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Chapter 394 - Two Families Had Collapsed

Chapter 394: Two Families Had Collapsed

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She really liked the naïve and simple children. She liked to spend time together with the rustic folks. She already felt like place was her second home. She was reluctant to leave.
“Don’t worry. Everything will be okay,” Wang Mingbao said.
Wang Mingbao knew that Wang Yao had cured the illnesses of several people. He had also gone to Jing to treat the dignitaries there. His pharmaceutical technology was quite marvelous.
“That’s good then,” she said.
Wang Yao felt that his trip here was worthwhile after watching the innocent children and their pure smiles and listening to their cheerful laughter.
Huh? He looked at the clothes most of them wore. Their clothes seem to be a bit shabby.
In the evening, Wang Mingbao was humming a song. He was in a good mood.
“Did you get one step closer?” Wang Yao asked.
“No,” Wang Mingbao said.
“Then, why are you happy?” Wang Yao asked.
“Her boyfriend hasn’t called her for a week,” Wang Mingbao replied with a smile.
“Holy crap. She even told you about that?” Wang Yao was surprised.
“Haha. There’s hope for you,” Wang Yao responded. He suddenly remembered that he had not contacted Tong Wei for days. He would call her later.
“Oh right, how are those children recovering?” Wang Mingbao asked.
“I looked at them today. They’re recovering quite well. You care about them quite a lot,” Wang Yao said.
“That’s mainly because Han Jia asked about it,” Wang Mingbao replied.
Rain was rare in the area of Lishui. It rained that night. The rain pattered.
They had been here for two days. Wang Yao looked at the gloomy sky outside.
“Eh?” he suddenly exclaimed.
It’s so strange. Why didn’t I notice it yesterday? He suddenly discovered that the sky here was a bit weird.
After that, he went into the yard and released his Qi to communicate with the heaven and earth. Sure enough, the Qi in between the heaven and earth here was richer. Of course, it was beyond comparable to the Qi on Nanshan Hill. What was the cause?
“Why didn’t you take an umbrella with you?” Wang Mingbao came out of the house with an umbrella.
“It’s okay,” Wang Yao said.
After entering the house, he realized there was not a single raindrop on Wang Yao’s body.
Surprised, Wang Mingbao asked, “What’s going on?”
“Qi,” Wang Yao stated.
Wang Yao simply waved his hand. A gust of wind blew. The windows were squeaking.
“Qigong?” This time, Wang Mingbao vaguely understood a little.
“Kind of.”
“You must teach me,” Wang Mingbao said.
“Haha. No problem. It’ll depend on your luck whether you learn it or not,” Wang Yao replied.
The things in The Natural Classics were too esoteric. There were restrictions that it could not be circulated, but he could simplify it appropriately.
It rained for a while after midnight. The sky was clear by early morning.
“I’ll go out and have a look.” After breakfast, Wang Yao went out alone. Wang Mingbao continued to go to school to look for his pretty woman.
Wang Yao directly up the hill behind the village along the road. There were not many trees on the hill. Most of the land was excavated into farmlands. A while later, Wang Yao arrived at the highest point of the hill. Standing on the peak, he could clearly see the overall image of the mountain village.
The village was built according to the hill structures. It was slightly higher on the east and west and slightly lower in the middle. Wang Yao walked around on the hill and he did not discover anything strange.
This is weird!
After going down the hill, he was stopped by Gong Ziqiang’s father on the road.
“Dr. Wang, Headmaster Gong is looking for you,” he said.
“Okay. I’ll go over now,” Wang Yao said.
Headmaster Gong hurriedly came not long after he left. He looked anxious.
“Headmaster Gong, are you looking for me?” Wang Yao asked.
“Hey, Dr. Wang. A family in the village is poisoned,” the headmaster said. “They’re now being rescued at home. I’ve already dialed the emergency phone in the county, but I reckon they won’t be able to arrive anytime soon. Can you go over and have a look?”
“Okay. I’ll go over right now,” Wang Yao said.
When Wang Yao arrived, many people were standing in the family’s yard. Some were looking around. Some were eating peanuts. Some were cracking melon seeds. People who did not know would think they were here to watch an opera.
“Make way please!” Headmaster Gong shouted. The people standing in the yard immediately gave way.
They entered the room. It was a family of three. Two adults and a child of around 8 years old were all lying on the kang. They were writhing with pain.
Wang Yao immediately gave them a diagnosis. They were severely poisoned. Fortunately, the duration was shorter.
“Help them get up,” he shouted, but no one came forward.
“What are you doing? Help them up!” Headmaster Gong yelled. Several people immediately went forward to help the family of three up.
Wang Yao rubbed their stomachs one by one. Blech. Soon, they began to vomit one by one. They puked out all the things that they ate in the morning. There was a sour smell and streaks of blood.
“What’s going on?”
“I don’t know. We were still okay when we woke up in the morning.”
“Look at this mess!”
People were chattering outside. Gossiping was a universal thing.
