Elixir Supplier
Chapter 33

Chapter 33: One Dose of Medicine to Ease the Mind

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“How about forgetting it? I am used to it,” said Xu Jiahui
“I will come back in three days,” Tian Yuantu said determinedly. He loved his wife very much, so he must try it since there was a possibility to cure his wife.

On Nanshan hill, next to the house.
“Yao, you should be honest with me. Can you really treat her?” Zhang Xiumei was worried about her nephew. She had regretted dragging Wang Yao into this before coming here since Tian Yuantu was not a common person. She would have to take responsibility if he got angry at Wang Yao.
“She could be cured but it is so expensive. We will just see whether he will pay for it or not.” Wang Yao had about an 80% assurance at this moment.
“Why it is so expensive?”
“Sorry. I cannot tell you. Besides, Aunt, you should not tell this to my parents since they will worry about me,” Wang Yao told his aunt.
“Okay,” Zhang Xiumei sighed. She was still worried about him.
On this day, Zhang Xiumei lived at Wang Yao’s house. She and Wang Yao’s mother had not seen each other so these two sisters seemed to talk on forever when they met.
Wang Yao went to study his book and then slept after dinner.
The next morning, Wang Yao woke up early and went to the hill after a simple breakfast. Having finished working on the hill, he rode to town on his motorbike to buy several strains of tea plants so he could plant them on the hill. However, there was no such thing in town and the trees were not in season. Hence, he went to the county, but he also found nothing there. He asked some local people and found out that there was a tea garden close by. He rode to the garden and bought some tea strains—only 30 of them. He did not know about tea plants, so he consulted the seller for knowledge.
Having bought the tea, he went back to the hill to find a place for the tea plants. Then, he watered the area with the mixed ancient spring water that had been prepared in advance.
“Soon, I will have tea of my own,” Wang Yao said as he looked at the tea plants that he just planted.
“There should be several fruit trees beside the tea plants. Yes!”
In the cool breeze of the hill, the young man worked in the field happily.
The next day, Wang Yao picked up two leaves of the Moonlight herb that had been there the longest and started to decoct Anshensan with them. With the help of the first experience, he was self-confident this time. However, he should also be careful not to be careless. Each step should be done with care, from weighing and washing to immersing and decocting. Finally, he was relieved when he saw the light orange soup.
“It should be a success!”
On the morning of the third day, Tian Yuantu came as per appointment. He came by himself this time and Wang Yao had prepared the Anshensan. He put it in the white porcelain vase that he specially purchased in town.
“How should I pay? What is the deposit?” Tian Yuantu asked as he received the warm herbal medicine.
“Full payment upfront,” Wang Yao said.
It was not his rule, but the system’s. He had asked before and it said that it should be paid in full and could be in cash.
“What if it is useless?” Tian Yuantu asked. He did have the money, but it did not mean that he would use it casually. Oppositely, he did care about the value made by the money as a successful businessman.
“I am here, and my home is here. You can come to find me at any time. However, if you make trouble out of nothing…” Something like that should be clarified early. Although Wang Yao had no countermeasures temporarily, he would find some soon if needed.
Tian Yuantu did not waste any time and quickly transferred the money with his mobile phone. Then he left.
Looking at the message on his phone, Wang Yao thought it was unreal since there was now 260 thousand yuan in his account.
“Rich guys are so different!” He raised his head and looked at the Tian Yuantu’s Range Rover.
“It is surprising that I could get a bonus from selling medicinal herbs.”
Now that the transaction was done, Wang Yao heard the ding of the system. He opened the system panel when Tian Yuantu left. He found that there were two bonus points when he sold that one dose of medicine.
Ten miles away, in the most luxurious area of Lianshan County, there was a villa with a gentle, beautiful woman inside. She held a white porcelain vase. She drunk a little bit as her husband stood next to her. He was the Tian Yuantu who rushed over from Wang Yao’s house.
“How do you feel?’ Tian Yuantu asked gently.
“It is not an elixir, so it would not work that quickly,” Xu Jiahui smiled.
“However, I can feel that my body is warm and comfortable.”
The warmth had enveloped half of her body within ten minutes. Some feelings of tiredness and uncomfortableness had been driven away.
“It is useful!” Xu Jiahui nodded.
“It is good that it is useful. The bottle should be finished within three days. It should be warmed if it gets cold.”
“I know. It is not my first time drinking medicine,” Xu Jiahui smiled.
That night, Xu Jiahui had a good sleep without needing a sleeping pill. She only woke up at midnight. For her, it had been a rare enjoyment. All she wanted these years was to have a good night’s rest.
The next day, she could feel that she was without pain when she got up. She washed her face and she seemed to be better than yesterday due to the sufficient sleep she got last night.
“The medicine is useful!”
Looking at the strange change in his wife, Tian Yuantu was much happier than her.
“I’ll go find him!”
“Who?” Xu Jiahui asked.
“Wang Yao.”
“To ask him for another dose.”
“There is still some medicine left. How about I finish this first?” Xu Jiahui said.
“Yes, yes, yes. You’re right, I just got a little excited. It is so surprising that there would be a high master in the world. We should meet his master!”
“Does his master really exist?” Xu Jiahui asked her husband.
“What do you mean?” Tian Yuantu was confused.
“Lianshan County is not that large. We have asked all the famous doctors in the county earlier on. However, we hadn’t found such powerful doctors. It is just one dose of medicine and it is not finished, yet the results for a disease that has tortured me for more than ten years are instantaneous. It must be a powerful and excellent doctor!”
“So…you mean?”
“The medicine herbs in his herbal field are in good health. It is October, but the leaves are still green,” Xu Jiahui finished.
On Nanshan hill, she wouldn’t say it out loud but she was paying close attention to everything. She looked at the herbal field carefully and at the young man who held extraordinary conversations.