Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan
Chapter 1466 Five Elders Perish

Chapter 1466 Five Elders Perish
When the five streams of light crashed down, an earthshaking explosion resounded and berserk waves of Genesis Qi wreaked havoc across the island. Everything within one hundred thousand miles was crumbled into power.
Many Law Domain experts were also blasted into the distance, but they all still stared in horror at the source of the Genesis Qi shock waves.
The power erupted from sect master Qing Yang and the other four sect masters after they combust their Law Domains had surpassed the limit of the Law Domain stage.
It was similar to putting all energy into a star on the verge of exploding. The rays of light produced were so blinding that no one dared to look directly at them. But when the light dimmed, the star would also vanish.
That power was dazzling but the price paid for it was too heavy.
Not all Law Domain experts would have such courage and determination.
Therefore, many Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts had great respect for the five elders.
Chu Qing, Li Chunjun, Zuoqiu QIngyu and the others clenched their hands tight, dazedly staring in that direction.
Under the gaze of both sides’ experts, the Genesis Qi storm at the source finally stopped raging, revealing the scene within it.
Everyone’s pupils rapidly shrank.
The first thing that caught their eyes was the female Saint’s alluring figure, only that her fair snow-white skin had become red and was covered with deep wounds.
But pink thorns extended out from her body and on those three thorns hung three tottering figures.
She stretched out her arms and clutched the throats of sect master Qing Yang and Heaven Sword Sovereign with her razor sharp fingers.
The female Saint’s originally captivating face had become dark and ruthless because in addition to the injuries on her body, which were just trivial, the Saint lotus above her head was damaged.
Three petals suddenly dimmed, fluttered off and turned into nothingness.
The damage to her Saint lotus indicated her foundation was affected.
After the female Saint punctured sect master Qing Yang’s throat with her sharp fingertips, his Genesis Qi had become disorderly and was weakening at an unbelievable speed. But he still smiled mockingly at her. “Do you think you’re invincible?”
Saints were indeed unbelievably strong, but the female Saint still had to pay a heavy price under the joint attack of five Law Domain experts.
Heaven Sword Sovereign, Shan Qingzi and the others also sneered.
“Five old things!” The woman’s face twisted and looked incredibly terrifying. She had underestimated the joint attack of sect master Qing Yang and the others because she was too confident in her Saint power. She had overestimated herself and underestimated the power produced from five top Law Domain experts sacrificing their lives.
The three Saint lotus petals that withered made her foundation no longer perfect and it would require her a lot of time and effort to progress further in the future.
How would she not be angry?
“Die!” The female Saint thundered coldly. Terrifying Saint power poured out from her body and Shan Qingzi and the others, who were skewered by the pink thorns, instantly exploded into blood-colored foam, filling the sky.
“Don't worry, when you all are dealt with, I will completely eliminate all Law Domain experts in Cangxuan Heaven!” The female Saint swept a chilling glance over sect master Qing Yang and Heaven Sword Sovereign.
“I’m curious to see whether all Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts are as tough as you guys.”
As her voice died away, Saint power burst forth from her fingertips and penetrated the bodies of sect master Qing Yang and Heaven Sword Sovereign. Then, blood sputtered across the sky.
Many Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts’ eyes were about to split, and roars resounded from everywhere.
In the distance, Chu Qing, Li Chunjun, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others couldn't stop their bodies from swaying and their minds went blank.
When sect master Qing Yang and the others combust their Law Domains, they already knew what they planned to do. But it was only when the five were truly killed and their blood splattered the sky that they snapped out from their shock.
The five sect masters were gone.
The female Saint tore them apart before their eyes.
Chu Qing opened his mouth and a bitter smile spread across his carefree face, and deep sorrow clouded his eyes.
“Old man, what were you thinking? You’re so old already, why did you have to plan such a heroic death?” Chu Qing's voice was hoarse and his eyes were a little red.
“If you think I'm lazy, you can just tell me. Why did you use such a method to mess with me?”
“Palace master!” Luluo couldn’t help but burst into tears and tears rolled down her cheeks.
Zuoqiu QIngyu bit her red lips and blood stained her pearly white teeth.
Li Qingchan lifted her beautiful face, her beautiful eyes red and welled up as she took a deep breath of the air filled with the stench of blood.
Although they were used to seeing death in the past half a year, they had a very close relationship with the five sect masters.
Li Chunjun stood there dumbly as a wrinkled face emerged in his mind. He thought back to when he first joined the Sword Seeker Sect and the old man in the twilight years of his life gave him much guidance.
Even Li Chunjun, who only had swords in his heart, was extremely upset with sorrow.
“Sect master, goodbye,” he whispered indistinctly.
“What a bunch of good children. Don't be upset, how about I send you to accompany those five old things?” A charming voice suddenly boomed out ahead.
The alluring female Saint was treading on waves. The wounds on her had completely healed but the Saint lotus above her head was still missing three petals.
She grinned at Chu Qing, Li Chunjun and the others. It was obvious that the five elders had a close relationship with them all and so she wanted to vent her anger and unleash her murderous rage on them.
Further away, Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts roared when they saw that scene and rushed over to help.
However, the Sacred Race Law Domain experts immediately intercepted them.
After all, a Saint wasn’t truly invincible. If all Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts had the courage to combust their Law Domains, the new female Saint could lose her life here.
The bewitching female saint stopped in front of Chu Qing and Li Chunjun and stretched out her slender jade-like hand. “You two are pretty good-looking, if you kill the others, I will let you two be my male companions.”
Chu Qing shook his head and said in disgust. “In terms of looks and elegance, you are ranked last here. I don't want to treat myself like that.
He curled his lips, but that smile was unprecedentedly chilling and solemn.
“I don’t plan to let you go today.”
Li Chunjun pointed his rusty mottled sword straight at the female Saint. “I want to see how difficult a Saint is to deal with.”
His voice was calm like the vast sea domain — the sea surface was peaceful but underwater currents were raging across the sea.
The female Saint was taken aback at first but she quickly covered her lips and laughed her head off.
“The Law Domain experts in Cangxuan Heaven aren’t particularly strong but you are all so arrogant…
“You want to die? That’s easy.”
A ruthless aura rose and surrounded her, and her red lips were brighter than blood. She gracefully lifted her beautiful fingers.
The sea behind her suddenly parted and a giant red python exuding vicious tendencies slowly extended out. The giant python was formed from mighty Saint power and its every scale was inscribed with ancient runes. The gentle swaying of the python’s tail stirred up thousands of waves.
Even Law Domain experts would shudder with fear before the giant python.
The python locked its cold and ruthless eyes on Li Chunjun, Chu Qing and the others, bringing an oppressive pressure that could freeze even Genesis Qi.
The bewitching female Saint licked her lips and said quietly, “Swallow them.”
As her voice sounded, the giant python roared out, tearing down the surrounding space. The giant python opened its abyss-like mouth and swallowed the surrounding space. Then, shrouded in a monstrous shadow, it sped towards Chu Qing, Li Chunjun and the others.
Complete darkness engulfed them.