Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s Domination
Chapter 3327: Which One?

“Boom!” The dao lord auras completely suppressed the spectating disciples.
“What’s going on?” They were pale and frightened, unable to get up from the ground.
“Clank! Clank! Clank!” All the weapons in the grave started flying out of the pit - a divine saber pulsing with a red glow, a heavenly sword with a majestic radiance, and a cauldron with torrential violet flames… Thousands of weapons floated above Li Qiye.
“Rainbow Sword, Violet Cauldron, Decapitation Saber…” A stunned elder murmured the names.
Everyone was shocked to see this, including the big shots hiding in the clouds.
They couldn’t believe their own eyes. These weapons all wanted to be picked by Li Qiye - something truly astonishing and outrageous.
They have seen plenty of things in their life but nothing of this level.
“How, how can this be…?” An elder stammered.
Remember, some of these weapons were left behind by amazing demons and sovereigns. Some belonged to a dao lord…
Who could control all of these weapons at once? None in Divine Black. However, Li Qiye simply lifted his hand and they seemed to be heeding the summon.
“Which one do you want to compare with?” Li Qiye asked Zhan Hu.
The frightened disciples were speechless, especially those who taunted Li Qiye earlier. Plus, they couldn’t get up either so it was hard to retort.
The looks in their eyes suddenly changed with added respect. This monster could summon thousands of weapons with one hand. No one else in the world could be as devilish.
The elders didn’t know how to describe their current emotions either.
Zhan Hu seemed to be struck by lightning. He had no choice but to accept this unbelievable feat because he witnessed it in person.
“No, no way…” He still staggered backward.
He thought that victory was his after getting the horn. He was ready to enjoy Li Qiye prostrating before him.
Unfortunately, everything changed in a split second. Li Qiye did something that should only be in the legends.
He had to accept this reality since he was powerless to change it. This was the case for the rest of the spectators.
Huang Ning was white as well. A while ago, he still had hopes of taking down Li Qiye and stomping the guy.
Now, true despair rocked him. He thought that he would never be able to defeat Li Qiye for the rest of his life.
“How about this dao lord weapon?” Li Qiye made the weapons above rotate like a turntable before stopping at one.
This weapon emitted strands of dao lord auras. Some spectators actually didn’t have the courage to look straight at it.
The protectors and the elders salivated at the sight of this dao lord weapon. The elders in Divine Black normally used heavenly sovereign weapons.
Now, Li Qiye had access to even dao lord weapons. These weapons were letting him choose them, the opposite of normal convention.
“It’s so frustrating to watch this guy.” The elder in charge smiled wryly: “I risked my life for a heavenly sovereign weapon back then. Now, he gets to have whatever he wants?”
The other seniors and experts agreed with him. They felt like beggars compared to Li Qiye. The worst part was - he was only a regular disciple in the sect.
“So who would be kneeling now?” Li Qiye chuckled while playing with the dao lord weapon.
Zhan Hu didn’t know what to do and started panicking. He never thought that he would lose to an Iron Skin disciple in this trial.
Remember, someone like him worried about their reputation and prestige more than anything else. How could he kneel and bow his head right now?
“I…” Zhan Hu became frozen.
His followers didn’t speak up for him either because they felt the same dread.
“Carry out the bet before it’s too late. Don’t force me to take action.” Li Qiye said flatly.
“Don’t, don’t push it!” Zhan Hu had nothing else to say and started shouting.
“I’m the one pushing it? Didn’t you try to convince me to accept defeat earlier?” Li Qiye chuckled.
“Let, let’s talk this through, I’ll meet your demands…” Zhan Hu turned red and eventually requested.
Kowtowing to Li Qiye in public was worse than dying. Thus, he wanted to trade treasures or anything else in exchange.
“My demand? You can’t handle it.” Li Qiye moved his hand again and the weapons above rotated once more.
This successfully ruined Zhan Hu’s plan. Li Qiye could grab any weapon from the treasury right now. He had nothing to offer the guy.
“Or, or something else…” Zhan Hu would rather die than kneel.
“Enough, kneel now or I’ll stomp you down.” Li Qiye interrupted him and threatened.
“Li, you think I am afraid of you? This is Divine Black!” Zhan Hu’s expression became ugly after being pushed to the edge.
“Fool.” Li Qiye ordered a seal floating above him to suppress Zhan Hu.
“Activate!” Zhan Hu roared and a White Tiger attacked the seal.
“Boom!” The White Tiger was crushed instantly.
“Stop here!” Zhang Yue became startled and rushed over.
“Wuuu-” A wolf howl could be heard as he unleashed a claw attack to stop the seal.
“Boom!” This still wasn’t enough. The seal pushed him backward.
Zhan Hu became suppressed by the seal and got on his knees, unable to move.
“Accepting defeat would have been much easier. You asked for this.” Li Qiye stood before the guy.
“Li, touch, touch a hair of mine and you’ll have no place to stay in Divine Black!” Zhan Hu furiously roared, having never experienced such humiliation before.