch Realm, defeating Jiang Chen was a piece of cake.
“Jiang Chen, you dare fight me within the Lightning Tribulation?” Chen Long said.
However, many scorned his behaviour, he lost the support of the people even if winn this. Jiang Chen was just a Late Divine King and he was almost a full-fledged Hierarch, awaiting the Lightning Tribulation to complete the change. Could Jiang Chen withstand such a powerful Lightning Tribulation?
Jiang Chen shouted as he flew straight into the thunder clouds, looking straight at Chen Long’s eyes. The battle of life and death between the two has just started.
“This is suicide.”
“Agreed, even if he defeats Chen Long, that lightning could easily obliterate him.”
“Jiang Chen is talented but he’s also too arrogant, he could’ve backed off and waited for a better opportunity to strike back. There’s no going back now.”
Everyone sighed the instant Jiang Chen went into the clouds. A young hero was doomed to fall.
Jiang Chen was calm as lightning struck, he allowed the lightning to hit upon his body. He was, fortunately, unharmed, shocking countless people, including the Second Palace Lord and Lin Youkang. This fella can ignore Heavenly Lightnings?!
Chen Long dared not dawdle in the face of such destructive power, he was feeling pressured from the lightning yet Jiang Chen was ignoring it.
“What can a mere Heavenly Lightning do against me?” Jiang Chen sneered.
“Try some of my techniques! A Hierarch is not someone you can face.” Chen Long shouted as he threw a punch.
Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and activated the Little Ashura Sword Formation that was surrounding Chen Long. Although the Little Ashura Sword Formation only had 72 Peak Heavenly Divine Tools, it was still a formidable formation. At least it could keep Chen Long from escaping as countless blades shot towards him.
“Interesting, let’s see whether it’s capable of stopping me.” Chen Long sneered as he unleashed the qi of the Hierarch.
After three attempts, Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation started to show some cracks. Chen Long’s eyes shone. This fella’s formation is pretty strong but you wanna stop me with this? Keep Dreaming!
“Now!” Chen Long shouted as he tried to break through the sword formation.
“It’s still too early to celebrate, it’s just the Hors-d'œuvre. Dou Formation Technique, activate!” Jiang Chen shouted.
The Dou Formation Technique instantly fortified the Little Ashura Sword Formation, increasing its power. Chen Long instantly became passive within the Little Ashura Sword Formation, even somewhat distraught.
“Dou Formation Technique? How does this fella know the Dou Formation Technique from the Battle God Clan? Is he connected with that clan?” The Second Palace Lord squinted his eyes.
He became serious when Jiang Chen unleashed the Dou Formation Technique. However, the Profound Connection Divine Palace did not fear the Battle God Clan. This fella’s cards are pretty shocking.
Chen Long lost his initial overbearing manner under the pressure of the Dou Formation Technique. However, he still has strength to spare even if he’s trapped with the Little Ashura Sword Formation. The Little Ashura Sword Formation with the Dou Formation Technique was still insufficient to kill a Hierarch.
“Trying to kill me? It’s not that easy, hmph.”
Chen Long became one with his blade as he unleashed his powerful sword technique towards Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation, the might of an Hierarch was not to be trifled.
Jiang Chen looked up towards the Heavenly Lightning. The Little Ashura Sword Formation was not the main course, but the Heavenly Lightning from Chen Long’s breakthrough. By merging three Heavenly Lightnings, it would be a piece of cake for him to kill Chen Long!
The Little Ashura Sword Formation gradually loosened, everyone thought Jiang Chen was trying to run away but Jiang Chen instead chose to rush into the clouds.
“Where are you running to?!”
Jiang Chen’s eyes shone brightly as if the thunder clouds were trying to run away, he firmly grasped onto them. What Jiang Chen was doing within the clouds had made the Second Palace Lord question his actions.
Chen Long broke through the Little Ashura Sword Formation and looked up towards Jiang Chen with murderous intent.
“It’s fruitless trying to hide within the clouds, I will still kill you nonetheless.”
Chen Long was like a mad bull. As he was previously defeated by Jiang Chen, the negative thoughts that were pent up within his heart and this mental hurdle would not go away if he did not kill him.
“It must feel bad, wanting to run away yet unable to.” The Second Palace Lord sneered as he watched Jiang Chen fly into the clouds.
Chen Long’s domineering qi had made Qian Renji’s heart slightly tremble. He may not be at my level yet, but not many Early Hierarchs could face him.
Suddenly, a three-coloured lightning sparked within the clouds where everyone thought Jiang Chen was hiding. It exploded the instant Chen Long flew into the clouds!
“Hierarch, so what?!” Jiang Chen roared as thunder rumbled.
The radiant Heavenly Lightning exploded, everyone closed their eyes, except for the Second Palace Lord and Lin Youkang. They did not expect the three-coloured lightning to explode with such intensity. An Early Hierarch wouldn’t be able to withstand it, not even Qian Renji could take it.
“No!!!” Chen Long’s eyes opened wide.
However, that three-coloured Heavenly Lightning bloomed and exploded like a lotus flower. He could not withstand it, not without preparation, it was too late for him to take it.
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