Elixir Supplier
Chapter 51

Chapter 51: They Are Different, My Man
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Wang Yao walked around in the store, but he didn’t find a car he liked. He was more preferred to an SUV, such as a Range Rover.
“Do you have SUV’s?”
“Yes. Please follow me.” The beautiful saleswoman led him to a nearby showroom where he found different kinds of SUV’s.
“Yeah. This isgood.” Wang Yao preferred the black car.
“It is a Tiguan Volkswagen and the sales for it have been very high recently, so the price has also gone up volume.” The sales smiled.
“How much?” Wang Yao walked around the car and then he opened the door.
“It is the standard version and the price is 199,800 yuan. The price of the full purchase is almost 217,100 yuan.”
It’s not that expensive, and it is the same price as one dose of herbal medicine, Wang Yao thought.
“Thank you. I will have a look.”
Wang Yao left with a smile and then he walked to the surrounding stores. He found that the kinds of cars there were almost the same design and price as the first store. However, most of them were economic vehicles and the medium and high-grade cars were very few. There were no current vehicles such as Audi, Benz and BMW.
He also heard that the buyers with wealth would go to Haiqu or Huaicheng to buy vehicles since there were more variety and large discounts. The stores in Lianshan would have no current vehicle for the lack of capital and less customers. But they could meet the demand of customers if they really want to buy it.
“How about the Tiguan?” Walking around the shops, Wang Yao felt he was satisfied with that car.
When he was going to a store to buy the car, his phone rang in his pocket—he knew that it was Wang Mingbao.
“Where are you?” Wang Mingbao asked.
“Town? You are in the town? Where in town?”
Wang Yao told him with his location.
“Did you buy a car?” Wang Mingbao asked.
“Yes. I am about to buy it right now.”
“You should hold on. Wait for me.”
Wang Mingbao drove to where Wang Yao was within 20 minutes after he ended the phone call.
“So, you want to buy a car?” Wang Mingabo asked Wang Yao when he got to the store.
“Yes. I am looking at these.” Wang Yao gestured to the vehicles in front of him.
“Come on. I’ll show you a place,” Wang Mingbao said.
Wang Mingbao drove Wang Yao to a nearby store where a buddy of Wang Mingbao’s, Zhao Yonggang, was there. He was an expert in selling cars of all brands, no matter how new or old.
“A Tiguan, that is good, and the premium rate is also high,” Zhao Yonggang said after hearing the thoughts of Wang Yao.
“Do you have any other cars, such as an Audi or a BMW?” Wang Yao felt that since he had money, he should buy a better car. He did not care about it, but he thought of his parents instead.
“What model would you like?” Zhang Yonggang was astonished when he heard Wang Yao’s wishes.
“Ah, I just want to have a look.”
“It doesn’t matter. Go to Haiqu.” Zhao Yonggang said. The vehicles in Lianshan did not have much variety.
The three of them decided to go to Haiqu. Lianshan was just an hour’s drive from Haiqu and it was at noon when they reached the city. They found a place to have lunch and then they went to the spot where the 4S stores were collective. There would be all kinds of vehicles there.
“Yes. That’s good and that one is also not bad.” Wang Yao looked around and nodded.
All the 4S stores had cars such as BMW X5, Benz GLE, Range Rover and Audi Q7. All of those were better than a Tiguan. This was Wang Yao’s first impression and the prices were also good.
For a moment, he forgot what he came here for.
“Hey, what kind of car does your friend want? He should not only look at the brands if he wants to buy car for less than 300 thousand yuan,” Zhao Yonggang said to Wang Mingbao quietly.
“I don’t know. He can just look if he wants since it is free. I’ll also go look at some cars.”
They looked at the cars but most of the 4S stores were not that good to them since they thought these three guys did not look like the type to be able to afford these vehicles.
“Ah, the Tiguan here is better than the one in town. Are they a higher quality?” Wang Yao pointed at the black SUV in the 4S shop for Volkswagens.
A sales assistant nearby burst out in laughter.
“Ah, I don’t know this guy,” Zhao Yonggang covered his face and said.
“This is a Touareg, the high-class Volkswagen SUV. It’s imported one.”
“Okay. I’ll buy it.” Wang Yao nodded.
“What?!” The sales assistant was shocked.
“What?” Wang Mingbao said.
“Are you sure?” Zhang Yonggang asked Wang Yao
“It is so expensive!” Wang Mingbao reminded him.
“Oh, yeah, how much it is?” Wang Yao forgot to ask for the price.
“The version in front of you is the highest 3.0 standard and the price is 860 thousand yuan. The price for a full purchase is 960 thousand yuan. It can be paid in installments and—”
“When can I pick up the vehicle?” Wang Yao asked before the sales assistant could finish.
He thought the car was not bad—he liked it. Also, the price was affordable for him, so he decided to buy it.
“This vehicle has been reserved and you would have to wait a week if you want to buy it.” The sales assistant said softly. She kept observing Wang Yao’s expression. She wanted to confirm whether the young man came here to actually buy a car to just to play around.
“Okay, I will wait a week,” Wang Yao said.
“Please hold on.” Wang Mingbao dragged Wang Yao to one side.
You really want to buy it?”
“Why don’t you buy the Tiguan?” Wang Mingbao asked.
“They look almost the same, but this one seems to be of a higher quality and so it would be much more comfortable. Besides, the Tiguan and the Touareg are almost the same, right?” Wang Yao said.
“They are so different, my man!” Zhao Yonggang said.
“You can buy the BMW X5 or the Benz GLE with the same price. They are so good-looking. The Touareg is the Phaeton of the SUV’s!”
“What is the Phaeton?” Wang Yao asked.
“Passat,” Zhao Yongang said.
Finally, Wang Yao decided to buy the vehicle.
He bought it because one, he liked it very much and two, it would be low-key. The Benz, BMW and Range Rover mentioned by Zhao Yonggang were not bad but the Touareg was more eye-catching. The people who knew cars would be able to tell the difference between a Touareg and a Tiguan. Their sizes were different.
“Okay. Go inform your manager,” Zhao Yonggang said to the sales assistant. The negotiation of high-class vehicles should be handled by the manager and other people of the same level.
“Okay, wait here.” The sales assistant ran to the office and then the manager came out with a big smile.
“Hello. I am the manager. My family name is Sun. Who will be the future owner of one of our vehicles?”