Elixir Supplier
Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Moonflower Herb and Anshensan

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“Is this going to work?” Wang Zexiao’s parents looked at each other.
“Should I call the doctor?” asked Wang Zexiao’s mother.
“Auntie, the doctor will definitely not allow Zexiao to drink the herbal fluid. According to the old Chinese Medical practitioner, this fluid can only be drunk by the patient. It cannot be taken to be tested in the lab,” Wang Yao said.
He knew he would be in trouble if the doctors were here. The doctors were in charge of care—they wouldn’t let their patient take any medications or herbs without proof or permit.
“Okay, let’s try it!” Wang Zexiao’s father suddenly got up and took the glass bottle from Wang Yao’s hand.
His son had been in a coma for two days and was in ICU yesterday. He was transferred to a different room today for observation. He and his wife heard the other patients in the hospital say that their son was basically incurable. They received notice of their son being in a critical condition this afternoon. They would try anything to save him even if there was just a little bit of hope.
Wang Zexiao’s parents opened Wang Zexiao’s mouth gently and slowly fed him the green fluid. Then they sat next to the bed to observe their son nervously. About 10 minutes later, Wang Zexiao, who had been in a coma since he was hospitalized, moved his fingers and opened his mouth slightly.
There was a reaction!
His parents called his name when they saw him moving. They were thrilled.
“Come on, give him the rest of the fluid!”
His parents fed him the rest of the fluid.
About 20 minutes later, the green and dark color on Wang Zexiao’s face started to fade gradually. He slowly opened his eyes and moved his lips.
“Dad, mom?” His voice was very faint, like a mosquito singing. But it was the most beautiful voice to his parents who were eagerly waiting for him to wake up.
“Zexiao, are you awake?!”
Wang Zexiao’s parents cried tears of joy.
Wang Yao was amazed. At that moment, he heard someone else’s voice.
Task: Create your own herbal medicine within a month.
Task status: Completion. You will be rewarded with a formula.
The hose has reached the condition for upgrading. Would you like to upgrade your system? the voice said again.
Yes, please upgrade, Wang Yao said subconsciously.
It was so peaceful. Wang Yao felt as if there was something in his head. It was like someone injected the knowledge of herbs into his mind and it caused his temples to throb.
“Thank you so much, Yao!”
At this moment, Wang Zexiao’s father held Wang Yao’s hands tightly. He was rambling due to excitement, while his wife rushed out to call the doctor.
“Don’t worry about it uncle. I just hope you can keep this to yourself and don’t let anyone else know,” said Wang Yao.
“My lips are sealed. You have my words,” said Wang Zexiao’s father.
After a moment, a doctor and two nurses rushed into the room and started to examine Wang Zexiao who had just woken up.
“This is impossible!” The doctor opened his eyes wider and wider as he was doing the examination. His voice was also trembling.
This patient had multiple organ failures and appeared to be dying. But now, he became surprisingly stable. Even his heart beat and blood pressure has recovered to an acceptable point.
“What did you do to him?” the doctor asked eagerly after examining Wang Zexiao.
“Nothing, we did nothing!” Wang Zexiao’s father looked oblivious.
“Doctor, is my son getting better?”
“Yes, he is out of danger for now, but we still need to observe him for a while. You really didn’t do anything to him?” the doctor asked again.
“Of course not, what could we have done?” said Wang Zexiao’s father.
Wang Yao was also speechless. He didn’t expect the doctor could ask such questions in the hospital.
“This is a miracle!” The doctor murmured.
When the medical staff was busy, Wang Xiao put the empty glass bottle in his pocket secretly. He then said goodbye to Wang Zexiao’s father and walked out of the room. But Wang Zexiao’s father followed him out and grab his hand.
“Yao, I don’t know how to thank you. Let me know if you need me. As long as I can help, I will do my best,” this 50-year-old man said with tears. He thought he owed Wang Yao a debt of gratitude which was higher than the sky, deeper than the ocean as Wang Yao saved his son’s life. He would remember it for the rest of his life.
“It’s okay, please go back inside to take good care of Zexiao and remember, never tell the doctors what happened. Make sure auntie does the same.” Wang Xiao was concerned about Wang Zexiao’s parents spilling the beans as they were so excited. So he reinforced it.
“I will remember and will also make sure your auntie’s mouth is sealed. Don’t worry,” said Wang Zexiao’s father.
“Okay, I have to go now,” said Wang Yao.
“Drive safe,” said Wang Zexiao’s father.
By the time Wang Yao arrived at home on his motorbike, it was already dark. His parents were waiting for him at the dinner table.
“Where have you been? I couldn’t find you on the hill,” said Zhang Xiuying.
“Wang Zexiao was hospitalized. I went to visit him,” replied Wang Yao.
“Right, it was good of you to go. How is he? Has he gotten any better?” asked Zhang Xiuying.
“I think so. I heard he’s woken up.”
“I see. I thought he was very sick and the doctors had given his parents of his critically ill state. How come he’s suddenly woken up?” Zhang Xiuying asked with surprise.
“Maybe the doctors found a way to treat him. Besides, it’s a good thing that he woke up!” said Wang Yao.
“Let’s eat,” Wang Fenghua said and Wang Yao and his mother stopped talking. After dinner Wang Yao quickly went to his room and turned on his computer to see what reward he received after the system upgrade.
He didn’t expect this task would be completed in such a way. When he heard the voice in the hospital he was completely surprised. He thought creating his own herbal medicine was a very difficult task. He thought he had to create something out of nothing. He didn’t expect that through mixing the antidote herb with ancient spring water that he would complete the task. He had to say, he was very fortunate.
The system had shown some changes:
Grade: 2
Occupational grade: Greenhand
Body constitution: 1.5, Strength: 1.2, Spirit: 1.3, Agility: 1.2, Will: 1.2
Herb cultivation:
Grade: 1 (Greenhand)
Reward for upgrading: a formula and a pack of herbal seeds.
This was his reward for upgrading.
Formula, what formula?
Wang Yao opened his reward and suddenly rays of lights flashed and a formula was pinned inside his head.
Anshensan: (function) alleviates mental depression, harmonizes Qi, and nourishes the heart to calm the mind.”
Formula: Ginseng, Angelica, Poria Cocos, Licorice, Moonlight herb.
“Wait, what is this moonlight herb?” Looking at this list of Chinese medical herbs, Wang Yao knew most of them. A few of them Wang Yao wasn’t exactly sure what they were but he vaguely remembered he had seen the names before. But this moonlight herb, Wang Yao really couldn’t think of where he had seen it.
Anyway, there was also a bag of seeds.
Let me have a look what it is, thought Wang Yao.
They were the seeds of the moonlight herb. They were here waiting for Wang Yao. Brilliant!