“Headmaster Gong, is there a leftover of the soup I decocted last time?” Wang Yao asked.
“There’s a bit left,” the headmaster said.
The headmaster had been careful. Seeing the students all having serious diarrheas after drinking the medicinal soup Wang Yao decocted, he was afraid it would be toxic to the children. Therefore, he did not let the children drink it according to the amount Wang Yao mentioned. Instead, he appropriately reduced the amount and frequency.
“Bring it here,” Wang Yao said.
Although most of the things were puked out, the toxins had already caused damage to their bodies. They could not be expelled in a short period of time. Therefore, the pain would last for quite some time.
“Why are they poisoned?”
“I saw that the man of the family went to fetch some water and drank it.”
“Is the water from that well?” Wang Yao hurriedly asked.
“Didn’t I say that they’re not allowed to drink it?” Wang Yao asked.
“Perhaps they thought that it was okay.”
“His life isn’t in danger for the time being, but he needs further treatment,” Wang Yao said.
Wang Yao got up and went to the kitchen. The water they had fetched in the morning was still in the bucket. It looked clear. He scooped a little and put it in his mouth.
Blech! How could it change so drastically? His face turned pale.
After drinking the water, he clearly felt that his tongue was numb. This was a powerful stimulus. It was not like this the day before. The concentration of the toxins had increased several times in just one day. What was going on?
“Oh no! Something’s wrong with Aiguo’s family too!” An unknown person shouted from the outside.
Then, the gazes of the people in the house fell on Wang Yao.
“Dr. Wang, what do you think?”
“Let’s go have a look,” Wang Yao replied without hesitating.
It was still a family, but there was only a couple. They had the same condition. Wang Yao used the same method to induce vomiting. Their vomit was the same. It contained blood. Wang Yao discovered the clear well water in their kitchen.
“This water definitely can’t be drunk anymore!” he firmly stated.
Once was a coincidence, but two families were now affected. Furthermore, it looked terrible. This time, some of the villagers somewhat believed it. After all, they saw it with their own eyes. Even if they did not believe it, they did not drink the water from the well anymore.
“Block the well!” the party secretary of the county ordered.
Headmaster Gong was panting when he brought back the medicinal soup. He was trotting all the way. After all, he was old.
“Here you go, Dr. Wang,” he said.
There is quite a lot left! Wang Yao did not think much and divided the antidote herb into a few portions. He then let the poisoned people drink it.
After a series of sufferings, their lives were finally saved.
Woo. The ambulance arrived late outside. It was relatively far from the county town to the mountain village.
“Five people?” The doctor was dumbfounded upon seeing that many people.
At last, without a choice, the patients and two of their family members were squeezed in. The rest of the family members went directly to the county town in motorcycles.
Before leaving, Wang Yao exhorted the doctor who came with the ambulance. The doctor gave a strange look, as if to say, Who are you? Why are you so capable?
“I’m a doctor too.” Wang Yao took out his medical qualification certificate.
“Oh!” the person responded. It was considered a reply.
Wang Yao helplessly sighed.
“How could this be?” After hearing the news, Wang Mingbao, who came back from the school, was immediately stunned.
“They completely disregarded what I said,” Wang Yao replied helplessly.
He could understand it. After all, he was a young man who came from a foreign place. It was a bit difficult to make all the villagers believe his words when he had just arrived. However, this matter really did not make sense. These people clearly did not take their lives seriously. The key thing still remained: why did the toxins in the well water suddenly increase?
“I’ll go take a look at the other well.” Wang Yao was worried there might be a problem with that one too.
In the end, the water fetched from that well did not have any problem. Could it be that there’s something in the well?
When Wang Yao arrived at the well, he saw a few villagers carrying things and preparing to block the well.
“Wait a second.” Wang Yao went to the side of the well and looked inside. The well water was relatively clear. The bottom of the well could be seen vaguely.
“Find me a rope. I’ll go down and have a look,” he said after thinking for a while.
“What? You’re going down? Isn’t the water poisonous?” Wang Mingbao asked.
“It’s okay. I’m not scared,” Wang Yao said.
“I think you better not go down.” Wang Mingbao was worried about his safety.
“It’s okay,” Wang Yao said.
A rope was found and tied to Wang Yao’s waist. A few people were pulling on the wellhead.
“Pull tight!” Wang Mingbao yelled.
The perimeter of the wellhead was covered with moss because the water was fetched all year long. It was very slippery. However, Wang Yao was not an ordinary person. He reached out. With a snap, his palms pierced the rock.
He slowly approached the surface of the water in the well. The water was very clear. There was a burst of coolness. He could clearly see the bottom of the well water here. There was nothing unusual.
This is weird!
“Pull me up.”
A few people dragged him up.
“How is it?”
“I didn’t discover anything unusual,” Wang Yao replied.
“That’s strange. Hey, how’s it going in Shangjun?”
“I called just now. I’m still waiting for the results.”