Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife
Chapter 1088 - Third Master Has Transformed Into a Super Dad (Part Six)

Chapter 1088: Third Master Has Transformed Into a Super Dad (Part Six)
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‘I’ve had enough of these two! They didn’t bother holding their tongues in front of two 18-year-old girls.’
“Did you hear that, my wife?” Yan Rusheng said, raising his eyebrows playfully at Xuxu. “For the sake of feeding our children, you have to be obedient tonight.”
He looked at Xuxu, his gaze full of tenderness.
And his smile, it was reserved solely for her.
It made him look so attractive.
She felt so comfortable and at ease.
She envied Third sister-in-law for being able to have a man who could give her a sense of security and endless amounts of love.
To her, he was like a god—way out of her reach.
She stared at Yan Rusheng dreamily.
“Bai Jing.”
Su Yue called out to her suddenly. Bai Jing snapped out of it and hurriedly retracted her gaze. Her eyes flashed with guilt, she then looked at Su Yue, acting calm and collected. “Yes?”
“Do you think my Third Brother is indecent too?”
She had seen her staring at Yan Rusheng earlier, so she thought Bai Jing was secretly criticizing him.
Xuxu was speechless.
‘This lass, so she knew ‘indecent’.’
‘She must’ve learned some things online, but she definitely didn’t know much. ‘
Xuxu glared at Yan Rusheng, then said to Su Yue, “Yueyue, let your Third Brother take you and Bai Jing out for dinner.”
“Okay.” Su Yue nodded. She turned to Bai Jing and said, “Bai Jing, let’s go, then we’ll head back to school.”
Bai Jing was a little startled to hear that. “You’re going back to school today?”
“Yup.” Su Yue nodded and added, “I’m visiting Third sister-in-law again during the weekends. Do you want to tag along?”
“I’ll let you know…” Bai Jing hung her head and hesitated.
Xuxu could tell that she didn’t dare to agree immediately. The Lei family must’ve limited her freedom.
Bai Jing’s hesitation didn’t slip past Xuxu, but she remained silent.
Bai Jing continued, “I’ll let you know closer to the date itself. I’ll join you if I have nothing on.”
It overjoyed Su Yue. “That’s great.”
“I’ll order delivery,” Yan Rusheng said. He didn’t feel like going downstairs.
After watching her give birth and going through the grueling process with her, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with Xuxu.
Even if it were just a mere second, he would take it.
Xuxu frowned. “No, I can’t eat that food.”
She had to eat light because she had to breastfeed.
So if they were to eat here, it would definitely tempt her.
“Okay then,” Yan Rusheng agreed, his heart aching. “Darling, I’ll bring you on a trip after your one-month confinement is over.”
“Third Yan, are you done?” Mu Li couldn’t stand watching her son acting so mushy in front of so many people. She frowned with contempt and continued, “You’re a grown man, could you behave like one?”
Yan Rusheng nodded in understanding. “Mm. I understand. A woman’s jealousy is regardless of age.”
Xuxu was speechless.
“You rascal,” Mu Li chided, punching Yan Rusheng on the shoulder. Then she rushed him, saying, “Quickly bring them out for dinner, then arrange for someone to send them back.”
Yan Rusheng nodded and looked at Su Yue.
Su Yue immediately held Bai Jing’s hand in hers and walked towards Yan Rusheng. She looked at Xuxu, then the twins.
She thought for a moment before suggesting, “Third Brother, Bai Jing and I can settle our own dinner. You don’t have to bring us.”