Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife
Chapter 964 - Don’t Go

Chapter 964: Don’t Go

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“We should be the one thanking you for saving our son.” Mu Li rubbed her eyes, feeling grateful.
“Where’s Bai Jing?” Xuxu peered at the bathroom but there was no sight of Bai Jing.
Su Yue answered, “She went out after answering a call. I don’t know.”
Before Su Yue could even finish her sentence, a petite figure entered through the door. It was Bai Jing.
She was holding her old-looking cellphone and had kept her head bowed as if something preoccupied her mind. She was dumbfounded when she saw Xuxu and the rest as she entered the ward. She immediately recomposed herself, lifted her spirits a little and nodded at them.
“Bai Jing.” Xuxu smiled and walked up to her.
Bai Jing greeted her lightly. “Third sister-in-law.”
As they walked towards the bed, Mu Li stood up and looked at Bai Jing before gently telling her, “My child, you’ve been staying here for the past two nights. Go home and take a rest first. There are people here to look after your father.”
“It’s all right. I want to accompany my dad.” Bai Jing shook her head. Although her voice was soft, she sounded determined.
She took a step forward and sat down by the bedside.
Then she took two pieces of tissue to wipe off the beads of perspiration from Bai Lisong’s face.
Mu Li stood by the side, and as she observed the scrawny Bai Jing, she sighed in helplessness.
“Bai Jing, this is Brother Qi Lei, whom I’ve told you about.” Su Yue smiled as she introduced him to Bai Jing.
Bai Jing looked up and glanced at Qi Lei before answering with an ‘oh’.
When Su Yue sensed that something was not quite right with Bai Jing, she held back her smile.
Bai Lisong who was lying on the bed could roughly guess what was on her mind. She asked Bai Jing, “Xiaojing, was that your mom who called?”
Bai Jing didn’t answer him. Instead, she asked, “Are you hungry?”
Bai Lisong didn’t press further. But from her expression, he already knew the answer. He nodded and replied, “I want to drink some water.”
Xuxu felt that the presence of so many people would affect Bai Jing’s mood, hence, she expressed to Mu Li and Yan Weihong, “Father, Mother, shall we make a move first and let Uncle Bai take a good rest?”
Yan Weihong nodded. “Okay.”
Xuxu was walking towards the door when she recalled something. She turned back to speak to Su Yue. “Yueyue, your brother is on a work trip. I’ll come and bring you back to our home tonight.”
Su Yan had called her while she was on the way to the hospital and it nearly slipped her mind.
Su Yue shook her head. “It’s all right. I can go home myself.”
Xuxu frowned and her tone was firm. “You wait here for me. Your Third Brother will come if I can’t come.”
After that, she turned back and caught up with Mu Li and the rest without giving Su Yue a chance to speak.
Once they stepped out of the entrance, Xuxu looked at Yan Weihong and Mu Li and said, “Father, Mother, I’m going back to my studio now. Be careful on your way home.”
“I thought you said that there’s not much work to do?” Mu Li held on to Xuxu’s hand and looked at her bulging and round belly with concern in her eyes. “Don’t go to work.”
Xuxu smiled and answered, “There’s still some work to be done. Recently, I’ve been learning to sew from a master tailor, and I’m getting enthusiastic about it.”
Sensing that Mu Li was worrying for her, she added, “I’ll be fine. I’ll be more careful and will go back early tonight.”
Hearing this, Mu Li couldn’t bear to stop her. After all, it was her interest. “Then your Father and I will send you there.”
Xuxu shook her head. “It’s okay. I can take a taxi.”
“We’ll send you there since we have nothing to do when we get home. Let’s go for lunch first and you can go back to your studio after eating,” Yan Weihong spoke all of a sudden. His tone was deep and commanding, with no room for refuting.